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Are you psyched about the psychedelic immature art thieves too cross-faded to commence a crazy heist? Then check out these Janky Heist NFTs that are making an ultra-hyped splash online! The story? Thanks to the exciting collab between SuperPlastic NFT and JankyAndGuggimon, you can now own these artistically trippy tokens to add to your digital collection!

 MINT DATE: July 13th 2021


SuperPlastic CryptoJankyz NFT Floor Price And How To Buy

So what were Janky & Guggimon up to, and how did their heist plan at Christie’s NYC turn out to be an unreal NFT blowout? Let us begin by digging up the crime scene, uncovering the road maps, and unearthing the pricing and buying tips!

SuperPlastic CryptoJankyz NFT Overview To Focus On The Scene

Sales Start DateJuly 13th. 2021
NFT items13,900
Number of SuperPlastic CryptoJankyz NFT Owners5,722
SuperPlastic CryptoJankyz NFT Floor price0.01 ETH
Volume Traded9,814 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 25th January 2024)

SuperPlastic CryptoJankyz NFT Quick Introduction

SuperPlastic CryptoJankyz NFT Quick Introduction

So this is the story all about how a heist got turned upside down! Janky Heist NFTs are a wacky creation by Janky & Guggimon, popular internet influencers in partnership with SuperPlastic NFT.

The chaotic NFT lore begins as Janky & Guggimon breaks into Christie’s NYC Auction House to steal 22 super valuable and ultra-rare Crypto Jankyz NFTs. But Janky gets cross-faded from drinks and paint fumes and blows off the heist by setting off a booby trap. Luckily, the alcoholic thieves flee the crime scene but not without nabbing all the broken NFT bits with them.

By super-gluing these parts together, Janky & Guggimon launches 9,240 unique Crypto Jankyz NFTs. An automated recombination algorithm has combined bodies, heads, and kicks to curate these exclusively. All one-of-a-kind digital collectibles at SuperPlastic NFT.

Janky Heist NFT Launch Details And Blowout Timeline

The Superplastic NFT aims to create an exclusive community for its members and NFT holders. It is to participate in crazy NFT events and indulge in the brand offers.

The Janky Heist NFT launched on 13th July 2021, and the drop started at 4 PM ET with a starting price of $1000 per piece. Superplastic also gifted around 1,200 of the 9,240 NFTs to Superplastic’s existing collectors and some of Janky’s pals. All unclaimed NFTs were part of the 13th July sales.

The Crypto Jankyz NFT Roadmap And More

The Superplastic NFT creators have invited incredibly talented street artists like Guccighost, Stickymonger, Alex Pardee, OG Slick, and more to be part of the event. All these NFTs are ERC-721 tokens minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Their splashy designs, insane unique styles, and vibrant details make these Janky Heist NFTs a must-have for NFT enthusiasts. And the Janky Heist roadmap has all details about launching limited-edition toys, rare NFTs, celebrity peeks, and even some Metaverse indulgence is thrown into this mix.

In 2022 the Superplastic NFT drop will include the Superplastic X Gucci 3-part series. Here, Janky and Guggimon will have their unique handcrafted porcelain sculptures, with the SuperJanky figure placed in 10 different fancy Gucci Aria scenes as the first release.

In January 2022, the Superplastic x Animoca x Sandbox x Revv event in Metaverse is already brewing storms among collectors! February 2022 will have the Bored Ape Yacht Club x Superplastic Vinyl toys launch to seal an ultimate deal.

If you are in Miami in 2022, do not forget to drop by Miami Vices Sushi Madness. It is a soon-to-be-launched extravagant and insane sushi restaurant in Wynwood, Miami, an all-around exclusive experience for NFT-heads. And if you are a Jankyverse accomplice, get ready to access the special secret menu, quirky apparel, toys, and many other exclusive offers!

The Jank Bank is here to stay with occasional deposits from a part of the CRYPTOJANKY and NFT sales. If you are a CRYPTOJANKY NFT holder, it is your very own cryptolootz to enjoy. This is an ongoing event so spoil yourself silly!

More things like the Superplastic x Paris Hilton event, Janky Tokenz, Superplastic NYC Store Launch, and more are great events to look forward to!

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Janky Heist NFT Sales Info And Price Prediction

Janky Heist NFT Sales Info And Price Prediction

Mint Price And Current Floor Price

As of 25th January 2024, The Janky Heist NFT floor price is 0.01 ETH. And the Janky Heist NFT mint price is 0.24 ETH. These stats are from Superplastic’s official Discord server and the Janky Heist NFT OpenSea page.

What Is The Total Volume Of Sales?

The stats on the OpenSea page shows the total volume of sales for the SuperPlastic NFT to be 9,814 ETH.

The Much-Awaited Superplastics Prediction

The following SuperPlastic NFT price prediction is based on the “reverse Japanese auction” mechanics. In this format, the NFT’s price drops after fixed time intervals.

According to the SuperPlastic NFT OpenSea stats, with the oncoming action-packed physical and virtual launch events with celebs and artists, you can expect the prices to take off like never before!

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How To Buy SuperPlastic CryptoJankyz NFT?

Seeing the drunk duo gaining riches and fame, you might wonder, “how to buy SuperPlastic CryptoJankyz NFT?” Well, all you need is your Metamask Ethereum wallet.

After using Ethereum to make your purchase through the CryptoJanky Marketplace, you will receive a mail with a single-use link to add the NFT to your wallet and collection.

It is a quick and easy process, and SuperPlastic NFT’s Janky & Guggimon asks for only a 5% commission on the Marketplace.

Gain The Best NFTs From This Virtual Heist (Gone Crazy)

Janky & Guggimon’s partnership with SuperPlastic NFT has been one of the best crossovers you can ask for. The whacky 3D art styles, paired with a phenomenal story-arch that transcends to physical launches, are on everyone’s mind right now! So get your hands on the Janky Heist NFT today!

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