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It hits hard when we recall the prevailing old-age superiority and sexism. Well, Women Rise NFT introduces a new voice within the project, a vision beyond the NFT world, a concept to make women feel powerful, and give them what they deserve- uniqueness, diversity, and inclusivity.

 MINT DATE: November 26, 2021


Women Rise NFT Mint Price And Everything To Know!

Created by a renowned artist, Maliha Abidi, Women rise NFT has a total of 10000 randomly generated art pieces living in the Ethereum blockchain in the form of NFT. The art itself gives away so much power, indeed!

It seems like the concept and the project have already touched my heart, and many of yours too. That makes us want to learn more about the topic, their incredible collection, how it aligns with the concept of Women’s Empowerment, their commitment, and much more.

Overview Of Women Rise NFT

Total Items9,999
Women Rise NFT Mint Price0.0725ETH + Gas Fee
Women Rise NFT Floor Price0.0118 ETH
Volume Traded6,077

A New Perspective To The Women Empowerment Commitment- What Is Women Rise NFT?

In a world where gender inequality still persists, and the gap between different races is still not filled, the NFT world brings its next best approach towards a multifaceted issue. So well when patriarchy hits, you do not need to feel down, because Katy Perry once said “I went from zero to my own hero”.

With art pieces representing women scientists, activists, artists, and coders, Women Rise NFT is celebrating women’s empowerment, a much-needed initiative. It is quite thoughtful how NFTs and Web 3.0 are being used in this project to promote women’s rights and girls’ education. Their goal, building the first school in the metaverse, shall aid millions of children around the world.

We believe in the Women Rise project, yes, but what is so special and how is it different? This NFT project is being driven by a woman, a woman who is an advocate for social justice. For the last 9 years, with her art, writing, and activism, she has been working toward women’s rights, gender equality, and girls’ education. It is the mere fact that a woman is leading a blockchain technology-driven project that says it all!

All the women out there, what are you waiting for? Own this NFT collection that represents women and traits beyond race. With their aesthetic artwork, you will discover diversity, equal representation, and of course, inclusion.

You are unique, and so is every art piece in Women Rise NFT. The art is based upon 453 hand-drawn traits, all incredible and rare. As per their website, the Rank 1 Women Rise NFT has a 22983.35 rarity score.

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Women Rise NFT Roadmap

A powerful technology, a powerful initiative, and a powerful team, all together require a very strong roadmap.

  1. Pre-launch- This is a 3-day virtual event where women artists speak about art, NFTs, and the vision behind Women Rise NFT.
  2. 10% Sold- Drop, Drop! Special Women Rise NFTs for 15 early supporters.
  3. 20% Sold- 2.5% of the sales to be donated to Malala Fund.
  4. 50% Sold- Get a chance to win a physical form of your WomenRISE NFT, only for 100! Also, 100 lucky collectors will get a hardcover copy of the book RISE: Extraordinary women of color who changed the world’ by Maliha.
  5. 60% Sold- Two clubs namely ‘Rising Women’ & ‘Activist’ will be launched. Selected collectors will be invited to join these.
  6. 75% Sold- 7.5% of the primary sales towards organizations working for gender equality, girls’ education, and mental health in marginalized areas.
  7. 90% Sold- Get your Women Rise NFT printed on your T-shirt, bag, or hoodie.
  8. 100% Sold- Unique NFTs for 10 lucky supporters, a virtual gallery, and a Women Rise event IRL.

Women Rise NFT Sales, And Price Prediction

Since November 26, 2021, to date, Women Rise NFT has made progress, with more fluctuations than a flat graph. As of November 8, 2022, the all-time average price is 0.1738. November 7th and 8th have witnessed an increase in the number of sales.

Women Rise NFT price prediction can be made on the above information. As per the sales statistics, the price seems to be rising in the future considering that more people are getting to know about the project and trading the NFTs.

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Women Rise NFT: Its Time To Buy!

Women Rise NFT Its Time To Buy!

The project has gained momentum already. Let’s go through this guide on How to Buy Women Rise NFT:

  1. Connect your wallet to the official website of Women Rise NFT womenrise.art
  2. From one wallet, you can mint 10.
  3. The launch has already taken place so the whitelisting and initial sale has already been done.
  4. Currently, you can buy and sell the NFT on the Women Rise NFT OpenSea webpage.


If your motive aligns with Women Rise NFT, what are you waiting for? Come together and celebrate the success of women all around the world, and the Metaverse. Let us unite and stand against social justice. As women rise globally, so will they on the blockchain.

Women Rise NFT is a revolutionary tool being used to amplify the voice against social injustice. My hopes are high, I hope yours are too!