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The Caked Apes NFT is a collection of unique and randomly generated 8,888 NFTs. Since each NFT is unique, no two NFTs will ever be the same!

 MINT DATE: 10th January 2022


Caked Apes NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

Let’s dive deeper into the world of Caked Ape NFT and discover what makes them different in the ocean of the NFT marketplace, the sales volume and statistics, where can you buy it from and how can we expect the NFT to perform in the future.

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Caked Apes NFT Overview

Caked Apes NFT  items8,886
Unique Owners4,452
Caked Apes NFT floor price0.01 ETH
Volume traded4,909 ETH

What Is Caked Apes NFT

Caked Apes NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

The Caked Apes NFT is a unique collection of randomly generated NFTs created by artists Cake Nygard and Taylor.WTF. Taylor.WTF is a prominent name in the cryptocurrency and NFT industry. He was among the original investors in Ethereum and also runs WTF Industries.

The Caked Apes NFT is a culmination of a Bored Ape NFT and a Cake which is why some of the designs mirror the Bored Ape Yacht NFT. However, the traits have been derived from a collection of other NFTs including:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Deaddellaz
  • Doge Pound
  • Gutter Cat Gang
  • Cool cats
  • Crypto Mories
  • Bad Kids Alley
  • Pixel Tools
  • Cryptodadz
  • Peaceful Groupies

Caked Apes NFT Important Dates

A presale was announced wherein holders of collections like PixelTots, Foodmasku, and Taylor.WTF, Cake Nygard collections, and were qualified for a VIP sale and would be the first ones to mint Caked Apes NFT. If you’d like to know the specific NFTs from these collections, the details are on their website.

The NFT was launched on the Ethereum Mainnet at 0.069 ETH Caked Apes NFT mint price on 10th January 2022. On the very next day, on 11th January 2022, all 8,888 unique NFTs were sold out. The announcement was made on their Twitter handle followed by a discussion on Twitter Spaces.

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Caked Apes NFT RoadMap

While the Caked Apes NFT Project is fairly new with its launch just 5 days ago on 10th January 2022, its roadmap seems quite extensive. According to the roadmap, CakedApes will soon introduce a monster truck and Lambo NFTs. And the next stage in their roadmap is offering a lifetime supply of ice cream NFTs.

What makes the Caked Apes NFT all the more special is their donations to charitable organizations. The NFT donated 1 ETH towards the charity Save the Children. According to their website, a certain percentage of the sales will also go towards WTF. Gallery to support the community.

Additional details like the timeline of these milestones are yet to be revealed.

Caked Apes NFT Sales Statistics

Caked Apes NFT Sales Statistics

According to OpenSea, the current floor price as of 24th January 2024 is 0.01 ETH with a total traded volume of 4,909 ETH. The average Caked Apes NFT floor price was at 0.3079 ETH in the last 7 days, with a trading volume of 4,909 ETH.

Caked Apes NFT Price Prediction

The Caked Apes NFT is a new entrant in the NFT marketplace. That being said, it would be quite hard to predict their value in the coming years. However, some key factors that are sure to create an impact are the team of highly influential individuals behind the project, who have shown immense credibility with their contributions in the Cryptocurrency and NFT space. The strong community that they have built since December 2021 is very impressive and the support received so far gives reason to believe that their project will be successful.

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How To Buy Caked Apes NFT And From Where

Caked Apes NFT OpenSea

The Caked Apes NFTs can be bought from the secondary market OpenSea. There are a few fake Caked Apes NFT OpenSea accounts so ensure that you always make a purchase from the official Cake Apes NFT OpenSea page.

Here are two fake Cake Apes NFT OpenSea Pages that you should beware of:


While the Caked Apes NFT project has set foot into the NFT marketplace merely 5 days ago, it has already seen incredible support from the community. They show immense promise for the coming months. Their Twitter and Discord base has grown exponentially through constant updates, notifications, and other announcements. It will be a great pleasure to watch the project develop further in the time to come.

Be a part of this project and follow the Caked Apes NFT Twitter handle, and Instagram, join the Discord and watch out for more updates on their website.

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