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If you love discussing space and interdimensional wars, OogaVerse is all about it and more! The OogaVerse NFT collection is the ideal best of both worlds. From a revolutionary name change, breeding baby Oogas, to the much-awaited MekaApes game launch, this NFT will have you coming back for more! As a community member, you can be part of one of the most welcoming crypto communities.

 MINT DATE: September 7th 2021


OogaVerse NFT Mint Price And Floor Price Details

The Oogaverse NFT comes with a gripping story of space war, contract migration, an exciting NFT game, and more. Has the list gotten you intrigued? Then let us check through the OogaVerse NFT roadmap, its price prediction, in-game Darkmatter Token ($DMT) currency, and more.

A Quick Overview Of The OogaVerse NFT!

Sales Start DateSeptember 7th. 2021
NFT items7,965
Number of OogaVerse NFT Owners911
OogaVerse NFT Floor price0.0638 ETH
OogaVerse NFT Mint price0.0471 ETH
Volume Traded3,622 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 26th January 2024)

Who Let The Apes Out? A Quick Summary 

Who Let The Apes Out A Quick Summary 

The OogaVerse NFT had begun as the much-loved SpaceApes. Its creator, the BananaCollector, along with two friends, GM and Wizzard, ideated the OogaVerse NFT to create a community-based NFT where people can enjoy their stay.

Oogaverse contains 2,000 uniquely generated NFT available on the Ethereum blockchain. On 7th September 2021, 100 of these vibrantly-armored Oogas sneakily leaped into the OpenSea listing. And the remaining 1900 joined the bandwagon after a month.

On 18th November 2021, the owners migrated their NFT smart contract to launch the $DMT (Darkmatter Token) and rename SpaceApes to OogaVerse. Each of these Genesis Oogas can passively generate 20$DMTs that you can use for various purposes like purchasing the much-sought-after MoonPass!

An NFT Game Thanks To The NFT Fame: A Wild Timeline For The OogaVerse Apes

The OogaVerse came into being all thanks to BananaCollector, its founder, and his compatriots Wizzard and GM. Their mission was to create a friendly and welcoming community for NFT collectors and crypto freaks who love to go bananas over the Oogas!

The much anticipated OogaVerse NFT drop was on September 7th, 2021, with the first 100 of the total 2000 uniquely generated being stealth listed on the Ethereum blockchain.

The creators utilized the OpenSea shared NFT contract ever since launch. But on November 18th, 2021, the creators took their next step to migrate the contract to launch $DMT and rename SpaceApes to the OogaVerse NFTs.

January 22nd, 2022 saw the much-awaited launch of the MekaApes Game on the Ethereum Blockchain with 10,000 initial supply at 0.055 ETH minting price. From strategy-based cosmos warfare to mind-boggling evolutions, your options here are near-infinite! If you have an OogaVerse NFT collection, prepare to fuse, evolve, and level up your Oogas in 3 different game stages.

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The Cosmic Roadmap Of OogaVerse NFT’s Uniqueness

The OogaVerse NFT roadmap is a rainbow road of success, community-building, and fantastic launches! These pixel-art designs are a hit among gamers and collectors alike thanks to the vibrant creations with unique characteristics. Your Oogas can have personalized fur, hat, face, spacesuit, and all types of eye-catching accessories.

Each of these Genesis Oogas passively yields 20 $DMT a day. You can use these $DMTs to customize your Ooga, breed baby Oogas, and buy your MoonPass. Its purpose within the OogaVerse is astounding!

You can also breed an adorable baby Ooga using two Genesis Oogas and 2,000 $DMT. There are around 6,000 baby Oogas in the second generation, and each of these can yield 5 $DMT per day when you hold two Genesis Oogas.

The MekaApes is a play-to-win game and is a dream-come-true for all NFT gamers out there. On stage 2 (Ascension,) you can fight other players on the blockchain to win killer in-game armor and weapons. These are perfect for the Stage 3 MekaApes War in Sandbox!

As a Genesis Ooga holder, you can get special VIP access to the Bali clubhouse and all trippy special events!

Think that is all? Here are some unique points to keep you engaged:

  • The OogaVerse NFT has the #1 to #100 OG Oogas that can help you yield double the $DMTs for the first 50 days. So instead of 20 $DMTs, you get 40 $DMTs per day!
  • You can level up the Robo Oogas in-game using $DMTs to add more features and make them stronger.
  • There are 10 legendary animated and pixilated baby Oogas that you can randomly breed.

The OogaVerse NFT Current Sales And Price Prediction

The OogaVerse NFT Current Sales And Price Prediction

Current Floor Price And Mint Price

The current OogaVerse NFT floor price is 0.0638 ETH and the OogaVerse NFT mint price is 0.471 ETH as of 26th January 2024. You can check these stats from the Oogaverse NFT Opensea page and their official Twitter account.

The Total Sales Volume

As per the OpenSea stats, the OogaVerse NFT total sales volume is 3,622 ETH. Till 26th January 2024.

If you check out OpenSea for OogaVerse NFT price prediction, it seems that the MekaApes launch, added to its PvP wars has helped raised its popularity. There is no stopping the Ooga apes!

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How To Grab These OogaVerse NFTs?

If you are wondering how to buy  OogaVerse NFT, the processes are simple.

You can breed baby Oogas by breeding 2 Genesis Oogas. It takes 2,000 $DMTs to purchase an incubator for the breeding process in the OogaVerse. You can claim these $DMTs on the official OogaVerse website by linking your MetaMask wallet. You can buy Oogas from OpenSea.

Join The Hype Where Apes Go Wild!

Pixel art styles are here to stay, and the OogaVerse NFTs prove it through and through! You can breed baby Oogas, customize them, add armor and weapons, and enjoy the passively yielded $DMTs on the OogaVerse! Its MekaApes launch and timely migration are becoming some of the most successful and ambitious NFT projects on the blockchain. So jump into this pool of amazing NFTs and unforgettable blockchain gaming experience today!

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