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Public Sale Price: 1.8299

Collection Count: 3,035 Item


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Marketplace: Opensea


Flyfish Club NFT has revolutionized the NFT space with its real-world offerings of fine dining experience for members who hold these tokens. With its private, members-only choicest experience of social, culinary, and cultural extravaganza, the Flyfish Club NFT project has recently garnered a lot of attention from NFT collectors and traders and is becoming increasingly popular within the NFT community by the day.

 MINT DATE: January 7, 2022


Flyfish Club NFT Drop Date, Mint Price & Floor Price

With its approval ratings going up and the sales volumes amplifying, it is only a matter of time before this innovative NFT project will give ‘Bon appetite a newer meaning by adding wings to your extravagant desires!

The following sections aim to equip you with the essential details regarding this Flyfish Club NFT project – from its roadmap, prices, predictions, and how you can acquire these prized tokens to gift yourself and your loved ones the luxuries of curated culinary and cultural spectacle.

Flyfish Club NFT Overview

Total number of Flyfish Club NFT items3,035
Total number of Flyfish Club NFT owners1,315
Flyfish Club NFT Floor Price1.8299 ETH
The total volume of the tokens traded10,134

What Is The Flyfish Club NFT Project

Flyfish Club NFT Drop Date, Mint Price & Floor Price

The Flyfish Club NFT is the gateway for the members of this select token to have unlimited access to a private dining room across an awe-inspiring 10,000+ square feet New York City location. The NFT is a first of its kind – considering that it enables a member’s only experience to a spectacular location bustling with incredible culinary, social, and cultural events.

The token holder will be entitled to indulge in rare events occurring in the upscale NYC location – touted to have a sprawling cocktail lounge, a high-end restaurant, a private omakase room, and massive outdoor space.

A List Of Important Dates Concerning The Flyfish Club NFT

According to the official site, the Flyfish Club NFTs were first launched as part of a presale. This private sale on December 15, 2021, was meant for partners, investors, and significant contributors that witnessed the sale of 252 Flyfish Tokens and 98 Flyfish Omakase Tokens.

The second phase of the launch was on January 7, 2022, when the tokens were officially inaugurated to the public. 948 Flyfish Tokens and 203 Flyfish Omakase Tokens were revealed as a part of the initial public offering on this drop date.

The Unique Perks Of Owning A Flyfish Club NFT

The roadmap of the Flyfish Club NFT is quite simple, yet it offers something unforeseen. Boasted to be part of the first NFT restaurant, the Flyfish Club NFT and the Flyfish Omakase NFTs are tradable and collectible items that promise an immersive journey involving your taste buds and overall senses.

The Flyfish Club NFT OpenSea page already shows high eagerness from the NFT trading and collector community who believe in the roadmap of the project, as illustrated by VCR Group – the creators of the Flyfish Club NFTs.

The company has announced a members-only exclusive experience of fine dining, and cultural and social activities amidst a sprawling lounge and restaurant in one of the most upscale locales of New York City.

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Flyfish Club NFT Floor Price And Volume Trade Statistics

Purchase Options Of The Flyfish Club NFTs

Flyfish Club NFT Price Points

According to the official site, the Flyfish Club NFT mint price varies according to the tokens. The mint price of the Flyfish NFTs is 2.5 ETH whereas that of the Flyfish Omakase NFTs is 4.25 ETH. However, according to OpenSea, the Flyfish Club NFT floor price is 1.8299 ETH, as of January 25, 2024.

Flyfish Club NFT Volumes Traded

As of January 25, 2024, the Flyfish Club NFT has 1,315 owners for 3,035 items and the volume traded on the OpenSea marketplace is more than 9,237. Since it was only recently that the project was launched for the public, this kind of enthusiasm displays trust in the NFT project.

Flyfish Club NFT Price Prediction

As of now, it is highly difficult to predict the future prices of the Flyfish Club NFT project. However, a strong founder community that includes personnel from the media, hospitality, catering, and service industry have claimed to take the project forward and keep on introducing interesting stuff to make the project more appealing to the public. As a result, the NFT prices could encounter appreciation in the future.

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How To Buy The Flyfish Club NFTs

If you are wondering about Flyfish Club NFT and how to buy it, then you can head to acclaimed marketplaces like OpenSea and engage in the purchase and trading of various items related to this particular project.

You can also head to the official website and sign up to become a member of this incredible project with real-world bounties. This particular NFT project is available on the Ethereum blockchain and you need Ethereum to purchase these fantastic collectibles.


According to the VCR Group – the founders of the Flyfish Club NFT project, a lot of surprises are yet to be revealed regarding this particular project. Being a seafood-inspired private dining club headed by Michelin Star Chefs and catering to the token-holding members and their guests, this awe-inspiring project aims to display stunning concepts in fine dining, cocktails, physical and virtual pop-ups, and events, etc., and turn heads in future.

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