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The MetaHero Universe, akin to the Marvel Universe, has successfully recorded an Avengers-level multi-NFT Project crossover. The Punks Comic #1 NFT came back in early 2021 and then came the characters from that as the MetaHero Universe NFT.

 MINT DATE: August 11,2022


MetaHero Universe NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price Updated 2024

The MetaHero Universe consists of Heroes, Villains, and Mutants. As for 2022, PixelVault, the company behind all the aforementioned NFT projects, partnered with Bored Ape Yacht Club to bring the apes into the comics. This opened more avenues for the MetaHero Universe.

Hence, the MetaHero Universe NFT is a collection of 9,824 NFTs. What makes the MetaHero Universe even more diverse and feature-laden is that these NFTs will later be used in a game. And this is just the beginning, read more in the article to understand the trends, its history, and its future!

A Brief Overview Of The MetaHero Universe NFT

MetaHero Universe NFT items8,044
MetaHero Universe NFT Floor price0.233 ETH
Volume Traded19,951 ETH

Exploring MetaHero Universe NFT And Its Mechanics

MetaHero Universe NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price Updated 2022

The MetaHero Universe NFT is divided into two: Core + Generative. There are a total of 146 core MetaHero Universe NFTs and the rest are generated from them, by algorithmically mixing and matching several attributes. That’s what makes these so precious and unique. And they are generated at the time of the Mint, thus being a surprise till that time.

Its universe is bejeweled with star-studded collaborations with Adidas and recently, as of January 2022, with Bored Ape Yacht Club. And these characters from the MetaHero Universe are from the 1st issue of its comic, with the 2nd one on the way, these NFTs, their coupled MetaHero Universe token $POW, and all-round MetaHero Universe DAO Tokens, they’ve all appreciated in value and are one of most sizzling drops yet, especially for this new year.

The MetaHero Universe NFT Timeline: Important Dates

The MetaHero Universe NFTs were announced in August 2021. The PixelVault community placed the community first and allowed the holders of the 1st issue of the punks comic, to be able to get a certificate (or card) called the MintPass. The time span allotted to generate a MintPass was 7 days, from July 15, 2021, onwards. Then August 13 onwards, the MintPasses could be exchanged for MetaHero Universe NFTs. And this curbed gas wars and extra fees.

The MetaHero Universe NFT Creators, Consumers, And Cultivators: The Roadmap

The roadmap for this Project is immensely intricate. Hence, we have enlisted our top picks, observations, projections, and highlights from the entire journey of the MetaHero Universe within the PixelVault world.

  • 146 ultra rare core MetaHero Universe NFTs were announced in August 2021. These are said to have special abilities which give them an edge in the game.
  • The game takes place with these NFTs, or as they call it, identities. And the games take place on various planets and a moon, from our solar system, every planet was formed as a DAO.
  • Thus come the MetaHero Universe DAO Tokens (for each planet), and the MetaHero Universe token ($POW)
  • The biggest collaboration between 2 NFT companies happened in January 2022. With the Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  • As of 13th January, the Staking mechanism for the MetaHero Universe NFT has already begun. The aforementioned token $POW is rewarded for staking the identities. On January 5th, the Staking Rewards went up through the charts where holders got thousands of dollars as Rewards.
  • The Punks Comic, within which the MetaHero Identities are etched, can also be downloaded and read if any holder chooses to open the same on the OpenSea page.

As for the future plans, Punks Issue #2 is under development and is in collaboration with the Bored Apes. And the first issue shall soon be made into physical copies and announcements for the same are to be distributed throughout their official discord channel.

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The MetaHero Universe NFT Sales, Statistics, And The Future!

How To Get Your Hands On MetaHero Universe NFT

The Current Price Of The NFT

The MetaHero Universe NFT Mint Price was originally 0.08 ETH since it had to be indirectly bought via the MintPass. And the MetaHero Universe NFT Floor Price stands at 0.233 ETH.

The Total Volume Of Sales

The MetaHero Universe NFT OpenSea page only displays a few 7,350of the NFTs currently and showcases only 2,460 owners since the actual process of Minting the MetaHero Universe token, and the NFT happened on its official website. The total volume of sales is thus only for the NFTs listed on OpenSea, which is, 19,951 ETH.

The Price Prediction For The MetaHero Universe NFT!

As of 09th Jan 2024, the demand for the NFT is surging and the floor price is skyward at 6 ETH at least. With new collaborations with BAYC in the works, the MetaHero Universe NFT Price Prediction states that it will most definitely go up.

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How To Get Your Hands On MetaHero Universe NFT?

When it comes to the question of MetaHero Universe NFT how to buy them? It’s pretty easy, as of now, they are not being Minted (what once was minted for 0.08 ETH, now is at a whopping 6 ETH). They are being traded on the OpenSea Marketplace.

Let The Superpowers Flow Through Within

To conclude, the MetaHero Universe NFT is one of the greatest NFT Projects to ever come into space. And space, literally, because of its extended features with the Planet DAOs.

The future for this DAO lies in the hands of the community since their official motto is to sustain this Crypto ecosystem, in a community-driven way. And CryptoPunks and more NFTs are to be eventually added to the main storyline of the Punks issue.

This gargantuan idea, with open and friendly collaboration, adds most of the value to the NFT. The community has called it the ‘Marvel’ of the Blockchain World. And the Project topped the charts in the second week of January.

Thus, this super promising Project shall go down amongst the BAYCs and others!

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