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Tugging on to the Ape trend, the Angry Ape Army NFT is a collection of 3,333 NFTs, serving the purpose of avatars, players, and collectibles in its own Metaverse. These Apes are called Angry because their Metaverse game involves them going against each other. A battle of the NFTs. The NFTs are to be released in waves and as of 24th January, 2 waves have subsided and brought along multiple elements to the P2E game.

 MINT DATE: December 28th 2021


Angry Ape Army NFT Mint And Floor Price To Know Everything

This article covers their roadmap, their plans for the new year, and the overall look and feel of their team. Also the Sales, Statistics, and Price Prediction! Read more.

A Brief Overview Of The Angry Ape Army NFT

Angry Ape Army NFT items3,333
Angry Ape Army NFT Floor price0.1084 ETH
Volume Traded5,862 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 25th January 2024)

The Angry Ape Army NFT Purpose And What It Means For The Ecosystem

The Angry Ape Army NFT Purpose And What It Means For The Ecosystem

The Angry Ape Army NFT comes with elements of the Metaverse, the collaborative NFT trend, and a few add-on NFTs (AAA Weapon NFT). Their own Metaverse, Monkey Island is reported to be under development. And till that arrives, they plan to execute events, secret Mint Drops, and updation of the original Angry Ape Army NFT. With the first wave coming into the NFT space last year in November, the Apes have become capable of breeding, mining, and Earning.

As for the ecosystem, this is the entry point for professional game developers and film designers in the NFT space. The founding team has worked on mega projects like the Star Wars franchise. Let’s take a look at its timeline.

The Timeline For The Angry Ape Army NFT

The first wave, with 3,333 OG apes launched in mid-November last year (2021). With justice to its name, the Angry Ape Army NFT team worked very hard to ensure bots do not Mint the NFT, with Twitter verification. Each person was allowed to Mint the NFT twice. Then, on December 28th, 3,333 AAA weapons were dropped. Late January 2022, is going to see another evolution drop. Later, with dates that are to be declared, the events and competitions for the community will take place.

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The Angry Ape Army NFT Roadmap Will Get You Screaming!

Being an open DAO and about, the Angry Ape Army NFT goes through multiple stages before its Metaverse is even ready. Their roadmap with the beginning of the new year features 2 drops, the evolution drop, which evolves the OG ape, and the alluring Elemental drop, when combined with 4 of them, would result in a ‘God Ape’.

Following the evolution drop, the waves along January end and February come with multiple weapon drops and interestingly, transport-based NFTs that shall play a key role in the game. And the OG apes with space suits are to get space rover transport NFTs for free. In April, they plan to release their official merch.

Post that, in the former half of the year 2022, the community strives to give back to its holders, by running Art contests every month, the top 3 art pieces to be chosen to Mint, and 100% of the proceeds to be given to the artists, from the community. This is how the AAA club makes good use of its DAO system.

Lastly, their plans extend with multiple collaborations with artists, designers in the film and gaming industry, and Network, a company helping them put the Money Island together. In the works is the collaboration with Crypto agencies like Mandomo, and XRM Media. From that, they have so much going on!

Angry Ape Army NFT Mint Price, Traded Volume, And Price Prediction

Angry Ape Army NFT Mint Price, Traded Volume, And Price Prediction

The Current Price vs the Mint Price

As of January 25th, 2024, the Angry Ape Army NFT Floor Price is at 0.1084 ETH (OpenSea). And the Angry Ape Army NFT Mint Price was around 0.2 ETH.

The Total Traded Volume recorded

Upon reviewing the Angry Ape Army NFT OpenSea page, their total traded volume lies at 5,862 ETH. With almost half of it taking place in January itself.

The Price Prediction And Analysis

With the traded volume going up, the Angry Ape Army NFT Price Prediction dictates that the price is about to go up. With just a few days shy off announcements for the elemental drop on Twitter, this promising project is about to deliver, and thus, it will take the price along with it.

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Where You Can Get Your Hands On Angry Ape Army NFT

When it comes to the question of, how to buy Angry Ape Army NFTs? Well, their official website, upon reviewing your connection with the wallet, verifies you’re not a bot first, and all trades are directed to its OpenSea page. From there, it can be Minted and bought.

Should You Have Faith In The Apes?

All the signs, as of January, point to yes. Their team proves to be strong. Their design, with a pop of color and the pop of anger emotion on the crests of the faces of these Apes, is made with art etiquette in mind.

Apart from that, it’s a Metaverse project, and could be one of the best ones. (c)