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Public Sale Price: 2.769

Collection Count: 9,742 Item


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Marketplace: Opensea


Aliens, conspiracy, and invasion, Creepz Genesis is a one-of-a-kind space-themed project that offers NFTs which can also be used for staking. The project has 45000+ members on Twitter and Discord channels and uses its own in-game token currency called $illuminati.

 MINT DATE: September 15, 2022


Creepz Genesis NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price Updated 2023

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Creepz Genesis NFT Outline

Genesis Creepz NFTs9,742
Creepz Genesis NFT Floor Price2.769 ETH
Creepz Genesis NFT Trading Volume45,256 ETH

What Is Creepz Genesis NFT

Creepz Genesis Mint Price Vs Floor Price Updated 2022

Creepz Genesis is a multi-drop plus multi-character game that allows you to stake Creepz NFTs such as Genesis Creepz, Reptilian Armoury, and Shapeshifters in exchange for $illuminati. $illuminati is the utility token of Creepz Genesis that uses the ERC-20 token standard and is used for running the in-game economy. Moreover, the Genesis NFTs of the project contain portraits of reptiles with different attributes such as clothes, backgrounds, eyes, and more.

When Did Creepz Genesis NFT Launch?

The Invasion Mint Passes have released on 30th Dec 2021 at 2:30 PM EST. Moreover, the Genesis Creepz NFTs was launched on 6th Jan 2022 at 2:30 PM EST, and Reptile Armoury plus Shapeshifters will also release in the same month.

Where Are The Creepz Genesis NFTs Heading?

The Creepz Genesis NFT roadmap launches with the release of $illuminati tokens in season 1. Collecting these tokens will provide the chance to claim future drops and mint additional NFTs for free to build your army. In the second season, Crossbreeding will launch, and the NFT holders can now create much rarer and more valuable Creepz NFTs.

With more additional content along the way, the Creepz Genesis roadmap completes when the first Creepz invasion ends (Season 4). After that, the Members Club gets established, and the NFT holders with the most $illuminati tokens will have a higher rank in the club. $1m will be deposited in the club’s wallet by Creepz for future parties, setting up merchandise, partnerships, and more.

Genesis Creepz NFT Game Mechanics

Genesis Creepz: There are five kinds of Genesis Creepz NFTs you can stake, and each one yields a different number of $illuminati tokens. The number of tokens you will earn per day depends upon the Creepz Genesis rarity.

  1. Reptoids 15000 $illuminati/ Day
  2. Lizard People 16000 $illuminati/ Day
  3. Draconians 17000 $illuminati/ Day
  4. Saurians 18000 $illuminati/ Day
  5. Reptiloids 19000 $illuminati/ Day

Reptile Armoury: Collect 70,000 $illuminati tokens to upgrade your army by minting Reptile Armoury NFTs. Stake these NFTs with your primary ones to increase yield.

  1. 5G towers 3000/day
  2. Mars Rovers 3500/day
  3. Spy birds 4000/day

Shapeshifters: 5 types of shapeshifters can be minted and staked to yield $illuminati tokens.

  1. Trump 10,000 tokens
  2. Mark Cuban 11,000 tokens
  3. Snoop Dogg’s 12000 tokens
  4. Gary Vee 13000 tokens
  5. Elon Musk’s 14000 tokens

Build An Army With $illuminati Tokens

Collect $illuminati tokens to mint new NFTs, access future drops, and increase your tier in the Creepz membership club. The higher the tier, the better the rewards. The total number of $illuminati tokens will be capped after the 4th season when the invasion gets over.

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Creepz Genesis NFTs Sales And Floor Price Details

Creepz Genesis NFT How To Buy

Creepz Genesis NFT Floor Price, Price Range, And Sales Volume

According to OpenSea, the current floor price (25 Jan 2024) of Creepz Genesis NFTs is 2.769 ETH and reaches up to 1.2 ETH and more. Also, as per OpenSea, the total sales volume of Creepz Genesis NFTs is 45,256 ETH.

Creepz Genesis NFT Price Prediction

Initially, Creepz Genesis NFT Mint Price was $200 and has soared all the way up to $3000 per NFT. Moreover, with more additions, upgrades, and cross-breeding features in the future, the accumulated value of the project will only increase. Also, the project has nearly $9 million in trading volume in just two weeks of the initial release, proving that it has the potential to bank more in the upcoming seasons.

How To Buy Creepz Genesis NFT?

The game started with 8,888 Invasion Mint Pass for 0.069 ETH ($226.36). Anyone who bought a mint pass was able to claim a free Genesis Creepz NFT. There are 11,111 Genesis Creepz NFTs so people who did not get an Invasion Mint Pass can still buy one.

NFTs can be minted from the official website or purchased from secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. You will need a crypto wallet like Metamask, along with ETH or WETH cryptocurrency to purchase Creepz Genesis NFTs. Moreover, Creepz Genesis’s rarity is defined by their traits that can be filtered using the side columns on OpenSea.

Time To Finally Start Invading Earth!

Creepz Genesis is a project that offers rewards to its holders every day by encouraging them to play the game by staking their NFTs. Genesis Creepz, the first NFT collection, can help yield $illuminati tokens for free that can be further used for claiming more rewards. Moreover, the Creepz Genesis project has high-quality plus vibrant NFTs, a great storyline, good in-game mechanics, and a staunch community, making it a top contender in the future blue chips.

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