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Public Sale Price: 0.219

Collection Count: 19.8K Item


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A blast from the past! Mooncats is back after it was revived by NFT archaeologists rediscovered in March 2021. Since their discovery, the creators of MoonCats NFT ‘Ponderware’ have returned to the project with innovative roadmaps that are gradually building the community.

 MINT DATE: October 11,2022


Mooncats NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price Updated 2024

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about this ground-breaking project from its public sale, to the unique features of this project, the roadmap, and insights into its sales performance.

Mooncats NFT Overview

Mooncats NFT items19.8K
Unique Owners5.6K
Mooncats NFT floor price0.219 ETH
Volume traded21.8K ETH

What Is Mooncats NFT

Mooncats NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price Updated

The concept of the Mooncats NFT revolves around an operation to ‘rescue’ cats from a solar eclipse that has threatened their existence. Collectors had the responsibility to rescue the cats as NFTs on Ethereum. The Mooncats NFT project originally consisted of 4 billion possible variations. However, only 26,500 were initially added to the smart contract which the team has termed a ‘spaceship with the latest litter-box technology’.

Later, in addition to the above 25,600 variations, 96 cats known as the Genesis Mooncats were released which are identified by their deep black and milky white coats. What makes the Genesis Mooncat special is that initially they could only be adopted and not rescued.

Another unique buyer experience of the Mooncats NFT project was that the owners could decide whether they wish to name their Mooncat. However, there were certain conditions that the names can be only 32 bytes and can’t be deleted or edited once chosen. This is why the cats at Mooncats rescue adoption center have names allocated to them.

Mooncats NFT Launch Date

The Mooncats NFT was launched on 9th August 2017. Since the Mooncats website has been dysfunctional for a while, dedicated NFT fans manually interacted with the contract using Etherscan to rescue the cats and even circulated the instructions across Twitter.

About the Mooncat NFT mint price, the only cost for a Mooncat was the gas fee. Within a few hours, all the 25,600 Mooncats NFT were sold out and were ranked second for the highest transaction fees on the Ethereum network.

Mooncats NFT RoadMap

The evolution of the Mooncats NFT project has been nothing less than exciting, with the initial NFTs, the project has quickly risen in popularity. The Mooncats NFT can be accessorized with additional elements from the accessory designer page to create hats, sweaters, gloves and so much more for your Mooncat. Furthermore, if you don’t want to create accessories, you can simply buy them from the accessory shop.

Beyond this, another interesting concept laid out by the Mooncats NFT is ‘Lootprint‘ which enables an owner to mint his lootprint in exchange for a rocket to explore space.

On November 24th, 2021, ‘MoonCatPop‘, a virtual soda NFT was launched that took the Mooncats owners by storm as each MoonCatPop soda can was priced at 0.05 ETH.

The next plans according to the roadmap on the Mooncats NFT website are aimed towards ‘Astral Projection’ with dedicated space in the Sandbox to help your Mooncat evolve. The project also has other short-term goals of having a dedicated game and creating a Treasure Planet.

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Mooncats NFT Rarity

The Mooncats NFT rarity is defined by many traits and characters. According to Rarity Tools, here is a distribution of all the traits:

  • Classification – 96 Genesis Mooncats and 25344 Rescue Mooncats
  • Rescue Year – 3 Mooncats for the year 2020, 71 Mooncats for the year 2019, 2319 Mooncats in 2018, 3365 Mooncats in 2017, and 19682 Mooncats for the rescue year 2021.
  • 25,440 Expressions
  • 25,440 Poses
  • Relations like only child, twins, mirrors, and clones

Mooncats NFT Floor Price And Volume Trade

According to Mooncats NFT OpenSea, the current floor price as of 26th January 2024 is 0.219 ETH with a total volume traded of 21.8K ETH.

Mooncats NFT Price Prediction

The Mooncats NFT project shows huge potential and will create a good opportunity for investors. The market value of Mooncats NFT can be expected to increase in the coming period. However, this is only speculation as Mooncats NFT can have many possible factors affecting its valuation.

How To Buy Mooncats NFT

How To Buy Mooncats NFT

Mooncats NFT OpenSea

Mooncats NFT can be easily bought from the secondary market OpenSea. There could however be multiple copies for sale on Open Sea so beware and ensure that you always make a purchase from the original Mooncats NFT OpenSea account.

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Make The Most Of Giveaways

The Mooncats NFT community collectively also hosts frequent giveaways and competitions. The announcements and guidelines to participate are actively shared on their Discord channel. So ensure that you join their Discord and be a part of the conversations.


The Mooncats NFT has built a strong community and is showing immense promise in the roadmap. It is only a matter of time before we see its performance in the NFT marketplace with complete utility as planned in its future milestones.

So, keep an eye out for the latest developments on this project by following their Twitter handle, OpenSea, website, Roadmap, and Community portal, and join their Discord.