Waifu Harem Club NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.04 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



Website: Link




The Waifu Harem Club NFT is a collection of 10,000 beautiful babe NFTs in the ETHsekai, a fantasy world in the Ethereum Blockchain.


April 09, 2022


The users will be able to bring their waifus to life by customizing their names, backgrounds, voices, and more. Furthermore, you can stake them for additional utilities such as virtual showrooms and crypto mining profits.

Other utilities such as gaming will be revealed in the future. A rarity trait can be used to determine the tier of the Waifus, which is shown as the background. There are six Common tiers (C), Uncommon (UC), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), Super Super Rare (SSR), and Ultra Rare (UR).

The Waifu Harem Club NFT Holders will have complete control over the commercial and creative rights of their Waifus and can do whatever they want with it. The waifu NFTs will also grant members access to new harem clubs and other animetaverse collections along with rewards and prizes.

Waifu Harem Club NFT Drop Details and Mint Price !

Waifu Harem Club NFT Roadmap :

  • A limited amount of genesis waifu NFTs will be reserved for all the whitelisted members of the club. The Waifu Harem Club NFT Roadmap will be laid out for all the members, and the team will do various giveaways.
  • New features for the waifus will be introduced, and the genesis waifu NFT holders will be able to mint these new featured NFTs for free + a gas fee.
  • All Waifu Harem Club NFT collection will be revealed at the end of the official launch, and you will get to see your Waifus.
  • 20 UR rarity Genesis Ahegao Waifus to early joiners. The UR Waifus will be the only Waifus strong enough to not wear a top in the collection.
  • More Waifus will be airdropped alongside UR Waifus.
  • Staking will be unlocked for members for various utilities and potential rewards.
  • Community voting will be unlocked to vote for the direction of the Animetaverse isekai.
  • New ETHsekai Waifus with new features (voice line and 3D) will be created based on the direction of the Animetaverse.
  • ETHsekai Waifus will be airdropped to Genesis Waifu harem club NFT holders.

Waifu Harem Club NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The Waifu Harem Club NFT Price will be 0.04 ETH for its public sale, and it will start on 9th April 2022. The First 2,500 Waifus will be at 0.04 ETH, and the remaining Waifus will be available to the market with dynamic pricing growing to ultimately 0.10 ETH at 7,500 mints.

On the mint date, you can only mint via the official Website of the Waifu Harem Club NFT, and to Mint, you must link your Metamask wallet to the official Website and click on MINT. Then you must authorize the transaction, and your Mint will be successful.

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