BeHype NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.25 ETH

Collection Count: 7,878 Item



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The BeHype NFT Project has a collection of 7,878 unique futuristic themed avatars that will be interlinked to the Metaverse and the Cryptocurrency world.


February 04, 2022


Members who possess a BeHype NFT can join an exclusive group with access to numerous advantages that will develop over time, such as real-life events. As an investor, you get to be a forerunner in developing this new financial world.

The Project has collaborated with many influencers and celebrities such as Larry Wheels, The Hulk, Lucy Robson, a known professional golfer, Ronnie Coleman, Tyron Woodley and many more.

BeHype NFT Project

The BeHype NFT Roadmap:

Phase 1:

  • The BeHype NFT Project will stand among masterpieces such as Ready Player One, Gamer, and Free Guy, and the NFT Project is created by a group of artists in partnership with celebrities and marketing experts.
  • Those who have succeeded in minting the NFTs will be invited to unique live events worldwide.

Phase 2:

  • A selection of high-quality BeHype NFT gear will be unveiled soon and will be accessible only to holders. Customized resin models will also be sent to some of the NFTs’ early adopters. Each figurine contains a serial number that will be connected to the accompanying NFT through a unique code.
  • The team will build 3D studios in four different parts of the world, and by enhancing their creative spaces, they will provide artists with the chance to follow their hobbies, advertise their work, and make a living from it.

Phase 3:

  • The BeHype NFTs will be perfectly usable in the Metaverse. As a holder, you will be able to utilize your avatar in gaming, films, 3D animation, Metaverse meetings, and any other method you wish.
  • The team will continue to provide value to all BeHype NFT owners and community members. All activities will be supported by major marketing efforts that will take over the world’s leading cities.

BeHype NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The BeHype NFT Price will be 0.25 ETH, and its mint starting date is February, 4th 2022. To check out the official community and know more about the NFT Project, the users can go to its official BeHype NFT Discord channel.

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How To Mint BeHype NFT:

BeHype will use the Ethereum network, and the collection will be hosted on the official BeHype Opensea Marketplace, which will be announced soon.

  • Once your Metamask wallet is created and is ready
  • Click on the button “connect your wallet” on the header and make sure you are on the Ethereum network.
  • Then head over to the official Behype NFT Website and click MINT on the mint date.
  • You can decide how many NFTs you want to mint.