Faded Foxes NFT


Public Sale Price: 1.2 SOL

Collection Count: 2,222 Item



Website: Link




The Faded Foxes NFT is a collection of 2,222 fox-themed NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The Project does regular giveaways on its Discord channel. Members can participate in these events and get whitelisted spots and many other prizes.


April 07, 2022


The Discord community of the Project is highly energetic, having more than 14K members and rising; you can interact with each other on the server and discuss details, show fan art, share memes, make suggestions for the Project, and other things.

The Faded Foxes NFT Community will have Fade Tokens which will have many utilities like :

  • Staking
  • Entering raffles for other nfts
  • Entering revenue payout
  • Forming a pack
  • Finding a lady partner
Faded Foxes NFT Drop Details and Mint Price !

Faded Foxes NFT Roadmap :

Phase 1 :

  • Create a collection of 2,222 faded foxes NFTs.
  • Set up discord and Twitter and release the roadmap
  • Collab with other projects
  • Give out 2222 whitelist spots.
  • Determine a mint date
  • Distribute Faded Foxes NFT tokens

Phase 2 :

  • Get listed on ME
  • Set up Holder Verification
  • Add 500 SOL into LP for staking token $FADE
  • Come out with a staking system
  • Raffle NFTs using $FADE

Phase 3 :

  • Release the Faded Foxes NFT launchpad and doxing service to ensure a rug-free ecosystem.
  • Open up applications for projects to be on our launchpad.
  • Holders will receive 50% of revenue from launchpad (We will take 7% of the mint money from the projects that will launch on Foxpad).
  • Only staked Foxes receive revenue.

Phase 4 :

  • Send your Fox on a mission to find a pack and go hunt for $FADE, the hunt will last 15 days, and you will receive 1.5x more $FADE (The price to set your Fox on a mission will be revealed once the token is made).
  • There will be 10 1/1 Legendary Faded foxes NFT; these foxes will receive¬†5x¬†$FADE coin from normal staking; the auctions will be held in SOL (75% of ALL auctions will go to the community wallet, Votes will be held for what the money is used for in the wallet).

Phase 5 :

  • Gather enough $FADE to Mint a Female Fox; female foxes earn an additional 1.5x $FADE from normal staking. (females will not be able to form a pack and hunt) – Female foxes will also be listed on ME.

Faded Foxes NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The Faded Foxes NFT Price will be 1.2 SOL for its public sale, and it will start on 7th April 2022. On the mint date, you can only mint via the official Website of the Faded Foxes NFT, and to Mint, you must link your Solana wallet to the official Website and click on MINT. Then you must authorize the transaction, and your Mint will be successful.

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Faded Foxes Launchpad :

The Faded Foxes launchpad will allow projects to easily mint their NFT collection. The team’s goal is to give a mint experience unlike any other on Solana, complete with stringent anti-bot procedures and audit service for any project that desires to launch utilizing the NFT launchpad.

A team of in-house engineers will ensure that the launchpad is efficient enough to handle every Mint, regardless of collection or website traffic. If you want to utilize the service or obtain more information on how to use the launchpad and audit service, please submit a support issue on the official Faded Foxes NFT discord, and one of the team staff members will respond as soon as possible.