I’M Aiko NFT


Public Sale Price: 1.69 SOL

Collection Count: 3,000 Item



Website: Link




The Aiko Project includes the I’M Aiko NFT Collection, Aiko Master App (iOS & Android), I’M Aiko Marketplace, and Multi-chain collections. The I’M AIKO Collection has 12 distinct qualities with hundreds of unique mixtures.


February 14, 2022


The collection is made and designed by hand and digitalized by the team’s artists. The 12 traits and combinations are Background, Back Item, Skin, Expression, Mouth Item, Face Item, Hair, Head Item, Tattoo, Piercing, Attire and Hands Items.

Here, you can check the whole list or play around with the I’M AIKO Builder.

Benefits And Utilities Of I’M Aiko NFT 

  • Aside from experiencing Aiko in all of its magnificence on the I’M Aiko NFT Master app, having an Aiko offers other advantages for its owners (AKA Masters). Because an Aiko NFT is required to use the Aiko Master app, the floor price will grow as the app launch date approaches, making it a fantastic speculative asset.
  • All Aiko holders will get passive income from the I’M Aiko NFT Marketplace, which will provide you with a 30% return on all fees paid on the marketplace, straight to your wallet.

To check the I’M Aiko NFT Rarity, the users can go to its official Website.

I’M Aiko NFT Drop Details and Public Mint Price !

Tesla Model X Plaid Giveaway :

The Tesla Model X Plaid giveaway will be held only when the 10,000 I’M AIKO NFT Collection gets sold out. The award will be drawn at random from among all minted Aiko’s. The value of the award will be sent immediately to the rewarded Aiko’s owner address.

The prize amount (119,990 USD) will be paid in SOLANA(SOL) cryptocurrency at the date price. The USD to SOL conversion will take place shortly before the checkout.

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I’M AIKO NFT Roadmap :

Phase 1 :

  • All Aiko Masters will get a $ART airdrop on February 12th.
  • NFT Staking will be introduced along with many rewards.
  • Liquidity Pool
  • NFT Burning will be started at the I’m Aiko NFT Website, and there will be $ART Rewards.

Phase 2 :

  • The first portion of Aiko art’s fee and Monthly Reward of 30% for I’M AIKO NFT Holders.
  • Airdrop of AIKO Shades to VIP Masters and Early Masters.
  • Meta AIKO will be Airdrop to only the VIP Masters.
  • The Meta AIKO will be released, which will be stored at Arweave.

Phase 3 :

  • The Red-Light District will be revealed and launched where the 1st phase of metaverse land plots will be sold.
  • The AikoVerse, which will be an MVP Metaverse, will be released.
  • The second phase of land plots of the red light district will begin.
  • Meta Bandoo will be Airdrop to the VIP Masters.

Phase 4 :

  • The first Aiko Verse Live Event will be held.
  • Regular giveaways for all the holders regularly.

I’M AIKO NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The I’M AIKO NFT Price will be 1.69 SOL, its mint starting date is February 14th 2022, and there will be no mint limit. The total number of NFTs that will be available to mint is 3,000. To check out the official community and know more about the NFT Project, the users can go to its official I’m Aiko NFT Discord channel. To check out the official marketplace, users can go to the I’m Aiko NFT Solsea.

How To Mint I’M AIKO NFT :

  • Go to the official Website.
  • Click Connect Wallet, then choose your Solana wallet and approve the connection.
  • Click the MINT button and then click approve.
  • Now, wait for the NFT to be fully minted
  • Your NFT will be successfully minted and stored in your wallet.