Cursed Souls NFT Drop Details And Mint Price !

The Cursed Souls NFT is a fully animated 3D collection of 8.888 distinct animated NFTs that will be the keys to the team’s upcoming VR Escape Room. This 19th-century-inspired escape game will initially be available only to NFT holders. After exiting these chambers, users will be able to receive rewards and fresh NFTs from joining the next round. In the long term, the game will evolve into a Metaverse escape game in which all NFTs in the Solana network can play and compete.

The Cursed Souls NFT Roadmap


Cursed Souls NFT

Phase 1:

  • The concept design for the Cursed Souls NFT will be released.
  • Rendering for 8.888 fully animated NFTs.
  • Starting marketing with Twitter & Discord.
  • Share the Cursed Souls VR game trailer.
  • First fully animated 3D NFT collection drop on Solana.
  • Listing with the biggest secondary NFT marketplaces.
  • Trip to one of the biggest Escaping Rooms in Europe for four lucky Cursed Souls NFT holders.

Phase 2:

  • Share Cursed Souls NFT game developments and new updates for the community.
  • Develop riddles with NFT Game DAO for VR Escaping games.
  • Decide on a rewarding system with NFT Game DAO (CURSED token or NFT distribution)
  • Launch the first phase of the Cursed Souls NFT game.
  • Being technical & design advisors with the NFT Game DAO to game projects on Solana. Sharing revenue for DAO members with tokens, free mint passes & WLs.

Phase 3:

  • Launch the second phase of the Cursed Souls NFT game with a VR experience.
  • Integrate all Solana NFTs and make competitions & tournaments between Solana NFT collections.
  • Launch reward staking system and New escaping houses & themes.
  • Launch the third phase of the game with Metaverse implementation.
  • Announcing the new game with a high-quality trailer.
  • Implement all Cursed game players & holders to the new game.
  • Token or Cursed Souls NFT swaps between the new game.
  • Integrate the Cursed metaverse game as a mini-game to the new game.

Launch Date

May 20,2022 – December 31,2022

Unit Price



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The Cursed Souls NFT Mint Price And Details


The Cursed Souls NFT Mint Price will be 1.30 SOL, and its mint date is 20th May 2022. You will be able to mint directly from the official Cursed Souls Website on the mint date by connecting your Solana wallet.

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