Slotie NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.3 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



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The Slotie NFT is a collection of 10,000 individual NFT tokens floating on the Ethereum blockchain via an ERC-721 smart contract. Each Slotie is unique, some sophisticated, others outlandish.


June 12, 2021


The Collection will be your entry ticket into the blockchain’s largest and fastest-growing online casino network. The Sloties will provide users access to the new realm of Defi Gambling, with only 10,000 VIP users to be ever minted.

The project is based on the ERC-721 standard, providing evidence of ownership of the Ethereum blockchain. Sloties are more than just your average community; they deliver real-world advantages at over 150 Casino sites worldwide. This isn’t your typical Slot Machine: with Sloties, it’s your home, your terms.

Slotie NFT Rarity

Each Slotie NFT is unique, with different degrees of rarity. Moreover, unlike other NFTs with simply a cosmetic rarity, the rarity and features of your Slotie will affect your part of the Exclusive Owner Incentives. The higher the rarity of your Slotie, the more prizes it will yield. They are non-fungible since these tokens are not interchangeable, and each Slotie has unique characteristics and benefits, such as :

  • Skin: 20 pieces
  • Hats: 21 pieces
  • Eyes: 31 pieces
  • Ears: 21 pieces
  • Teeth: 31 pieces
  • Clothes: 31 pieces
  • Backgrounds: 11 pieces

Slotie Benefits And Utilities :

Slotie NFT
  • All the Slotie NFT Holders will be gaining membership access to the Slotie Club whose benefits and offerings will keep on increasing as time passes by.
  • After integrating a new online Slotie-themed slot game at crypto casinos, the team will collect around 12% commission from each partner, with the remaining 80% going to all Slotie NFT holders. Each Slotie’s exact share will be connected to its rarity. EHR is a stacking benefit, which means that more Sloties equals a larger profit share. The funds will be sent on a regular basis in the form of WATTs, which holders may swap for ETH.
  • By introducing NFTs to slot machines, the Slotie community will become the house of 150 casinos. Consider it Defi gambling, where you may put any of your NFTs into the slot machine and get big holders’ rewards.
  • Slotie NFT owners may breed their Sloties to make Junior Sloties, a new variety of NFTs. Owning a Junior Slotie effectively doubles the Slotie holder’s rewards. To breed, you’ll need 1800 WATTs and two Sloties.
  • WATTs is a token that functions similarly to energy in the Sloties’ universe. Every day, WATTs are produced. Every Slotie owner receives 10 WATTs tokens every day. In three months, you’ll have enough WATTs to breed your Sloties.

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Slotie NFT Roadmap :

Phase 1 :

  • To thank the projects, and early adopters, the inaugural Slotie Lottery was held, with a grand prize of 10 ETH, and slotie holders can participate in a weekly lottery for cash prizes, WATTs tokens, NFTs, and free spins at partner casinos.
  • After introducing Slotie NFT collection in the casinos all the NFT Holders will receive exclusive rewards, the Ability to stake NFTs, 20% rakebacks in partner crypto casinos, and many more prizes.

Phase 2 :

  • With the launch of the Slotie NFT Marketplace, you will be able to exchange your WATTs and Sloties without incurring high gas expenses. Holders will have greater liquidity to trade their WATTs and NFTs thanks to the Marketplace’s speedier and reduced charge transactions.
  • Adoption of the Slotie Collection grows as 50 partners completely incorporate the Slotie. VIP membership will be applicable in all casinos that offer Sloties, and benefits will be significantly increased.
  • Breeding will begin which will give you Junior Slotie.

Phase 3 :

  • While the Junior Slotie game is being developed, you may trade, earn, and double your winnings using Junior Sloties.
  • The third wave of Slotie adoption begins with the full integration of the NFT slot game by 75 Casino partners. Holders’ special perks nearly quadruple once more for Slotie holders.
  • More Slotie NFT Roadmap and details will be announced soon.

Slotie NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The Slotie NFT Price as of now is 0.4211 ETH which is the lowest price, and the highest-selling price can go for more than 200 ETH. There will be more future collections, but until then, you can buy the NFTs from the official Slotie NFT Opensea.

For minting future collections, you will need to Sign up for an ETH wallet like Metamask and install it as a Chrome extension, then buy ETH on a marketplace like Coinbase and transfer it to your wallet, and you should be ready to link your wallet and mint your Slotie. To check out the project you can head over to the official Slotie Website or join their Discord.