Mutant Kongz Lab NFT Drop Details and Public Mint Price !

The Mutant Kongz Lab NFT were created by multiple radiation mutation crossed with X genes. The Kongz NFTs are made by thousands of combinations, and each one having 203 properties, 10 layers, and of which only 5 will be of ultra rare category.

How To Get Mutant Kongz Lab NFT Whitelist :

The community has announced three ways with which the members can get into the Whitelist which are :

  • The first is by winning a raffle which will definitively guarantee your spot on the Whitelist.
  • The second is by interacting on the Mutant Kongz Lab NFT Discord server and reaching the Mutant Omega level, that will also guarantee your spot on the Whitelist and you will be able to participate in an exclusive NFTs giveaway.
  • The third option is to be a Mutant Alpha, which secures your access into the Whitelist. However, because alphas must be the example of the pack, they must engage on the server and hold at least the role of Mutant Delta until the pre-sale day in order to guarantee their place on the Whitelist.

NOTE : The first 500 Mutant Alpha feeders have already secured their spot on the whitelist, but they need to continue as feeders until at least the launch date.

Mutant Kongz Lab NFT Project

The Mutant Kongz Lab NFT Roadmap :

At 25% :

  • The community will be given Ethereum tokens as part of an effort to stop the virus spreading within the Blockchain.

At 50% :

  • Decentraland Airdrops from Mutant Kongz Lab NFT Team.
  • To continue to raise resources for finding a cure for all mutations, the community will establish a Merch Store to offer one-of-a-kind products to fans of these mutants.

At 75% :

  • A total of 50 Ethereum will be entirely invested in the community wallet in order to promote community events, marketing purposes, and improve the project roadmap.

At 100% :

  • The Serum collection based on the cure of Kongz mutation will be launched

Launch Date

January 25,2022 – December 31,2022

Unit Price



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Mutant Kongz Lab NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Mutant Kongz Lab NFT Price is 0.08 ETH plus gas and its mint date is January, 25th 2022. Pre-sale will start one day before that is January, 24th and its price will also be the same. The Mutant Kongz Lab NFT Marketplace will be on opensea and you will be able to mint it on the day of release.

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How To Mint Mutant Kongz Lab NFT:

  • Get enough ETH in your Metamask wallet.
  • Connect your Metamask wallet when your on opensea or the official Kongz website.
  • Click on Mint button when the Drop has started.
  • Your good to go and your NFT will be stored and displayed in your wallet.
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