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Cryptoon Goonz NFT collection is a unique set of 6,969 goon NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. In all, each Cryptoon Goonz has eight categories of varying rarity, ranging from standard to ULTRA rare.


January 02, 2024


Along with that, each NFT will have unique attributes that will be disclosed at the time of minting. Each Goon is made up of parts and features, just like humans.

This article will discuss Cryptoon Goonz NFT statistics, roadmap, price, price prediction, and where to buy. Let’s dive into it.

The Brief Overview Of The Cryptoon Goonz NFT

Cryptoon Goonz NFT items6,969
Cryptoon Goonz NFT Floor price0.123 ETH
Volume Traded7,137 ETH

Cryptoon Goonz NFT – What’s So Special About Them

The Brief Overview Of The Cryptoon Goonz NFT

Cryptoon Goonz is one of the most talked-about up-and-coming NFT ventures. It is the brainchild of tattoo artist @SeanTat2s, who is also the creative mind behind the project.

Every NFT presented by the Cryptoon Goonz in the Ethereum blockchain is unique in itself. Currently, there is a collection of 6,969 Goonz of this crypto chain, and none looks identical. The Cryptoon Goonz are the first group of NFTs to be established in the Cryptoon world, with some unique features tucked within the Goonz.

They have a defined head, eyes, body, hands, and mouth. In fact, the Goonz also wear shorts and accessories, just like human beings. The art style is reminiscent of early Mickey Mouse paintings, and each work is adorned with pop culture, hip-hop, and streetwear elements to complement the theme. With a strong and dedicated Discord community of over 10,000 members, it is well worth your time to learn much more about the project by joining it.

The Fascinating Roadmap Of Cryptoon Goonz NFT

Just like the artwork, the roadmap is unique from other NFT breeds.

The first phase of the roadmap, dubbed roadmap 1.0, was about laying the groundwork for the community, DAO, and rewarding the early adopters.

Cryptoon Goonz Roadmap 2.0 Is Where All The Main Fun Begins.

It all starts with some funky cryptoon Goonz merchandise collection which will be available at a discounted price for the goon gang. The team has also collaborated with major retailer chains and will make it available offline in 220 stores.

This aligns well with the team’s plan to set itself as a significant streetwear brand and connect with its young audience.

Moreover, new collections, airdrops, and collaborations with famous artists and influencers are underway. So, make sure to keep your expectations high because roadmap 2.0 is here with a bang!

As a cherry on top of the icing, the goon members do not have to worry about merchandise being out of stock or burning a hole in their pockets. As they will have early access and discounts. The merchandise will not only be limited to wearables, but goon figurines will be available exclusively for the goon gang.

Want to show off your cool Cryptoon Goonz NFT? The team has heard your demands, and soon you can flaunt your favorite Goonz NFT in your profile picture.

Not only that, the Goonz will enter the vast metaverses of the Decentraland, Sandbox, wilder world, and many more. You will also be able to stake your goon NFT, which will act as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds.

You can have custom shoes, paintings, or even a tattoo with staking, and the possibilities are limitless. The team is also working with Chop Studios ( the studio behind Rick and Morty) for an animated cartoon series.

Unlike other NFT brands, the Cryptoon Goonz team is ambitious and wants to introduce new features and products each quarter. Throughout the year, more opportunities will arise for this project, so make sure to keep an eye on this one.

Cryptoon Goonz NFT Mint Price 

Cryptoon Goonz NFT Mint Price

Initially, during the presale, the Cryptoon Goonz NFT mint price was 0.04 ETH until November 10th at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. After that, the Cryptoon Goonz NFT Mint price increased to 0.7 ETH.

Cryptoon Goonz NFT Floor Price 

With so many unique features in the pipeline. Let’s check out its statistics.

The Cryptoon Goonz NFT floor price as of 25th January 2024 on is 0.123 ETH. The Cryptoon Goonz OpenSea page shows that the Total Traded Volume is 7,137 ETH and an all-time average high price of 0.45 ETH.

One week after its launch, Cryptoon Goonz NFT sales saw an upward curve.

Cryptoon Goonz NFT Price Prediction

With only the launch of Cryptoon Goonz NFT, their mint price has jumped, which shows that it will take the quick rise in the world of NFTs. The current price of Cryptoon Goonz is increasing considering the fact that the team has so much planned. So, if we have to make a Cryptoon Goonz NFT Price Prediction, we can say that the price is going to skyrocket in the long term.

Cryptoon Goonz NFT Rarity

With 6,969 characters, the Cryptoon Goonz rarity is composed of hundreds of distinct features that alter the appearance of a single Goon and the shape that a Goon will take on the battlefield. Whether it’s a wolf, a cat, or an ape/marshmallow hybrid, every version of a Cryptoon Goonz NFT rarity is decked out with allusions to pop culture, hip-hop, and streetwear fashion.

How To Buy Cryptoon Goonz NFT?

You can buy Cryptoon Goonz NFT in these 2 simple steps. Since all the original pieces are sold out, you need to visit secondary sites. To begin with, an account and an Ethereum wallet are a must-have, then you can easily buy your favorite goon and enjoy its benefits.


Cryptoon Goonz NFT is the most exciting prospective NFT initiative. It is more than a simple collectible as it includes elements of the actual world in its extensive roadmap. The Cryptoon Goonz are on the move, and the team is constantly innovating to find ways through which the Goonz and the community can interact to a whole different level.

To know more about this project check out the Cryptoon Goonz NFT website and Cryptoon Goonz NFT Twitter page.