Awesome Possums NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.08 ETH

Collection Count: 12K Item



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The Awesome Possums NFT is a collection of 12,000 Possum themed NFT avatars on the ethereum blockchain. The Awesome Possums is the first NFT initiative to raise mental health awareness and promote addiction rehabilitation.


July 12, 2022


The Community is an exclusive posse that provides the chance to be a part of a skilled and entertaining network of artists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, collectors, investors, and visionaries.

This top-tier Awesome Possums NFT collection will have 12k unique Awesome Possums (10 uncommon & 2k hyper-realistic). 3000 Awesome Possums will be given free to early adopters and in contests. The team’s major priority is Community. “The Road” serves as the basis for Awesome Possums to be proud of and involved in their posse. There will be substantial freebies, games, merchandise, charity donations, student scholarships, and more.

The creators of the ‘Awesome Possums NFT Collection’ are committed to the project for the long haul, which means you will NOT find them playing dead or by the side of the road. The team is driven by the desire to be one of the kindest, most compassionate, and sought-after NFT communities.

Awesome Possums NFT Drop Details and Mint Price !

Awesome Possums NFT Roadmap

Phase 1:

  • Create artwork, a website, and deploy Awesome Possums NFT smart contracts.
  • During the minting process, holders will receive free ETH and NFTs. The ‘Awesome Possums’ NFT will give out prizes to early supporters and adopters.
  • Create social media networks (Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Discord), and use influencers.

Phase 2:

  • First (of several) huge contributions to a charity focused on Mental Health or Addiction Recovery.
  • 10 Prizes (Luxury Vacation/Season Tickets/Music Festival Ticket option) winners will be awarded to 10 Awesome Possums NFT holders.
  • On Discord, you can get a free therapist, counselor, or motivational speaker.
  • Launching the Merchandize Store – The team will create EXCLUSIVE merch and clothing for holders of ‘Awesome Possums.’ Expect periodic freebies of stuff depicting the NFT of the holder.

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Phase 3:

  • 5 x $10,000 scholarships will be made available to needy students and families.
  • Every 5k trading cycle, 1x 10 ETH will be given out to the traders of that session on opensea.
  • Creating a space where art and the recovery community may interact.
  • Start an Awesome Possums NFT anime series (platform TBD)
  • Creation of a virtual reality game (Awesome Possums: The Road). The team will be on its way to the Metaverse.
  • The ‘Awesome Possum Podcast’ gives completely recovered addicts a forum to discuss their route to recovery and encourages every listener.
  • More freebies, private meets, charitable donations, and scholarships are on the way.

Awesome Possums NFT Mint Price And Details

The Awesome Possums NFT Mint Price will be 0.08 ETH for its public mint and 0.055 ETH for presale or whitelisted members. The general public mint will begin on July 12, 2022, at 1200 EST, while the presale will begin on July 9, 2022, at 1200 EST (48 hours before the public mint).

The team will be awarding whitelist positions for positive contributions on its social media platforms. Users can buy three per wallet in the presale and five per wallet in the public sale. On the mint day, you will be able to mint straight from the official Awesome Possums NFT Website by linking your Metamask wallet.