Moonbirds Oddities NFT


Public Sale Price: 3.1 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



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The Moonbirds Oddities NFT collection comes from the creators of the highly sought-after Moonbird NFT line. The set includes 10,000 Moonbird NFT pellets. The project has been made and developed by Gremplin, Nouns, and CrypToadz artists.


July 29, 2022


Owls served as the project’s inspiration. Moonbirds co-founder Justin Mezzell characterized the collection as “the ejected contents of the Moonbirds gut.”

Only nested Moonbirds can obtain an Oddity NFT as part of the experiment. Before its debut, the Oddities collection had a floor price of roughly 3.1 ETH. Its floor price has decreased to 1.79 Eth in less than 24 hours. The collection’s current trade volume is 42.4K ETH and 3,935 NFT owners.

Moonbirds owners may “expect more on the Oddities side in the future,” and the initiative will continue to “work with other creators,” according to PROOF collection creator Kevin Rose.

Moonbirds NFT Sales Volume, Mint Price & Floor Price Updated

Moonbirds Oddities NFT Details And Mint Price

Rose stated on Friday’s Spaces that the art for the Oddities project is being created by a “great designer that we all appreciate in this environment.” On Saturday, the Oddities account posted an audio sample accompanied by the following emojis, the first of which is similar to Gremplin’s popular Nouns glasses feature. The collaboration with Gremplin was formally announced on Sunday, May 22.

During the Spaces, Rose and PROOF Collective co-founder Justin Mezzell addressed the Oddities, claiming they originally contemplated manufacturing eggs for the Moonbirds. “Hey, wouldn’t it be crazy if the owls did something a little bit different?” said the designer mentioned above to Rose.

“Owls hunt things like rodents, bugs, mice, and all these other forms of small varmint (sic),” Rose said on Spaces. “And I had no idea this was going on.”

“They make these things called pellets.” They don’t sh*t on them. “They like regurgitating them,” Mezzell explained. “But when you dissect them, these little bones of the critters and everything that they ended up consuming — this is extremely nasty.”

As of January 23, 2024, the OpenSea floor price is 0.0639 ETH, and there has been a 42.4k volume traded and a total number of 3.9k Owners. In the past, the project has experienced a low of 18.45 ETH and a high of 38.5 ETH. You can buy them on secondary marketplaces such as opensea. You can buy them for as low as 1.84 ETH.