Moonbirds NFT


Public Sale Price: 2.5 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



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The Moonbirds NFT features a unique collection of 10,000 pixelated bird art that are utility-enabled PFPs with a unique pool of rarity-powered characteristics.


April 16, 2022


Each Moonbird unlocks private club membership and extra perks that rise with time if you hold onto them long enough. (i.e., Nesting). The collection is already causing huge waves in the NFT space.

The guys behind the project are Proof, and this is their first PFP NFT collection. For those who don’t know, The Proof Collective is a private group of 1,000 NFT collectors and artists. Moonbirds’ huge success is understandable given that it grants access to the Proof ecosystem that offers the members great benefits and utilities.

The Moonbird NFT Project team believes the project is “built with usefulness and community at its core,” and the collection has indeed generated a strong community with over 204,358 Twitter followers and 12,897 active Discord members.

Moonbirds NFT Proof Team

Moonbirds NFT

The team in charge of the Moonbirds NFT collection is called PROOF, and they are the ones behind the PROOF Collective and also the Grails project. The team members are exceptional, with a plethora of expertise, and they are all completely self-doxxed, which is usually a good indicator when it comes to NFT initiatives.

Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell, both well-known personalities in the NFT community, formed the group. Following the transaction, Rose aired a YouTube video in which she said that the profits from the sale will be used to build PROOF into a well-known and recognized media firm. In any event, PROOF Collective is a gated society that is only available to the 1,000 persons who possess a PROOF Collective NFT, the current floor price of which is a stunning 140 ETH or roughly $420K at the time of writing.

Needless to say, it is because of this excellent team that Proof, and hence Moonbirds, has been such a big success. After all, betting on previously established teams in the NFT area is comparatively safer.

Moonbirds NFT Benefits & Utility :

Moonbirds NFT Nesting

There are several reasons for this project’s success, the most important of which is the utility it gives to all Moonbird holders, some of which are as follows :

  • ¬†Members have access to the exclusive Moonbirds NFT Proof Discord. This involves getting to know the Proof founders as well as the other members of the Collective.
  • Members of The Proof include some of the most prominent figures in the NFT field; this is an excellent chance for individuals to network and learn more.
  • In addition, Moonbirds NFT holders will have access to Moonbird-related drops, Parliament meets, and in-person events.
  • All the members will receive access to future Proof initiatives, such as Project Highrise, the company’s forthcoming metaverse.
  • All Moonbirds have a unique PFP design that allows them to be stored and nested without leaving your wallet, and once nested, your Moonbird will begin to collect extra rewards. As total nested time increases, your Moonbird will progress to new tier levels, improving their nest, and improved nests will provide better drops and greater prizes.

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Moonbirds NFT Mint Price And Opensea Details

Moonbirds NFT Sales Volume, Mint Price & Floor Price Updated

The Moonbirds NFT collection was first released on April 16, with a mint price of 2.5 ETH. All of the NFTs were quickly sold out, bringing in $66 million in ETH. The collection had a total trading volume of more than 118,000 ETH, which is just shy of $300 million, far outperforming any other collection for the time period.

Individuals must own Proof Collective NFTs in order to join the Moonbirds NFT collective. Having them will enable you access to Proof’s exclusive Discord, early access to the PROOF podcast, in-person events, and other benefits. As a result of these factors, these NFTs are in great demand and currently have a 99 ETH floor.

How To Buy Moonbirds NFT On Opensea :

In order to get a hold of these NFTs, you have to simply do what you do with the rest NFTs that are being sold on Opensea. Simply create a Metamask Wallet, or if you already have it connect to the official Moonbirds NFT Opensea website and remember to hold enough ETH for the transaction, including the gas fee. Simply click buy now on the particular NFT that you want, and you will be taken to the transaction page, and you are all set.