Robots Union NFT is a collection that will be integrated with a metaverse game currently being developed on the Solana blockchain. With Robots Union, you may play to earn in the metaverse economy of the community. Each Robot is a hand-drawn artwork designed, drawn, and colored by the talented artists of the team.

A Play-to-earn economy will be implemented in the game for the Pioneers to build the new v.2 robots or work to gain tokens. This economic system enables the Pioneers to bring in profits as the project progresses.

Robots Union NFT Roadmap :

Robots Union NFT Project

Phase 1 :

  • Start of the Pioneer Robots NFT Sale (Initial NFT Offering)
  • Launch of the Robots Union NFT TOKEN
  • Holders of the Pioneers NFTs will get various TOKEN AirDrops
  • AirDrop NFT Assets (Participants in the pioneer program will get an NFT asset that they may utilize in the Metaverse. Similar to TOKENS, these presents can be utilized in the Metaverse).

 Phase 2 :

  • Land Sale in the Metaverse by the Robots Union NFT Team.
  • The Robots Union NFTs will be made fit to be integrated into the Metaverse.
  • A system will be developed with which you will be able to control and customize your NFT Avatar in the Metaverse.

 Phase 3 :

  • RobotsDAO will be Launched where all the NFT Holders and members will have an equal say in projects policies and future functions in the Metaverse.
  • Play to Earn GameGame will be released, and Self-Reproduction will be introduced where members can reproduce and create more robots.
  • Creating the UNIO in the Metaverse will include disclosures and events to highlight the new universe.
  • Alpha Testing where all the pioneer Robots Union NFT Holders will be able to participate.

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Robots Union NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Robots Union NFT Price will be 3 SOL, and its Public Mint date is February 11th, 2022. Pre-sale for its Whitelisted members will begin on February 10th and its price will be 2 SOL. There is no limit on the maximum number of NFTs you can mint. For more information regarding Whitelist and other details, check out the official Robots Union NFT Discord channel.

How To Mint The Robots Union NFT :

On the day of purchase (after the countdown clock hits zero.) You may purchase the NFT from the official website using your Phantom Wallet’s SOL balance. The NFT will be kept on Arweave, and the Smart contract will keep track of it. After purchasing the NFT, the artwork will be automatically posted to Arweave in full quality.