The Pig Gang NFT project is a PFP based project built on the Ethereum blockchain and is all set to compete with the top-tier NFT projects like doodles and cool cats. Building a strong community and providing amazing rewards are just a few of the things they have planned for their NFT holders.

In this article, covers all important information regarding the Pig Gang NFT Project, its launch dates, mint price, roadmap, and the future scope. Let’s dive in!

Pig Gang NFT- Quick Overview

The Pig Gang NFT collection consists of randomly generated 10k digital characters representing a gang of different types of pigs. Each character is generated with a combination of different traits and is unique in its own way. The Pig Gang NFT project aims to build a strong community across the globe and work together to generate a passive income that will be distributed equally among the buyers.

Pig Gang NFT Mint Price And Launch Dates.

There will be no pre-sale because the team behind the project believes in providing equal opportunities to its members. The Public sale of Pig Gang NFTs will go live on 10th April 2022. The Pig Gang NFT mint price is 0.025 Eth.

Pig Gang NFT Mint Price 0.025Eth+ Gas Fee.
Pig Gang NFT Launch Date 10th April, 15:00 UTC

Pig Gang NFT Roadmap

The Roadmap of Pig GangFT is divided into different phases. The first phase is scheduled for March 2022. The main focus will be to build Pig Gang NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain and to start campaigns on different social media handles like Twitter, Discord, and the official website.

PIG GANG NFT Mint Price Rarity How To Buy Guide Beginners

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The next phase will be fully dedicated to sales of Pig Gang NFTs. The team believes in the idea that every member in the Pig Gang should be treated equally, so no pre-sale will be held. Pig Gang NFT launch date is scheduled for 10th April 2022 at 15:00 UTC.

After the completion of Pig Gang NFT sales, members of the gang will be rewarded randomly. All the rewards will be airdropped in the wallets of randomly chosen members of the Pig Gang

The next phase comes with the announcement of events for members of the Pig Gang NFT project. The holders of NFTs across the globe will get an opportunity to join the event and meet in real life.

As the Pig Gang grows, Exclusive merch will be launched. Members of the gang will be able to buy merch at big discounts and flex it in real life. The final phase of the roadmap will end with the announcement of roadmap 2.0.

Pig Gang NFT Rarity

Pig Gang NFT rarity is built from 9 different varieties of pigs. On the basis of rarity, the 10k pig Gand NFTs are divided into 7 different categories. 268 different traits exist which make each pig unique in its own way. The Exclusive category consists of just 10 characters and is considered the rarest category among all.

Pig Gang NFT Rarity

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Type- Pig                          Type- Infected
Category- common          Category- Uncommon
Quantity- 5000                 Quantity- 1200

Type- Ginger                     Type- Martian
Category- uncommon       Category- rare
Quantity- 1200                   Quantity- 800

Type- Lab Experiment     Type- Frozen
Category- Rare                Category- Super Rare
Quantity- 800                  Quantity- 400

Type- Zombie                 Type- Golden
Category- Super Rare    Category- Epic
Quantity- 400                 Quantity- 140

Type- Diamond              Type- Exclusive
Tier- Legendary             Tier- Exclusive
Quantity- 50                   Quantity- 10

Ping Gang NFT Price Prediction

The Pig Gang NFT project just completed the first phase of its roadmap successfully. The Social media handles have gained a lot of traffic and interest from users due to the project’s detailed roadmap, amazing art, and consistent giveaways. It’s difficult to predict the Pig Gang NFT floor price and its future returns, as the project is at its very early stage.

How To Buy Pig Gang NFT

Here’s how to buy and mint one or multiple Pig Gang NFTs:

Step 1: Set up your trading account by signing up on Gemini/ coin smart exchange. Your wallet will be activated after filling in all the KYC details. On signing up for a coin smart exchange, your wallet will be credited with $20 as a reward.

Step 2: you can add the funds to your Gemini/ Coin smart wallet through direct bank transfer, UPI, and P2P transactions.
Step 3: The next step would be to swap your fiat currency with Ethereum on your Gemini/Coins smart trading account.
Step 4: Transfer Ethereum from Gemini/Coin smart wallet to your Metamask wallet. A guide to set up your Metamask wallet is given here
Step 5: Connect Metamask wallet to the official pig gang website on the 10th of April, refresh the feed, and click mint to purchase Ping gang NFTs.

Step 6: Choose the NFT you want to buy, and import them to your wallet after successful minting.

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The project has strong fundamentals along with a great vision of giving back to society and treating every Pig Gang member equally. The first phase of the roadmap has gained great success. The art is appreciated by the people and is going viral on social media handles. Roadmap 1.0 looks promising and there is so much to look into this project after the release of roadmap 2.0. There is a high probability that we will see a hike in Pig Gang Floor price as the project moves forward with advancements and developments.