After being hacked on Discord, the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea initiated an investigation, and according to reports, the attackers were propagating a fraud on OpenSea’s Discord channel.

OpenSea CEO Devin FinzerOpenSea’s Message Regarding The Hack

“We are presently researching a possible vulnerability in our Discord; please do not click on any links in the Discord,” OpenSea tweeted on Friday. Meanwhile, identical remarks have been made by the support team on OpenSea’s Discord service. Furthermore, individuals reported this attack in the OpenSea Discord server’s dedicated channel.

OpenSea tweets
OpenSea tweets about the Discord Hack

 Serpent (@serpent), a user from Twitter, was the first to bring this OpenSea Discord hack to light. The Discord security expert revealed pictures of the Discord channel where the OpenSea bot seemed to send links to a URL called “” “YouTube is officially cooperating with [OpenSea] to bring their community into the NFT market,” according to the screenshot.

OpenSea bot posting scam NFT
OpenSea bot posting scam NFT links

 Furthermore, PeckShield security stated that hackers used OpenSea’s Discord community to advertise a fraudulent NFT mint. It also shared images of the same page, warning consumers about a potential assault to steal their private keys.

It is yet unclear whether any users were affected by the assault. Users of OpenSea lost over $1.7 million in a phishing assault earlier this year.

Opensea and Other Major Platforms Investigations

 Recently, two social media breaches targeted the largest NFT collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club. First, a phishing assault infiltrated the BAYC discord server. As a result, its governance token ApeCoin fell by more than 8%. Later that month, BAYC’s Instagram account was also hacked, causing many individuals to lose their NFTs.

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