How To Find NFT Projects Early : Top Ways To Find NFTs Before Minting 2023!!

Searching for ways to find NFT projects before minting in 2023? Our quick guide on “How to Find NFT Projects early” helps to maximize your returns from NFT investments !!

Wondering how some NFT buffs make jaw-dropping profits from token flipping? Is it pure luck or their uncanny ability to detect great NFT projects before others? While luck matters, the massive gains made by early adopters of successful projects like Cryptopunks, Bored Apes, etc., bear testimony to the betimes identification of good projects to earn supernormal profits.

However, the mushrooming token art space has made it increasingly strenuous to spot attractive NFT projects early. Moreover, investing in bad projects may lead to insurmountable losses. Thus, we have listed some ways to track gainful projects before their public launch.

Ten Ways To Discover Profitable NFT Projects Early In 2023

How To Find Nft Projects Early : Top Ways To Find NFTs Before Minting

1) NFT Project Research – Find Minting Projects Early. 

Doing detailed NFT project research helps recognize excellent NFT projects before their official minting stage. The best place to commence your early study is the project’s official website. A potentially profitable project’s site would cover the following:

  • The project’s description, backstory, vision, mission, creators, artists, and roadmap.
  • Community tools.
  • Token distribution system.
  • Member benefits.
  • Access rights to collection galleries, member-only virtual spaces, etc.
  • Provenance records.
  • Project terms and conditions.
  • Privacy policy
  • Governance and voting frameworks
  • Links to the project’s social media handles and underlying smart contracts.
  • Important announcements on tech upgrades, derivative works, marketplace listing, presales, auctions, etc. 

2) NFT Project Roadmap Analysis

A robust roadmap with long-term action plans is at the heart of every successful project. Moreover, a well-chalked-out roadmap boosts investor confidence, pushing up the demand for the NFT series. Besides, top projects continually roll out new features, related collections, tech migrations, etc., to foster community growth and sustainability. Thus, studying project roadmaps helps to identify potential NFT projects early. 

Usually, a project roadmap includes the following:

  • NFT drops information – drop date, time, and minting price
  • Upcoming events
  • NFT rarity tiers
  • Merch releases
  • DAO information. 
  • Exclusive perks and rewards
  • Free giveaways/airdrops.
  • Add-on, companion, or hybrid NFT launches.
  • Utility tokens for yield farming.
  • NFT storefronts.
  • Metaverse and NFT gaming-compatible 3D models, in-game utilities, etc.

3) Twitter: Best Platform For Following & Shortlisting Early NFT Projects!

Twitter: Best Platform For Following & Shortlisting Early NFT Projects!

Twitter is the go-to platform to find everything about a new NFT project at the beginning/early stage. As it is the most sought-after social networking and digital advertising platform, many NFT projects, and web artists, market their creations and collections on Twitter. Usually, the larger the fan base of a project’s creators, the greater the project’s credibility and perceived value. Consequently, a project’s follower base increases, further hyping its value.

Moreover, Twitter permits external link sharing. Thus, most NFT projects’ Twitter profiles contain links to their websites, Discord servers, Medium blogs, and other social media pages. Furthermore, important updates, drop schedules, and roadmaps are posted on Twitter.

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4) Nansen: AI-Enabled Blockchain Analytics App To Identify Fantastic NFT Projects Early

Nansen is an AI-enabled blockchain analytics application for Ethereum. It augments on-chain metrics with easy-to-remember wallet labels.  Nansen helps users find new investment avenues, conduct due diligence and set up personalized notifications to safeguard their portfolio positions. 

Moreover, Nansen traces notable wallets’ on-chain behavior, activity, and transactions to the most granular level. Dissecting the whale wallet movements helps you identify fantastic NFT projects early. Usually, the higher the diversion of prominent wallet funds towards a particular project, the higher is the project’s estimated profitability

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5) Discord: Best Community Tool For Finding Early NFT Drops 

Discord Best Community Tool For Finding Early NFT Drops 

The success of an NFT project is commensurate with the power of its community. The larger the community, the greater the community strength. Thus, a thriving community is a tell-tale sign of a great NFT project. 

Discord is the highest-ranked invite-only app for community building. Thus, many NFT projects have Discord accounts for nurturing community participation and growth. The higher a project’s community engagement on Discord, the greater its profit potential and trustworthiness. Moreover, early project-related information like drops, whitelisted wallets, Dev updates, etc., are shared on Discord.

6) OpenSea: NFT MarketPlace For Finding New NFT Projects

OpenSea NFT MarketPlace For Finding New NFT Projects

OpenSea – the biggest NFT emporium, ranks projects on Ethereum, Klaytn, and Polygon based on trading volumes. It also displays each project’s floor price, the number of unique owners, and the total items in the collection. 

Similarly, the OpenSea activity tab displays live sales of individual NFTs, with the most recent sale featured on top. Monitor the sales activity of a specific project by choosing the relevant filter to view the resale frequency and last sales price of individual tokens in the series. Usually, high-profile projects have ascending all-time average price and sales graphs

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7) NFT Calendar Websites Online

A pioneer in publishing marketplace-wise drop calendars featuring Newest, past, ongoing, and upcoming NFT releases, NFT Calendar is a top website for finding exciting NFT projects early. It promotes NFTs hosted on multiple blockchains like WAX, Solana, Ethereum, etc. 

Generally, NFT drops with a verified badge come from the stables of branded artists and are considered more reliable than unverified drops. Hence, the higher demand and build-up for verified projects pump-up their perceived valuations. Subscribe to the NFT Calendar email newsletter to grab lucrative NFT collections early.

8) Rarity. tools : Great Tool For Evaluating NFT Rarity For New Projects.

An NFT’s rarity is the prime determinant of its market rate. The higher the rarity of a generative art token or collectible, the greater its resale value and subsequent profit potential. is a top-notch tool for computing the rarity score of a given NFT. It arranges every collection in descending order of rarity scores meaning the NFT with the highest rarity score will be ranked #1 and so on. add up trait-wise rarity scores to calculate an NFT’s aggregate rarity score. Moreover, it facilitates relative analysis of individual tokens belonging to the same collection. Check the rarities of “just-arrived” projects on to estimate their future return-generation potential.

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9) RyzenNFT: FInd Solana And Ethereum-Based Upcoming Projects Early.

RyzenNFT is a google chrome extension encompassing unique tools for discovering Ethereum and Solana-based Upcoming projects early. It directly links you to drop detector websites with a time countdown. 

Moreover, RyzenNFT’s gas fee prediction and preset functionalities help set a gas ceiling price and identify astounding NFT projects. Usually, the bigger the NFT drop, the greater the gas wars will be. The contract sniper functionality helps identify undervalued NFTs and swiftly buy them during live minting, while the in-built rarity sniffer enables you to calculate NFT rarities and rankings directly on OpenSea. Thus, RyzenNFT is a complete NFT analytics package to find great NFT projects at the pre-launch stages. 

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10) Icy.Tools : NFT Tracking And Analytics Rool For Finding Early NFT Minting Projects

Icy. tools is an NFT tracking and analytics tool that helps you catch valuable NFT projects early. It shows real-time mints, hottest collections, market patterns, and NFT metrics like floor prices, volumes traded, and transaction history. 

Besides, it enables users to time their entries and exits by analyzing whale wallet activities, sales trends, price charts, token rarity, on-chain data, curated feeds, and custom alerts. Moreover, the development team constantly builds innovative NFT alpha toolkits to enrich data feeds, token analytics, and NFT market watchlists.

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Which Is The Top Strategy To Identify High Profile NFT Projects Early?

No single strategy will help uncover High ROI NFT projects early. Analyzing the project’s website, Twitter, and Discord is imperative. But, you must also explore the other techniques before undertaking NFT investments. However, Nansen and Icy. tool requires users to pay a nominal fee to unlock their premium features. RyzenNFT is expensive and sold as an NFT, but you can profit by reselling it. Other platforms to evaluate early NFT projects are Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, and Telegram

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