Zipcys SuperNormal NFT Launch » Drop Details and Public Mint Price !

The Zipcy’s SuperNormal NFT consists of 8,888 Generative NFTs that will live on the ethereum blockchain. The collection aims to elicit the viewer’s interpretation of the art via the personification of each artwork and the characteristics that differentiate each.

The SuperNormal NFT Discord Community has been blowing up with more than 98k members, and the project is backed by one of the best teams in the NFT space. A few of the names are Andrew Choi, Tech-Lead at Coinbase & Co-Founder at Risu, NiftyMiki, an NFT influencer & Co-Founder at Risu and //pr0xy who are the NFT development team behind Mad Rabbits Riot Club.

Zipcys Supernormal NFT Drop


The Zipcy’s SuperNormal NFT Roadmap :

Zipcy’s Metaverse :

  • The team will be acquiring and building an exclusive estate in Decentraland, where exclusive parties and events will be hosted and releasing wearable apparel within the Metaverse.

SuperNormal Fashion Game :

  • The game will feature a new line of SuperNormal NFTs and have a total collection of 20,000 mints. A broader range of qualities will be introduced, which will be far more creative and adaptable than those before.

Airdrops and Rewards :

  • Exclusive Giveaways and rewards to SuperNormal NFT holders will be given.

SuperNormal NFT Merchandise :

  • SuperNormal merchandise will be introduced, ranging from streetwear to signed posters which will only be available to SuperNormal NFT holders. The Merch will have a high level of similarity with comparable goods in the Metaverse.

Collabs and Charities :

  • Collaborations with renowned artists such as @pussyrrriot, @jfemiki, @LisaODT, @dielamaharanie, @nftfat, @vexxxxa, and many more.
  • Following the launch, 50% of the sales will be donated to various women’s organisations, and 50% of the earnings from the Supernormal NFT community funds will be used to onboard new and beautiful artists from Asia, as well as more women to the NFT space by funding their mint fees.

Launch Date

January 28,2022 – February 10,2022

Unit Price



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Zipcy’s SuperNormal NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Zipcy’s SuperNormal NFT Price will be 0.1 ETH, and its mint date is January, 28th 2022. The users who want to check out the official Marketplace can head over to Zipcys Supernormal NFT Opensea.

How To Mint :

The users will be able to mint the NFTs through the project’s official website during the public sale.

  • Users will need enough ETH in their Metamask wallet to mint. 
  • Go to the official website
  • Click on “Connect Wallet”
  • Select the amount to mint
  • Click on “Mint”
  • Confirm in MetaMask, and you will be good to go.


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