WonderPals NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.08 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



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WonderPals NFT is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that experienced their meet-cute on the Ethereum Blockchain.


February 26, 2022


The WonderPals NFT serve to morph the holders into wonderful pals for each other, by a strong sense of community, creativity, and an eye for art, embedded within their vision and roadmap. Every single one of the WonderPals NFT is a unique 1/1 piece, and the total collection encompasses over 200+ traits, thus contributing to the rarity of the project.

This article strives to understand WonderPals NFT team’s goals, and how they tie up to the NFT space as a whole. Everything from sales to the WonderPals NFT mint price shall be covered in this article. Read along to gain maximum insight!

A Brief Overview Of The WonderPals NFT Project

WonderPals NFT items9,999
WonderPals NFT Floor price0.034 ETH
WonderPals NFT Volume Traded13.8K ETH

Details From The WonderPals NFT Project


WonderPals NFTs are cute bears that exist in all colors, floral patterns, and a variety of traits that makes them rare. These traits range from caps to bespeckled bears, to comically woven sweaters, and pulpy backgrounds!

According to their official website, their true utility is to provide the holders of the WonderPals NFTs with fun and dainty piece of art, and along with that, welcoming access to a tightly laced community. This WonderPals NFT community shall then garner opportunities shaping as giveaways, contests, and drops from more NFT collections, and that is just the beginning of the delicacies it shall offer in its roadmap.

The team’s vision is to bring the world closer together with the help of every WonderPals NFT and create a community of holders that believe in a sense of collaboration, creativity, and art.

WonderPals NFT Public Sale/ Drop Date. 

The WonderPals NFT collection took to the Blockchain, with its vivacious public sale/drop on 26th February 2022. The official details for the launch were announced before the launch date on their website and the WonderPals NFT discord server. On March 1st, 2022, 3 days after the launch, the entire collection was sold out.

WonderPals NFT Mint Price At The Time Of The Launch

All of the WonderPals NFT (10,000 of them) were put forth as supply on February 26th, the WonderPals NFT mint price was decided as 0.08 ETH + gas fees by the team.

The Official Wondermap RoadMap, The Key To A Wonderful Future!

The roadmap for the WonderPals NFT project is regarded as the Wondermap, by their community. The very first smear in the right direction towards a successful roadmap is the decision to constantly evolve the WonderPals brand and diversify the community. This brand shall eventually feature an E-commerce store focused on the gifting industry. To make waves in the gifting crypto industry, a collection of products from apparel to stickers, to plushies, are to be launched.

One of the most significant developments in their roadmap is their future collabs collection. This NFT collection entails a healthy collaboration between various NFT projects and the WonderPals NFT team and a showcase of global talents from art.

Most of the ideas for the evolution of the community are yet to be revealed, as of 2nd March 2022. These ideas come from the suffused discussion by their community on their very own discord.

WonderPals NFT Rarity

The WonderPals NFT rarity is segmented with extremely rare 1/1’s, mouth caricatures, different bodysuits, pretty backdrops, Polkadot for eyes, and more! The rarity is ranged from 0.01% gold and starry WonderPals to 40% chances of scoring a sunlit background. This rarity contributes to building different roles in the community.

Everything From Sales To Statistics Explained!

The WonderPals NFT Current Price

As of Jan 07, 2024, the WonderPals NFT floor price ranged around 0.034 ETH.

WonderPals NFT Total Volume Traded

The total volume traded as of Jan 07, 2024, is 13,821 ETH. Most of the sales came from the first day of their release.

The Price Prediction For The WonderPals NFT

Upon reviewing the WonderPals NFT OpenSea page, the statistics were rendered clear. Thus, the WonderPals NFT price prediction dictates that it shall steadily rise within the weeks to come from March. Since the discord for the community was recently relaunched due to security reasons, it has seen major traction in March of 2022. This the price for WonderPals NFT is expected to rise further

How To Buy WonderPals NFT? 

Their minting was done on the website but as of 2nd March, all the NFTs are listed on the OpenSea page for being traded. You can verify your wallet and buy from there!

For the WonderPals NFT team, ideas are still being flushed out as March caves out. Thus, this project brings great value to the NFT community as a whole by promoting active feedback and the exchange of ideas for the ever-evolving roadmap.