Women 404 Ukraine NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.8 SOL

Collection Count: 404 Item



Website: Link




The Women 404 Ukraine NFT is an exclusive and limited hand-drawn collection of 404 NFTs on Solana to support Ukraine women refugees. Russia’s assault on Ukraine is a battle of women in many respects.


June 05, 2022


Because most women do not fight on the battlefield, their combat experiences are no less traumatic than those of male soldiers. The majority of the 5 million Ukrainian refugees are women, children, and the elderly who have left their husbands, sons, and brothers behind to fight for their country.

Even if Ukrainian women find sanctuary, they will have difficulty obtaining decent work, which is an international legal word that refers to safe and equitable working conditions. With this effort, the team hopes to show all Ukrainian women refugees that they are not forgotten or lost. Every lady in this collection is one-of-a-kind, pure, and powerful. According to the smart contract, a portion of the proceeds from collection minting and royalty fees from secondary sales will be donated to the Ukraine charitable group Palyanitsia.

The Women 404 Ukraine NFT work’s design portrays the refinement and attractiveness of the females living on Ukrainian land. The project painters hand-draw each of the qualities, from the hair to the eyes, with caution and attention to express the collection’s beauty. The collection’s unique design and the sentiments engaged in it demonstrate the people’s longing for liberty and the end of suffering.

Women 404 Ukraine NFT

Bubble Buddies NFT Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Launch the official Women 404 Ukraine NFT website, Twitter, and Discord server to begin building a strong crypto community of NFT enthusiasts and investors that want to help Ukraine’s female refugees and invest in special and limited collections with high floor prices.
  • Grow and strengthen the community through Discord and Twitter collaborations and giveaways.
  • The team will donate 10% of the proceeds from public and WL mints, as well as 1% of royalty fees, to the Ukraine charity project Palianytsia.

Phase 2

  • Reward members for their contributions to the Women 404 Ukraine NFT community with whitelists and unique responsibilities in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards.
  • Collaborate with the world’s leading communities, greatest advisors, and influencers to raise brand recognition, form collaborations, and expand organically.
  • When the mint day arrives, the team will launch the minting process. Launch whitelist mint first for whitelist members, then public Mint.
  • The team will create a staking pool for the NFT collection.

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Phase 3

  • Just after the collection is sold out, the Women 404 Ukraine NFT team will list it on Magic Eden, the largest Solana #1 marketplace. Later, the team will list the items on Solanart, Solsea, and other Solana markets.
  • The team will launch a personal marketplace where holders may list NFT from the collection for the lowest 1% cost.
  • The team has launched a personal sale notifications service to follow all sales for its collection!
  • The team has constructed its DAO and private chat for holders and will invest in its future projects jointly.
  • The team will create tokens and send airdrop for holders.
  • The team will launch the project in Metaverse.

Bubble Buddies NFT Mint Price And Details

The Women 404 Ukraine NFT Mint Price will be 0.8 SOL for its public Mint and 0.6 SOL for its whitelist sale. The public Mint will begin on June 5th, and the pre-sale will begin 5 hours before on the same date. You will be able to mint straight from the Women 404 Ukraine Website on the day of the Mint by linking your Solana wallet.

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