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Win NFT Horse based on the Tron blockchain is a one-step solution to find your answers to DeFi. This revolutionary platform promotes synergy between NFT, blockchain technology, and DeFi. With more than 47660 Win NFT Horse NFT in total sales, this platform by GameFi introduces a play-to-win and play-to-earn model that encourages NFT holders to invest.


December 25, 2021


Win NFT Horse » Updated Floor Price, Volume & Rarity Details !

With a unique economic system, Win NFT Horse is a great catch for NFT holders looking for a minimal risk investment. Check out Win NFT Horse rarity, roadmap, quick analysis, and mint price as we move forward with the article.

Win NFT Horse NFT Quick Overview

Win NFT Horse items 34878
Win NFT Horse Total Sales 64498
Win NFT Horse  Floor priceT2450 $TRX or 0.40 $BNB
Win NFT Horse Volume Traded 16,89,5487.1 USD

What Is Win NFT Horse? – In-Depth Analysis

Win NFT Horse Mint Price

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GameFi, with its innovative idea, is revolutionizing the gaming industry. Win NFT Horse is an interactive platform for NFT holders to nurture their horse and earn rewards in the game to unleash better endurance, balance, burst, and speed.

Speaking of the Win NFT Horse gameplay, it introduces users to a world full of thrill and unlimited gaming experiences. The ecosystem focuses on interacting via different emotions like love and competition.

As a person enters the Win NFT Horse ecosystem, overwhelming features like breeding, challenge, and arena are unlocked. Win NFT Horse, as an open-source gaming platform, introduces both computer and human interaction via the different gameplays.

Win NFT Horse gameplay unleashes four different modes – Challenge, Match, Duel (3v3 PVP), and Arena. While Challenge brings in computer interaction, it is an innovative way for users to upgrade their horse and earn rewards in the form of $WIN and $NFT. Similarly, Match, Duel, and Arena release the horse in the real world to compete with each other. While Match and Duel are free of a registration fee, Arena charges the same.

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Win NFT Horse: When Was The Public Sale? 

While Win NFT Horse’s mint date for Tron Network was 6th December 2021, the public mint date for Binance was 25th December 2021. For NFT availability, the game is playable on both Tron and Binance networks.

All the gameplay-related important dates will be available under the calendar section on Win NFT Horse’s official website.

Win NFT Horse Mint Price

With high enthusiasm in the market, the Win NFT Horsemint price stood at 0.019 $BNB during its launch. Similarly, 10000 NFTs were introduced within the collection for holders to claim.

Win NFT Horse Quick Roadmap Analysis

GameFi, in collaboration with APENFT and Tron, is unveiling the true value of the digitalized token. This revolutionary move is to bring an alteration in the traditional gaming patterns. The conversion from pay-to-play model to play-to-earn model provides back to the society and adds users to the TRON blockchain.

While NFT holders can upgrade their horse’s skill by entering into challenges, breeding provides NFT holders a special trait that maximizes the Win NFT Horse rarity. As per the game, a horse is allowed to breed 7 times. During the breeding process, the foal will adopt attributes from the parent horse.

With so many features in place, Win NFT Horse unveils a marketplace for breeders to sell their horse and earn more $NFT and $WIN in the game. Both $NFT and $WIN act as Win NFT Horse tokens and are thus, not redeemable in a personal account. However, these Win NFT Horse tokens can be used to make in-game purchases that improve your NFT’s attributes.

For better understanding, one must segregate the Win NFT Horse into two marketplaces (Player’s and Horse’s) as the game moves forward to decentralize the financial system existing in the gaming industry.

As more players interact in the ecosystem via the marketplace, tournaments, Win NFT Horse breeding, and exchange, a player-to-player economy will frame out, crushing the traditional in-app purchase financing models. Therefore, the economic value of the horse will increase as it moves down to future generations.

Win NFT Horse Rarity Check

With limited Win NFT Horse NFTs during the launch, the number of participants remains restricted. With Win NFT Horse breeding, as more foals turn into stallions, they become tradable in the horse marketplace, which is available to restricted participants.

To uphold Win NFT Horse rarity, the developers have introduced 12 different classes with different skill types and levels. Apart from it, as an NFT holder increases the Rarity level via challenges, several attributes like speed, endurance, burst, and balance are maximized. Apart from it, gender and color differentiation are some of the other rarity traits available for the NFT collection.

Win NFT Horse Sales Volume Traded & Stats

How To Buy Win NFT Horse

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As of 14th January 2024, Win NFT Horse floor price stands at 2450 $TRX or 0.4 $BNB. Apart from it, the total sales on both platforms stand at 64498, with the total sales volume being 16.8mn USD (approximately).

Win NFT Horse Price Prediction

Since the launch of Win NFT Horse, we have only seen a rise in the floor price. The Win NFT Horse Binance platform unleashed 10000 NFTs, and the participants are limited to the same. With more players in the gaming world, the $TRX value increases by providing value to NFT holders. This the price predictions for Win NFT Horse are to the higher end for the coming phase of 2022.

How To Buy Win NFT Horse?

The Win NFT Horse is based on Binance and TRON blockchain and, therefore, will be available on the same. However, the developers have made the purchase easy by listing both the marketplace on their official website itself.

  • Visit Win NFT Horse’s official site at
  • Look for Marketplace on the homepage and select the marketplace you wish to buy from.
  • Based on the available traits, select your favorite NFT.
  • Use Connect Wallet to buy the digitized token. While this token is usable in the Win NFT Horse metaverse, one can even showcase the same in their crypto wallet.

As of 14th January 2024, there are 668 and 268 horses available on TRON and Binance marketplace, respectively. Therefore, Connect Your Wallet and nurture your horse to be a part of the metaverse.


After receiving a huge success on Axie Infinity, GameFi planned to list Win NFT Horse on TRON and Binance marketplace. The phenomenal concept behind Win NFT Horse combines NFTs and DeFi, which is a one-in-a-kind experience.

People in love with horses will find their humble spot as users get to nurture, breed, and upgrade their stallion as they participate in more events. Well, if you missed out on the previous collection, hop on and be part of the Win NFT Horse metaverse! (c)