Wild West Verse NFT


Public Sale Price: 1 SOL

Collection Count: 2,000 Item



Website: Link




The Wild West Verse NFT is a blockchain-based multiplayer P2E Strategic Card Game with a limited edition of 2,000 Cowgirl NFTs. Gamers will access the game through the Solana address, where they keep their NFTs. Each NFT Collection will be a Hero, and the Heroes will battle each other. With your NFT, take your position on the battlefield.


March 08, 2022


The Wild West Verse NFTs will function as user profiles, and people will join the game using the wallets in which they keep their WWV NFTs. Game records like wins, losses, and accomplishments will be stored on the blockchain for the NFT rather than the address. If players sell the NFTs with which they play the game, all of their achievements and records will be transferred to the buyer.

Each NFT is a Hero in Wild West Verse Game. Heroes will fight against each other on the battlefield. Each hero will have a special power, strength, and weakness. Game mechanics will be designed according to these features. This is a play-to-earn game; gamers will receive $WWV rewards based on their achievements. They can trade on the market, buy new playable cards, stake to earn more $WWV, and use it on exclusive WWV events such as lotteries and auctions.

Wild West Verse NFT Staking Benefits 

  • You can start earning $WWV Token by staking your WWV NFT. You can collect your rewards at any time and withdraw them from your wallet.
  • Users can also participate in the WWV Lottery and the WWV Auction, stake their $WWV Token or sell it on the market with the stakes they earn.
  • $WWV Token will be able to use in-game purchases.

If the NFT you stake is rarer, you will get more rewards. You can check the rank of your NFT that you hold from official the website.

The Wild West Verse NFT Roadmap :

Wild West Verse NFT Drop

Phase 1 :

  • Releasing the Wild West Verse NFT money. This Token will be the basis for all payments.
  • Trading will begin as soon as minting is completed. On the day of the minting, secondary markets will be announced. The rarity chart will be available on the official website and Discord channels.
  • All Wild West Verse NFT holders will be accepted into the WildWestVerse Universe. The holders will be validated to participate in the DAO. Without DAO permission, no decision will be taken. All decisions will be decided by DAO members by a vote.

Phase 2 :

  • WildWest Market will be launched which will sell genuine items such as (T-shirt/Sweatshirt/Shoe/Hat and more). All payments will be made using the WildWestVerse Tokens.
  • The WildWestVerse NFT card game development details will be decided, and the universe will start to be developed. Wild West Verse game will be a P2E strategic card game.

Phase 3 :

  • The Launch of a basic version of the game, testing by game developers, and fixing the bugs.
  • People can access and play an unfinished game.
  • Finished version of the game in case of coding but still unfinished for the final Launch. This will be the feedback period from holders.
  • The official release of the Wild West Verse NFT game. All NFT holders will be able to participate.

The Wild West Verse NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The WildWestVerse NFT price will be 1 SOL, and the public mint will start on 8th March, and the pre-mint sale will also begin on the same date, but its sale price will be 0.8 SOL. There’s no limit to how many NFTs you can mint per wallet, and you will be able to mint a Cowgirl directly from the official website.

You will need to connect your wallet to the website on Mint Day, and for that, you will need a Solana wallet. To know more about the project and join it, you can join the official Wild West Verse NFT Discord or Twitter channels.

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