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The Wild Cub Society are a limited edition collection of 7,777 unique cub NFT cloned from 7 legendary cub species of which 31% are female and 69% are males. These will be stored on the Etheruem Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens, these are all algorithmically generated by python algorithm and will be hosted on IPFS. The Society’s aim is to make use of these NFT in order to raise peoples awareness towards animal conservation and also to take active part in it.

Each and every Wild Cub NFT will have different unique features and there will be a total of three categories of Wild Cubs namely: Common ones, Rare, and Super Rare.


The Wild Cub Society NFT Features :

Community is the most important thing and by owning a Cub you will not only be part of the Cub community and have a stylish companion … you will also be able to take part in the feeding and breeding games. There will be no other way to enter games than to own at least one cub. Through this game, you will earn unique and important rewards!

Feeding Game :

First, in order to participate to future breeding game, your cub will have to be fed or get a special Viagra portion.The game has been strategically planned: a limited amount of food will be airdropped to holders (a little more supply will be available to purchase on the food market). Once your Cub is fed and full of energy, it’s time to enter the game. Each Cub owner that participate to the feeding game will be rewarded. The more food you will give to your cub, the higher rewards will be (notably native token).

Breeding Game :

Don’t forget, your cub will have to be fed before being able to participate to the breeding game!

There will be two ways to participate :

  • Breed two of your own Cubs together, or
  • Match a cub on future Tinder App and try to breed. You will need token to swipe and match!

Breeding will only be possible between a female and a male. It may occur once every week. This methodology and time frame will be depending on the market and might change over time. Rarities of your cub will also impact the percentage of success to breed. (breeding is not guaranty)

Result of the Breeding Game :

  • One new NFT cub for each breeder and new cub inherits random traits from its parents. The “baby” cub will be a brand-new collection that depicts on original cub child. This new collection will not dilute the first one, it will be a catalyst of interests on the main one and a complementary way to be part of the cub family.
  • Once a month, 3 random holders that have successfully bred will be further rewarded.

Whats Next :

One of the communities ultimate goal is to enter the Metaverse. The community wants to develop an incredible ecosystem for all the owners and beyond, with a Play-to-Earn game in which the better you protect your Meta Cub, the more you’ll be rewarded and, in the meantime you can also participate in saving the endangered species in the real life with the communities charity partners.

The Wild Cub Society NFT

The Wild Cub Society NFT Roadmap :

At 0%

  • All the cubs will be freed from their respective capsules per phases and there will be special giveaways for the early cub holders.

At 30%

  • 20% straight to charity partners where you can also contribute to make a positive impact on animal conservation!
  • Special giveaways

At 50%

  • Giveaways #**Safari (you will pick the destination!!)
  •  Giveaways #ETH
  •  Airdrops #NFT

At 80%

  • Start of the feeding game: airdrop to 1x free NFT if enough feeded!!
  • Exclusive merchandise launched – Limited edition of sick high-quality French Made shirts/hoodies (negative footprint)
  • 3D Eco fiber model to random cubs

At 100%

  • Second donation to charity partners
  • Special collaborations with reputed artists (Rewards)
  • Giveaways #ETH
  • Parties, Metaverse and Physical exhibitions


Roadmap 2.0 :

  • Development of the communties Mobile App: Each cub is your ticket to the App
  • Connect 2 cubs of the same species or try to meet your partner in the #Tinder room to have access to the Breeding game. Evolve and play with the community!
  • Cubs charity vote: you will be able to pick together the future charities
  • Cubs rarity data added to rarity.tools
  • OpenSea Verification
  • Collaborations with other NFT projects, artists, and influencers


The Wild Cub Society NFT Mission Statement :

The community will be willing to develop an ecosystem by taking the best of Art, NFT, Gaming & Charity! The main goal is to create value for community and contribute to animal conservation! 20% will be directly donated to the charity partner. The main vision is therefore to develop an ecosystem in which every time you adopt one of your favourite Cub, you are investing in an NFT with strong potential and rewards, along with contributing to animal conservation and participating in the democratization of NFT. The members can have fun by participating in future feeding, breeding and play-to-earn games By bringing a strong community together, sharing the same values and objectives,everyone can have an  positive impact while having fun.

Launch Date

January 16,2022 – January 31,2022

Unit Price



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The Wild Cub Society NFT Drop/ Launch Date – Mint Details

The Pre-sale price of Wild Cub Society NFT Drop will be 0.08 ETH, and the price for the public mint is also 0.08 ETH. Dates for both pre-sale and public sales are 16th January 2022

How to Mint :
  • Fund your wallet, like Metamask, with ETH through an exchange like Coinbase, Gemini, or Binance.
  • Go to the minting page on official website (at the launch!) and connect your wallet via Metamask
  • Click The Mint Button and Approve cost + gas fees for the transaction

You will be able to see your Cub that you have just minted on OpenSea, and also discover the other Cubs of the collection!

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