Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT

Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT


Public Sale Price: 1

Collection Count: 3,666 Item



Website: Link




Join the Exciting new Project of wicked frogs asylum as they step into the metaverse; members can win exclusive prizes and giveaways like x 10 WFA Whitelist, one free NFT, 1,000 MV Coins, 5 WL spots, and much more.

 MINT DATE: March 11, 2022


Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT Drop Details And Mint Price !

Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT is a collection of 3,666 unique frog-themed NFTs which are stored on the Solana Blockchain. This is only the beginning; numerous utilities for Holders will be released in the near future. The Asylum Tapes, for example, allows you to discover more about what transpired at the Asylum and generate a new Frog Rebel NFT.

The Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT Collection contains 70 characteristics in total, which are all classified into different tiers based on how frequently they appear, percent-wise, and all of the traits themselves may be viewed via the website trait picker/scroller.

After minting, you’ll be able to utilize the built-in rarity bot in the Discord channel to see how your Wicked Frog NFTs stack up against the rest of the collection.

Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT Roadmap :

Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT

Phase 1 :

  • Twitter, Instagram TikTok Pages
  • Giveaways for the Community
  • Fun Memes & Teasers
  • Central Place to connect with all the Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT Community.
  • Opportunity to get Whitelisted
  • Announce Post-Mint Utilities and roadmap
  • Provide the Community with Teasers

Phase 2 :

  • Check all NFT Traits + Rarity
  • General Info About The Project
  • Releasing more Whitelist Spots
  • Verify as listing on MagicEden
  • Enable re-sell properties and Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT Roadmap improvements.

Phase 3 :

  • Holders of SOL Eyes get 3 Free SOL.
  • Holders of PS5 Items get a Free PS5
  • After the sellout, the team will donate $10k to a charity.
  • The Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT Community chooses the Charity.
  • If necessary, the team will sweep the Floors to allow non-paper-handed community members to obtain a Frog NFT.

Phase 4 :

  • Asylum Tapes will be Airdropped to 3 plus Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT Holders randomly.
  • With an Asylum Tape NFT, you can mutate your Wicked Frog to unleash the rebel and gain an entirely new NFT.
  • Allow easy mutation of Wicked Frogs.
  • The team will be aiming to list collections on secondary marketplaces such as MagicEden (Frog Rebels + Asylum Tapes).

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Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT price will be 1 SOL, and the public mint will start on 11th March. The WL sale will also begin on the same day, and its mint price will be 0.8 SOL. There’s no limit as to how many NFTs you can mint per Wallet. You can join the official Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT Discord or Twitter channels to know more about the Project.

How To Mint Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT:

  • Set up Solana wallet (Phantom Wallet).
  • Buy & Deposit SOL into your phantom Wallet
  • After transferring the SOL to your Wallet, you are set up to purchase your NFTs. Once the Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT public sale goes live, all you have to do is click on the mint button on the official website, and it will take you to a transaction page where you can mint.
  • If everything works out, your Wicked Frogs Asylum NFT should appear in your Wallet within a few minutes.

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