White Rabbit NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.06 ETH

Collection Count: 8,765 Item



Website: Link




The White Rabbit NFT are a collection of 8,765 unique metaverse character NFTs. This project is being done by many entrepreneurs and artists who have successfully launched businesses such as MyZone Media, AM2 Studio, and MyZone Tickets, an event ticketing company.


January 19, 2022


GATE is the metaverse company that will be formed following the White Rabbit NFT. In collaboration with the community, GATE creates the Metaverse’s building blocks – a set of NFT projects with integrated value centred on gaming, artwork, culture, charities, and pleasure.

White Rabbit NFT Value :

Imagine investing in Disney back in the day by minting a Mickey Mouse NFT! The value of the NFT is in the transfer of commercial rights as the community constructs and evolves the White Rabbit NFTs as a character. Holders of the White Rabbit NFT can use the NFT’s intellectual assets to create games, animated shows, sell clothes, or in any other way they can think of.

White Rabbit NFT Utility :

White Rabbit NFT Project

White Rabbit NFT, as a utility token, lets the owner partake in the value created as we grow the GATE ecosystem. Owners of the White Rabbit NFT can engage in private platforms to make decisions and communicate with the community directly. They can also vote on how community money is used, and gain access to whitelists, discounted pre-sale, partnership bonuses, airdrops, and much more. Opportunities to earn value will evolve as we evolve the ecosystem together.

White Rabbit NFT Roadmap :

At 10% Sold :

  • Ten White Rabbit NFTs will be raffled off to holders in the days after the launch.

At 25% Sold :

  • Five lucky winners will build 1-on-1 White Rabbit NFT with the project’s Chief Art Director.

At 50% Sold :

  • $25K will be donated to charity, and the community votes will decide the charity.

At 75% Sold :

  • GATE’s headquarters will be built on a newly bought Metaverse land, and 20 ETH will be invested in the White Rabbit NFT community fund.

At 100% Sold :

  • The community will be giving away 10 ETH to celebrate the successful launch! The White Rabbit NFT storey unfolds as the Roadmap is activated.

Q1 2022 (Phase 1) :

  • NFT Fund: White Rabbit NFT funds with partial ownership focuses on utilities and long-term here-to-stay initiatives, the finest NFT experts, regular NFT briefings, weekly digests, access to NFT Alpha, collaborations, community voter rights, and more!
  • Pocket Rockets: A P2E White Rabbit NFT game with an adaptive roadmap, beginning with a small game that allows $ORE mining in Stage 1 and progressing to a whole Metaverse with its own money, land, and world-building experience in Stage 4.
  • Dystopia XXI: A community-driven art collection to raise society’s awareness in the twenty-first century.

Q2 2022 (Phase 2) :

  • Nikis Pikis: In this family-friendly White Rabbit NFT project, children create their imagined characters on paper, and then turn them into 3D Metaverse-ready NFTs. Integration of augmented reality smartphone apps, mobile games, and more.
  • Tree Of Life: Auto-evolving trees that develop from seeds in your wallet to fully blossomed generative trees that produce two more seeds as long as they are properly rinsed. Artwork and animation of the highest calibre. For every Tree NFT, the White Rabbit NFT community will plant a tree in real life.

Q3 2022 (Phase 3) :

  • Metabots: A P2E game with novel gameplay and tokenomics. More information will be provided as the whitepaper is finalized and distributed in Q1.
  • Dystopians: Avatars of the White Rabbit NFT collection will be fully rigged, metaverse-ready 3D art. The Dystopia XXI roadmap six metaverse integration continues.

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White Rabbit NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The White Rabbit NFT Mint price will be 0.08 ETH, its launch date is January 19th 2022, and its pre-sale will begin on January 17th 2022, with a Mint price of 0.06 ETH, and you will need to have a mint pass to be able to mint on pre-sale. Instructions on how to get a mint pass are available on the White Rabbit NFT’s official discord channel.

The users can also buy the Mint Pass on the official White Rabbit NFT Opensea, LINK.

How To Mint White Rabbit NFT :

The users must go to the official website and then

  • Click on “Connect To Wallet”
  • In your Metamask, authorize the connection (or another wallet you are using)
  • Select the number of NFTs you want to mint and click Mint. -Authorize the transaction in your Metamask (or other).

If you use Metamask or OpenSea, you will be able to see your White Rabbit NFT in your Metamask mobile wallet. For Opensea, the users will need to access their OpenSea account and log in with their wallet, and then select “Profile.”

It may take some time for OpenSea to refresh your profile’s data. Check your “Activity” page to make sure you’re seeing your NFT there. If you are and it still isn’t showing up on your page, don’t hesitate to contact OpenSea support.