Looking for Solana NFTS? Find the Upcoming Solana NFT Projects of April 2024. Check out the top-performing Solana NFT Drops on Solsea, Solart, and other Solana NFT Marketplaces.

Solana is supporting the new wave of NFTs and Play-to-earn games due to the low gas fee and high transaction speed. Multiple new projects have realized the potential of Solana for building robust and scalable projects that can be developed as the roadmap progresses with the help of the community. Finding the right upcoming Solana NFT projects and drops that come with a good roadmap, utility, development team, and artwork is essential for all NFT enthusiasts.

This article breaks downs some top Rated Solana NFT projects to watch plus analyzes their roadmap, sale, price, number of NFTs, and other aspects for buying NFTS on Solana.

Best Upcoming Solana NFT Projects To Watch In December 2024

Solana-based NFT Projects are increasing every day and offering different types of unique utilities to their holders. There are different Solana NFT projects to watch, but the ones we listed display lucrative potential in the future.

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1) Origin Wars NFT: Best Upcoming Solana Metaverse Project 2024

Origin Wars NFT Best Solana Metaverse Project 2022

With a Doxxed team, Origin Wars NFT offers 7500 NFTs separated into 3 factions called SETH, KAUIL, and KRIP. Moreover, the SETH NFTs were launched on May 4, 2022, at a price of 0.75 SOL for the whitelist and 1 SOL for the public mint. Furthermore, the next two categories called KAUIL will be launched on May 18th, 2022, and the date of KRIP is still to be decided.

The Origin Wars Solana NFT Art depicts different aliens with pop culture, anime plus other well-known character traits. Also, the project has gained over 33,000 followers combined on Twitter, and Discord plus is considered one of the best upcoming NFT Mints on Solana.

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2) Royal Panther Empire: A luxury Solana NFT project For Elite Collectors

Royal Panther Empire A luxury Solana NFT project For Elite Collectors

Launched on May 7, 2022, Royal Panther Empire is ranked as the best upcoming NFT Mints on Solana that contains 2222 NFTs with a mint price of 1.5 SOL. In-real-life utility of the project contains discounts at luxury hotels, bars, and other establishments, access to the best electrical equipment plus other premium rewards.

Also, the holders will get a one-of-a-kind opportunity to obtain physical versions ( sculpture or painting) of their Royal Panther Empire NFT. The project aims to introduce its own Royal Token plus the holders will receive voting rights for making important decisions.

Kevin Cassidy, a digital sculptor plus concept designer based in Wisconsin is the artist behind the project. After working for big names such as Warner Bros and Marvel, Kevin has now used all the experience gained to create high-quality panthers with traits ranging from headgear to clothing and weapons.

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3) AGE of SAM: Upcoming Solana NFT Project For P2E Gamers

AGE of SAM Upcoming Solana Project For P2E Gamers

Inspired by the 2009 movie named Moon, the AGE of SAM is a collection of 4,444 NFTs. Every NFT is a playable avatar in the AGE of SAM’s upcoming Solana NFT games that are play-to-earn. Moreover, the NFT utility includes obtaining the project’s governance token called $SOLARIUM.

These can be acquired by staking the NFT on missions or P2E games to upgrade or craft items, cloning SAMs, or purchasing facilities for the Moonbase. The project was launched on February 16, 2022, and the roadmap includes a dedicated marketplace to use the tokens.

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4) DEGENSOL: Solana NFT Project With Revenue To Holders

DEGENSOL: Solana NFT Project With Revenue To Holders

DEGENSOL is one of the best upcoming NFT Projects on Solana with 4444 NFTs based on the popular Japanese Dragon Ball Universe. Moreover, this Solana-based NFT project is not affiliated with the official manga or the show but offers premium-quality artwork and the option for the holders to earn passive income.

The holders of the DEGENSOL NFT can take part in the casino. Also, the holders will obtain about half of the earnings from the casino plus royalties. Dropping on May 17, 2022, the project will also introduce an SPL token that can be earned by staking the NFT. The roadmap even includes establishing a DAO along with IRL events for holders.

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5) Squid Academy: One Of The Best Solana NFT projects To Watch In 2024

Squid Academy One Of The Best Solana NFT projects To Watch In 2022

Ranking on top in the upcoming Solana NFT Projects list, Squid Academy is a community-driven project that contains 10,456 NFTs that launched on May 17, 2022.

The project only has a public mint with a price of 1 SOL and the holders will obtain access to utilities such as merch, raffle, staking, luxury tours, venture capitalist, 3d Squids, blue-chip stocks, and more. Every NFT is generated by combining over 550 attributes such as background, eyes, and skin. Also, there will be a SQUIDOOSH (game) plus the $SVERSE tokens will be utilized to run the whole ecosystem. 

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6) Dinodawg Kingdom: Solana NFT Project From Oscar-Winning Artist! 

Dinodawg Kingdom Solana NFT Project From Oscar-Winning Artist!

Launched in Feb 2022, Dinodawg Kingdom ranks on top in the upcoming Solana NFT Projects list. This collection is made by Adam Dewhirst, an Oscar-winning VFX artist who has worked in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman.

The original collection sold out in 5 minutes and the new 3D collection will drop on May 15th at Magic Eden. The holders of the NFT will obtain entry for the Dinodawg metaverse to take part in a Battle Royale P2E game with different weapons. $BONE is the native token used by the project plus the staking feature is already live for the holders. Other P2E games ( Mine Runner or Karting) in the future makes it a trending Solana NFT Project to Watch.

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7) Meta Ape Gang: Upcoming Solana NFT Projects of 5,555 2D Characters

Meta Ape Gang Upcoming Solana NFT Projects of 5,555 2D characters

The Meta Ape Gang project tops the upcoming Solana NFT Projects list and contains 5,555 2D characters NFTs created by mixing different features symbolic of luxury, wealth, and a good life. The launch of the collection is scheduled for Saturday 26 March, 7 PM UTC with a mint price of 1.5 SOL, and a limit of 10 per wallet.

Moreover, the project is available at the Magic Eden plus Solanart Marketplace. Holders of the NFT will get free airdrops, special perks for the 2nd generation Meta Ape Gang NFTs, breeding opportunity, metaverse integration plus IRL utilities such as discounts at hotels, tickets, activities, and more.

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8) Solmemes: Upcoming Project On Solana With High-Quality Portraits Of Women

Solmemes Upcoming Project On Solana With High-Quality Portraits Of Women

Launched on 12 March 2022, Solmeme’s is an upcoming collection of 2D, high-quality portraits of women with different traits such as headwear, weapons, clothing, etc. These comic-styled NFTs got priced at 1 SOL each, and the NFT holders can get access to the Solmeme Comics, action figures that are available with props, gears plus weapons, as well as events with guest speakers and contests/prizes. Moreover, the project even aims to offer fun and engaging games as the roadmap activates and has also introduced MemeTV ( curated world-class memes).

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9) Solana Ludo: Upcoming Solana-Based NFT Project Offering SLUDO Tokens And SOL prizes

Solana Ludo Upcoming Solana Based NFT Project Offering SLUDO Tokens And SOL prizes

This upcoming Solana NFT Projects 2022 contains lucrative P2E games that will launch as the roadmap progresses. Launched on the 15th of March 2022, Solana Ludo has a 4 phase roadmap that begins with collabs and giveaways in quarter 1 and 3d gaming characters and playgrounds in quarters 3 and 4. Also, the P2E game will allow you to earn SLUDO Tokens and SOL prizes, along with the option of staking.

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10) Dapper Ape High Society: SOL Upcoming NFT Project With 5,555 Ape-themed NFTs

Dapper Ape High Society SOL Upcoming NFT Project With 5,555 Ape-themed NFTs

Dapper Ape High Society or DAHS is a project that contains 5,555 Ape-themed NFTs. Out of 5,555, about 555 got introduced in the genesis edition that was launched on Feb 19, 2022, and the rest 5,000 B-A-Apes were released in March 2022. The team of DAHS aims to create high-quality video game characters by combining over 100 outfits and 10,000+ accessories. The NFTs are customizable, and users can merge NFTs to outfit their apes however they like.

Moreover, the roadmap includes staking, native token launch, and cross-metaverse compatibility. This upcoming Solana NFT drop has also introduced DAHS Radio for studying and gaming, DAHS Incubator to pitch an idea related to the Blockchain. Also, there are DAHS Scholarships where the team awards laptops every month.

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11) Angrymals: Upcoming Solana NFT Collectibles Inspired By Angry Birds

Angrymals Upcoming Solana NFT Collectibles Inspired By Angry Birds

Inspired by Angry Birds, Angrymals is a free-to-play, player-vs-player game that is fully developed and user-tested. Moreover, the Angrymals upcoming Solana NFT games let you challenge your friends, and the Angrymals NFTs contain a range of weapons to destroy the opponents’ fortress.

Phase 1 of the project introduces the mint of 10,000 Banner NFTs, followed by private plus public fundraise and IDO and token listing plus play-to-earn version release. Also, the team will constantly release new content plus updates such as races and weapons and tournaments where the holders can win big rewards. Angrymals is one of the best upcoming Solana NFT Projects 2024. The game has been in development since 2015 by Sonera Entertainment and is now available on Google Play as well as the App Store.

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12) Meta Valhalla: Upcoming Collection of 5000 Unique Vikings-Themed Solana NFTs

Meta Valhalla Upcoming Collection of 5000 Unique Vikings-Themed Solana NFTs

PixelValhalla is an upcoming collection of 5000 unique Vikings-themed NFTs created randomly by combining traits including clothing, weapons, headgear, and background. The WL mint (1.3 SOL) went live on 22 March 2022, and the public mint (1.5 SOL) began after 6 hours.

The project aims to develop animated episodes of PixelValhalla along with a streaming service for PixelValhalla movies as well as other projects. First Gen NFT holders will get access to DAO along with WL for the second edition of PixelValhalla called the Valkyries. Furthermore, PixelValhalla’s upcoming Solana NFT Projects will include a streaming service with cartoons plus anime, and some percentage of the sales will be given to the holders.

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13) Miners of Mars: Upcoming Solana Based NFT Projects 2024.

Miners of Mars Upcoming Solana Based NFT Projects 2022.

Miners of Mars is a collection of 7000 NFTs hand-drawn by world-known comics artist Aleksa Gajic. Every Miner gets generated algorithmically by mixing more than 120 hand-drawn traits. Also, NFT holders will be able to get special giveaways, and the team aims to collaborate with other collections as the roadmap progresses.

The $gemstone tokenomics will be announced for the ecosystem, and a community wallet called Bank of Mars will be established where holders can vote on how to spend the funds. Also, there will be Airdrops of short animated gif files, and Women of Mars will be introduced later for breeding in this upcoming Solana NFT project for 2024.

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What To Look For In The Best Upcoming Solana NFT projects

What To Look For In The Best Upcoming Solana NFT projects

Any upcoming Solana NFT project that you decide to become a part of should have the resources and knowledge to achieve all the milestones mentioned in their roadmap. Moreover, the roadmap of the project should lead to achieving the ultimate objective of the project such as metaverse integration or p2e games. 

May it be upcoming Solana NFT games or comics, the utility of the Solana project that you choose should also have a dedicated team of professionals who can obtain the said community goals. Apart from the roadmap, it is important to explore the artwork, smart contract as well as discord account to ensure the team is working hard to execute a successful project. 

Because Solana is cheaper compared to Etherium, the projects are much more scalable and have higher growth potential. But, it is also important to check upcoming Solana NFT Projects thoroughly and take part in its community well before the launch to ensure it is legit. 

Where You Can Find The Best Upcoming Solana NFT Projects In 2024?

The best places to find the Upcoming Solana NFT projects are by joining Solana-based communities. Marketplaces and NFT Project calendar sites such as Solsea, Solart, etc provide information about upcoming NFT Mints on Solana such as price, drop date, and other information. Also, rarity.tools and coinmarketcap are also reliable sources for finding upcoming Solana NFT Projects. You can also check Infostor’s NFT Projects Calendar page to stay updated with important NFT drops