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Are you looking for the best upcoming Cardano NFT projects list for 2024? Cardano (ADA) is well-preferred by NFT artists, collectors, and traders due to the low gas fee plus high transaction rate. These features make Cardano perfect for releasing scalable NFT projects plus P2E games. But before starting, it is necessary to know how to find them and what makes a good NFT project.

Below, you will find answers to these questions along with an upcoming Cardano NFT Projects list of the top 7 projects.

What To Look In Upcoming Cardano NFT Projects?

Best Upcoming Cardano NFT Projects 2023

Finding the right upcoming NFT Projects on Cardano can be a hassle. Fortunately, there are a few methods to determine if the project will be successful. It is important to first analyze the artwork and the team behind the project.

Moreover, with the increase in P2E NFT projects, it is important to know their roadmap, tokenomics plus in-game utility. Also, many Cardano projects will include real-life utility and notable giveaways to community members on the roadmap.

Furthermore, a good Cardano NFT project will also have to collaborate with other popular projects. Lastly, check if the team is doxed and if the discord channel is well active plus engaging.

How To Find The Best Upcoming Cardano NFT Projects in 2024?

There are a few online platforms where users can get information about upcoming NFT Projects on Cardano. Platforms such as Appcraver, Rarity. tools and coinmarketcap provide concise information about upcoming New NFT Mints on Cardano along with information such as the drop date, summary, pictures, etc.

Also, many NFT projects will have a second collection released after some time. Therefore, examining the previous sales performance of top Cardano NFT projects marketplaces can help find out lucrative second drops.

1) ArtaCardano Multiverse – Upcoming 3D NFT Solana Project.

ArtaCardano Multiverse - Upcoming 3D NFT Solana Project

ArtaCardano Multiverse is the first collection of the 3D NFT project called ArtaCardano. The ArtaCardano Multiverse gets further categorized into 3 parallel universes (Genesis, Dimidum & Argo) containing 36+ characters, each having 4 rarities. The roadmap includes a merch shop, giving a percentage of royalties to the collectibles holders and other utilities.

Also, the project aims to make an ArtaCardano Multiverse game for holders to battle with their ArtaCardano cards. Currently, the only Genesis series has been dropped, plus the price depends upon the number of NFTs you get and can range between 45 ADA for 1 NFT to 450 ADA for 10 NFTs. Furthermore, the team of ArtaCardano is more active on Discord in terms of engagement with the community and provides them information about the upcoming drops’ future details.

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2) Pheonix Arena NFT: Top Upcoming Cardano NFT Project 2024Pheonix Arena NFT Top Upcoming Cardano NFT 2022



Phoenix Arena is one of the top upcoming Cardano NFT projects 2024 that uses the blockchain to offer a P2E game that currently contains Santa Diver (55 NFTs) and Champion Max ( 3775 NFTs). The NFTs will provide utility in terms of PFPs along with in-game assets. Moreover, the upcoming Cardano NFT games will have Wari tokens to drive the ecosystem that can be earned by battling in the arena.

The NFTs are being dropped in 2024 and the roadmap includes NFT staking, future collaborations, and other utilities. Moreover, only Nami, CC, Yoroi, Daedalus, or Adalite wallets are supported for minting the NFTs that are priced at 60 ADA for 1 NFT to 300 ADA for 6 NFTs.

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3) ROBOROBO: Cardano Based 3D Robot Artwork

The ROBOROBO NFT is a top Cardano NFT project to watch that contains 3D robot artwork and is set in multiple seasons. Season 1 got launched in the Q4 of 2021 with 2500 NFTs, and season 2 is set for launch in 2024, with 4,000 NFTs. Furthermore, the price of a single NFT will be 50 ADA, and the holders will get to play in the future game.

Also, NFT holders will get tokens that can be used to battle, upgrade, or power-ups and increase their NFT’s rank. ROBOROBO’s team will also collaborate with other projects in the future plus drop seasonal limited-edition NFTs.


4) Ada Ninjaz: The First Collection of Aramar Clans 8,888 ADA NFTs

ADA Ninjaz is a popular upcoming Cardano NFT project to watch that contains 3 different clans called Aramar, Daisuke, and Atsuko. The first collection of Aramar clans, 8,888 NFTs, was launched and priced at 50 ADA.

Every NFT will have a certain set of utilities plus involvement in the genre, beats, lyrics, title, vocals, and other elements of the OST. All the profits from the NFTs will be re-invested for finding new artists, promotions, and marketing.

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5) The Cardano Sweet Shop Upcoming Project on ADA

The Cardano Sweet Shop Upcoming Project on ADA

Launching on 4th April, Cardano Sweet Shop is a good upcoming Cardano NFT project 2024 that contains a collection of 2D NFTs. SWEET is the name of the tokens, and the NFT holders will get airdrops, giveaways, and the advantage of playing the Sweet Shop upcoming Cardano NFT games before the public release.

Furthermore, the project will also have a Second NFT drop, and the holders of the genesis NFTs will participate in the project’s development.

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6) Ancient Lands Metaverse Upcoming Cardana Minting Project 2024

Ancient Lands Metaverse Upcoming Cardana Minting Project 2022

The Ancient Humans is one of the best upcoming NFT Projects on Cardano that is P2E and divided into 2 NFT collections: Ancient Humans NFTs and 10,000 pieces of land in the Metaverse. The first land sale was over in February, and the second sale will go live in 2024. Moreover, it has a third-person game where players have to explore, trade and hunt. Also, the holders will be able to participate in physical and virtual events along with giveaways and other activities.

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7) Mad Dog Car Club: Upcoming Cardano Project With 9,999 NFT Collectibles

Mad Dog Car Club Upcoming Cardano Project With 9,999 NFT Collectibles

Priced at 30 ADA, The Mad Dog Car Club is among the best upcoming NFT Projects on Cardano and contains 9,999 NFTs. The NFT holders will access merchandise such as t-shirts and hoodies, and five random holders will get 1,000 ADA after the mint.

The project will also release multiple car collections that can be used with the Mad Dog NFT. Apart from this, the team will also donate funds to the ASCPA, plus the holders will get access to IRL events worldwide.

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Which Is The Best Cardano MarketPlace For Upcoming NFT Projects?

CNFT: Launched in July 2021, CNFT is the first NFT marketplace on Cardano. CNFT charges a 2.5% commission (minimum 1 ADA) on every successful NFT sale. The platform charges a 2% service fee on sale and 1.85 ADA for the transaction fee on listing an NFT.
Tokhun: Originally intended to be a site for upcoming NFT mints on Cardano, Tokhun has now evolved into a full-scale NFT marketplace.

Which Are The Best Wallets For Cardano NFTs?

Some of the popular wallets for storing or buying one of the upcoming Cardano NFT Projects listed above include Daedalus, CCVault, Yoroi, Nami wallet, and GeroWallet.