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Initially regarded as NFTrees NFT, the now widely known- Treeverse NFTs is a project that has aged well. Back in February 2021, NFTrees NFT launched as a pixel-art Project with not more than 420 NFTs, coupled with an ambitious roadmap. Fast forward to 2022, the Treeverse NFT is a full-blown Metaverse Project with 3 compartmentalized NFTs, and their criss-cross helps in the all-around functioning of the Treeverse.

 MINT DATE: February 2nd, 2022


Treeverse NFT Floor Price And Mint Price Know Everything

It’s one of the only Projects to diametrically change their roadmap over time. The official switch from Roadmap 1.0 to Roadmap 2.0, brought along several other batches of NFTs from Timeless NFTs to Treeverse NFT Founder Plots. This article proffers deep insight into the Metaversal plans for Treeverse NFTtrees, and its sales and statistics over a year-long period.

An Overview Of The Plantations In The Treeverse NFT

Treeverse NFT items10.4K
Treeverse NFT Floor price0.889 ETH
Volume Traded16.6K ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 5th Jan 2024)

The Journey To The Treeverse: What Utility Do The NFTrees Hold?

The Journey To The Treeverse What Utility Do The NFTrees Hold

Treeverse NFT consists of 3 families of NFTs:

  • NFTrees NFT
  • Treeverse Plots NFT
  • Timeless Characters NFT

The older one of the bunch is the NFTrees NFT. Now branded as Treeverse NFTrees, these were launched in the wake of the NFT hype in 2021 and were Pixel-art trees that were supposed to be used in a combat-style 2D game, which upon a lot of delays, came to life in July of 2021.

Whence the potential of the Treeverse NFT Universe was realized, their Roadmap was updated to a 3D full-fledged web-based Metaverse with the following cyclic elements:

  • Trees (the original NFTrees)
  • Lands
  • And Characters (the latest development in 2022)

In early November 2021, the Project rebranded from the original NFTrees to Treeverse NFTrees. The official announcement was made on the Treeverse NFT Twitter page.

They launched Founder’s Private Plots NFTs in August, and the holders of that NFT had early access to The Treeverse. Overall, most developments have happened sporadically.

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The Complete Timeline Of The Treeverse NFT

  • February 2021: Launch of the NFTrees NFT
  • July 2021: Announcements with the 2D game, with in-game NFT implementation
  • August 2021: Launch of the Founder’s Private Plots
  • October 2021: Funding raised, and valuation increased to $25 Million. Timeless Characters NFT launched.
  • November 2021: Treeverse Metaverse launched. Further plans with in-game ERC-20 Token implementation.
  • December 2021: Major changes in the roadmap incurred. Extra Timeless NFTs burnt.
  • January 2022: New items added to the Treeverse NFTs. A major spike in prices.

Mapping The Jungle: Treeverse NFTrees Roadmap

As of February 2nd, 2022, Treeverse NFT serves as a native open-world play-to-earn game with maximum use of Web3 tools. Taking you down the lane of their roadmap from present to the past:

  • The most recent changes seen in the Treeverse NFT Project are in the circumference of its Tokenomics. The two tokens widely spoken about are $ROOT and $SEED. The former serves as governance tokens for all the holders of the OG NFTtrees, and the latter is given as in-game rewards.
  • Added recently to their game, is an in-game Marketplace. With the fervent community on discord, things and abilities for Timeless Characters are recommended there and are implemented by the team. In February, some of the skills in development are Melee, Crafting, and Mining.
  • November 2021, saw the announcement of the launch of their official Mobile game (for Android) and this saw major success in the Blockchain space. More plans for their roadmap are in terms of releasing the game on other platforms such as iOS.
  • September 2021, saw the launch of the alpha of the Treeverse NFT Metaverse. Access was limited.
  • Taking you back to August of 2021, their Founder’s Private Plots NFT, 10,420 of them sold out in an hour, giving them 100% success according to the roadmap metrics they established for themselves.

With such a varied set of skills, abilities, tokens, and still more development promised, their roadmap is one of the fanciest to be seen with an NFT Project.

Treeverse NFT Everything From Sales To Statistics

Treeverse NFT Everything From Sales To Statistics

The Current Price Vs Mint Price

The Treeverse NFT Floor Price can be segmented for all their current NFTs. The major one is the NFTrees NFTs since it kick-started the Project. The NFTrees NFT floor price is at 0.889 ETH as of Jan 5th.

As for the Treeverse NFT Mint Price, for the NFTrees NFT was around 0.4 ETH at the time of its launch. Later, across the latter half of the year, various Treasure Hunts were conducted and that resulted in the wavering of the price.

The Total Traded Volume Of Sales

After the brisk rise in valuation, the trade pumped harder than ever.

Following are the total traded volume of sales for every NFT under the umbrella of the Treeverse NFT:

  • Treeverse NFTrees: 2,600 ETH
  • Treeverse NFT Plots: 12,500 ETH
  • Treeverse Timeless Characters: 1,800 ETH

The Price Prediction leading Up To 2024

The Treeverse NFT Price Prediction states that the prices are to rise, with the most diverse set of elements in its Metaverse, new in-game utility tokens were recently announced, looking back from 5th Jan 2024. January saw the rediscovery of the Project and its Price shot up more than the Pixels it encoded.

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How You Can Enrich Your Crypto Soil With The Treeverse Land

When it comes to the question of how to buy Treeverse NFTs, their official listing was initially on their website; now, they can be bought from the Treeverse NFT OpenSea page. The website can still be used to tunnel through various of their NFTs amidst their mixed rarity.

In Conclusion….

The Project holds great value, as seen by investors too. Its valuation amongst the cut-throat competition of other Metaverse-based NFTs shows how premium its community is. The Project owns up to the fact that its roadmap changes unpredictably, and celebrates its young launch in the NFT space with the NFTtees NFT.

The holders have much to celebrate since the game keeps bringing updates very very frequently after the stern break in 2021 when their decision and ambition bundled together to produce one of the finest Metaverse Projects out there in the market currently.

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