The Odd Dystrict NFT


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The Odd Dystrict is an NFT collection of 7999 truly unique 3D animated TOD characters. Each TOD’s are highly customized random images that come with a unique layering system and are one-of-a-kind, created at random from over 450 distinct qualities.

 MINT DATE: October 17,2022


The Odd Dystrict NFT Launch Details Everything About The Odd Dystrict Drop !

The owners of these will get exclusive features in the world of TOD. The ownership and commercial rights to the imagery and attributes of their NFT will be assigned to the respective holders.

The Odd Dystrict Roadmap :

The Odd Dystrict NFT Project

One of the main goals is to build a great community, which should be a key goal for every NFT project this community will be made to feel like your 2nd family, your Odd family – where you can create friendships, hang out, banter, have a laugh and support each other.

The team also wants a close connection with its community, as this is extremely important because it creates a genuine bond and also builds trust. The project plans to do this with weekly AMAs where everyone can interact and ask any questions on their mind relating to The Odd Dystrict (or anything in general).

There will also be ongoing competitions, giveaways, and tasks for everyone to complete, this will all have a positive impact on the project and ensure the TOD army continues to grow. The project aims to connect with other projects that share a similar vision and discuss potential collaborations for the pre and post-launch phases.

Phase 1 :

5 x Community Contests and Events will be activated with 50 free NFTs up for grabs after the minting event. The project community want to hear the member’s story and see your interpretation of The Odd Dystrict and will also have big events to continue the growth and enjoyment of the project within the community. This could include a derivative contest, lore contest, poker event, or online gaming tournaments.

There will be lots of ideas but the community will also act on what its members want to do (so you can fire some suggestions though!) What’s a contest without prizes? Each and every contest will pick the top 10 winners that will each receive a free TOD NFT! There will also be an additional physical prize for the overall winner in each of these.

Phase 2 :

The community wallet is opened for further development led by community ventures – 10% of minted sales and 20% of royalties will go back into the community wallet. You can decide what will be done with the community funds, this will be discussed and voted on by TOD holders through a dedicated channel in the discord server where you will need to verify you own The Odd Dystrict NFT – this gives you voting power.

Phase 3 :

The Odd Dystrict merchandise store opens where only TOD holders will be able to buy through a verification process on the website. Most of it has already been designed and is not far away from receiving the first merch samples. On top of this, a high-end limited edition merch piece will be available for the die-hard Odds. Only 100 of these will ever exist.

Phase 4 :

All holders of Odd Dystrict NFT will be given the opportunity to claim a collection of artifacts & materials for free. For this drop there will be 3 variations that will lead your Oddy to a different dystrict beyond the portal; 3 entirely new dystricts to be explored beyond The Odd Dystrict.

Phase 5 :

To Market, the brand to a larger audience through partnerships, collaborations, hosting members’ meetups, pop-up galleries, and releasing Honorary Oddys” When the project’s status grows within the space it will then give more leverage to strengthen current partnerships and pursue bigger collaborations to bring more utility to holders.

The community will be introduced to some really sick ideas that will be achieved along the way. Along with this, there will be host meetups, pop-up galleries, and the release of Honorary Oddys which will be influenced by you guys -you can decide which celebs or influencers should be targeted.

Phase 6 :

“Oddy-biologists studying the ancient markings recently discovered… Wait. Something’s happening!”

This has a deep connection to phase four and you will finally know what is waiting for you on the other side. Who will greet us on the other side? Stay tuned.

The Odd Dystrict NFT Drop/ Launch Date – Mint Details

The launching of The Odd Dystrict will take place on 14th January 2022, and these will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain and thereafter will be uploaded onto IPFS.