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Public Sale Price: 0.11 ETH

Collection Count: 25K Item



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The Novatar is an NFT project as seen on entrepreneur that focuses on human avatars that can serve as the future digital identity on social media and Metas. The NFT sector’s expansion prospects and social media drive toward NFT incorporation into networking functions, led by Twitter, demonstrate the importance of Novatars, which arise just in time to be presented as verified NFT profile images on social networks.


July 23, 2022


The Novatar is an NFT Collection of 25k Baby avatars that can age from a baby into an adult, and like genuine individuals, all avatars are unique. Still, hidden genes will make some Novatars more expensive and rare after the Reveal. Holders of these NFTs can make a decision to change them into an adult or leave them as a baby.

Benefits Of Novatar NFT Collection

  • The Novatars can be used as NFT profile pictures on social media. Twitter just included NFT profile pictures on its platform.
  • The owner can start the aging process on the blockchain to show the adult form of the baby avatar.
  • Each 25K Novatar NFT has its own distinct facial features, emotions, personality, and even career.
  • Novatars are real-life personas that represent the diversity of the human race, gender, and sexual preference.

How Will Novatar NFT All Work:

  • Members can purchase a Novatar NFT to obtain a one-of-a-kind pass into virtual life. All 25K Novatars are newborns with distinct face traits, emotions, and ethnicities.
  • On Novatar, you have the extraordinary ability to choose between becoming an adult and remaining a child. The “aging” option will be available on the website 30 days after the coins have been minted.
  • If you opt to raise your Novatar to adulthood, you can benefit from its superior genetic development. Eventually, the decision is solely yours, and you can still choose to abandon your Novatar as a newborn.

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The Novatar NFT Roadmap

Phase 1:

  • Novatars is more than just an NFT avatar collection: it is a technologically advanced project with a restricted collection of 25k baby avatars that can reach adulthood on the blockchain.
  • The project simulates the true life-cycle of a human on the blockchain, making it the first and only project on the blockchain with “aging technology.”
  • When the owner decides to age the kid, he or she obtains new genes while retaining the essential genes at birth. Novatar owners have 30 days after the Reveal to age their newborn Novatar.

Phase 2:

  • The team has launched the project’s Smart Contracts, allowing everyone to observe and confirm the project’s development level and potential. Etherscan has validated the contracts.
  • For the Wishlist Sales stage, only 1500 Novatars were offered. Owners who received their Novatars will soon be able to use them as profile image NFTs on Twitter and other social media sites.
  • Following the Wishlist Sales of 1 500 Novatars, the team will begin its Sales stages by gradually raising the price of each Novatar (the last phase is a Dutch Auction). Secure your seat today at a low cost in order to mint your Novatar later with your selected gas charge.

Phase 3:

  • A Dutch Auction for a limited quantity of Novatar NFT will be advertised and organized on the official website.
  • Twitter Blue was the first to introduce hexagon-shaped NFT profile images. Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram quickly made such statements, ushering in a new fad of NFT avatars.
  • The team began working on Novatars before the social media companies made a big deal about formally recognizing NFTs for avatars.

The Novatar NFT Mint Price And Details

The Novatar NFT Mint Price will be 0.11 ETH, and its minting phase has already started. Purchasing them now will secure your seat for future minting with the desired gas fee. You can get your Novatar by completing one of the Sales Phases! The first two phases (20k Novatars) will provide in 1000-unit batches, with the price increasing by 0.01 ETH with each successive batch. The last stage is a Dutch auction. You will be able to mint directly from the official Novatar Website by connecting your Metamask wallet. You can join the official Twitter and Discord channels from here.

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