The Life Of Moji NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.1 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



Website: Link




The Life Of Moji NFT is the world’s first NFT-based animated show which will be co-owned by the projects community. Because this NFT collection is founded on the city’s population, the Life Of Moji NFT community must populate the City of Lights.


January 28, 2022


As a result, members are encouraged to get their tickets in order to be a part of this universe and by purchasing a Moji citizen of the town, you will own a piece of the story and a place in Moji’s life.

All 10,000 Life Of Moji NFTs are ready to be minted, and each character will be featured in the animated series; the rare the features, the more important the character will be in the narrative.

The Life Of Moji NFT Project Team :

The CEO and Music Advisor for the Life Of Moji Project is Dominic ”DJ” Jordan. He is a Multi Platinum music producer from the 4 times Grammy Nominated Duo “The Audibles” The duo has credits with people such as Justin Bieber, TY Dolla $ign, Sam Smith, Chris Brown, Young Thug, Poo Bear, Bryson Tiller.

The Highly acclaimed Digital Creator and the project’s Founder and Art Director Sharif Elfishawi has provided digital content and art for companies like Universal Music, Sony, Mattel, McDonald’s, etc.

And Many more.

The Life Of Moji NFT Roadmap :

The Life Of Moji NFT Project

At 20% :

  • 10,000 citizens inhabit the City of Lights.

At 40%:

  • Developing all commercial opportunities and collaborations with large corporations and artists.

At 60% :

  • Creating the animated show and its music, as well as preparing it for release through effective marketing.

At 80% :

  • To commemorate the series debut, one SuperMoji will be airdropped to a lucky Moji owner.

At 100% :

  • Launching the animated series on a major streaming platform, followed by an album release.

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The Life Of Moji NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Life Of Moji NFT price will be 0.1 ETH for its Public sale, and its launch date is January 28th, 2022. The Total number of NFT supplies will be 10,000. The Pre-sale of the collection is live now so all the whitelisted members can go to the official Life Of Moji NFT Mint page and mint it.

How To Whitelist And Mint In The Life Of Moji NFT :

  • Open a ticket in the ticket-wl channel in Discord by clicking on the “Create Ticket” button. You can reach the ticket-wl channel by clicking on the button in the message or by scrolling through the channels.
  • Send your ETH wallet address (Metamask) once the ticket has been opened. The community will tell you in the ticket when you are enabled to mint in presale. Your own ticket will be the first channel on the server.
  • Use the chat to send your ETH wallet address when you’re in the personal ticket (Metamask).
  • Once you are verified you can mint by following the link.
  • You can Mint a maximum of 20 Life Of Moji NFT.