The Invasion NFT


Public Sale Price: 1.5 SOL

Collection Count: 4,000 Item



Website: Link




The Invasion NFT is a collection of 4,000 invaders who have come together to restore the broken world order in the Solana blockchain.


May 17, 2022


Members will be able to mint according to the role that they acquire inside the official discord server. The team has also been fully doxxed by the older mages. The invasion team does a regular whitelist and other giveaways on its discord channel.

The Invasion NFT Details And Roadmap

The Invasion NFT Drop Details And Mint Price !

Phase 1:

  • The $MECH token will be created by the invasion NFT team and utilized as the primary investment instrument for the new order. All transactions on our Art Mechanism website will be conducted in $MECH. Holders will also be paid in $MECH once staking is enabled.
  • The needed money for the token LP will be sent to the LP.
  • By categorizing invaders based on their qualities, it will be assured that all invaders engaging in the invasion would earn revenue.
  • The $MECH token staking system will be triggered, resulting in passive revenue.
  • The invasion NFT will provide a one-stop shop for both the Solana and Ethereum blockchains. Owners of the NFTs will be able to find the ideal artist for their work. Those who intend to put their ideas into action will select the best artist for their project and will receive this service at the start of their initiatives. As a result, project owners will be able to focus less on the art and more on the ideas and promotion of the project.

Phase 2:

  • The invasion NFT team will debut the website alongside 50 invasion team-created characters. These characters will be made up of both animated and non-animated 3D/2D pixel art.
  • The characters will be ready for projects to claim right now.
  • The team will use $MECH for all transactions on its Art Mechanism website to ensure that the value of the tokens received through staking is preserved.
  • All royalties generated by the invasion NFT website will be paid directly to the LP.
  • Insurgents will be dispatched to free the inmates imprisoned by the warriors who conquered the realm.
  • Holders of two or more Invasion NFTs will be able to mint the Insurgents for a certain number of $MECH tokens.
  • The value of $MECH held by investors will be enhanced by destroying all tokens received from the Insurgents mint.

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Phase 3:

  • Staking your Insurgent NFTs will create passive income via $MECH, which will preserve and enhance its value through the Art Mechanism website.
  • Solana projects in need of artists can visit the invasion NFT website to discover the right artist for them. They will be able to converse with one another and sift through many artists until they discover the perfect fit.
  • By linking their Phantom or Meta mask wallets, all project owners who are beginning an NFT project will be able to pick and purchase the NFT drawings that are appropriate for their project via the Art Mechanism website. They will be able to directly contact the artist to discuss the supply, assess the number of qualities required, request adjustments, and so on.
  • The invasion NFT team is aware that project owners are investing a significant amount of effort in NFT illustration. Finding devoted artists may be difficult, but the Art Mechanism website exists to make the process easier for project owners AND safer for the artists.

The Invasion NFT Mint Price And Details

The Invasion NFT Price will be 1.5 SOL, and its mint date is 17th May 2022. The whitelist price will be 1.25 SOL. You get entire control of your NFT by minting it, as well as access to special events, takedowns, large discounts on unique products, and the option to resell it on secondary marketplaces. You will be able to mint directly from the official Invasion NFT Website on the mint date by connecting your Solana wallet.