The Indifferent Duck NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know!

The Indifferent Duck NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know!

The Indifferent Duck NFT project is a collection of 10K NFTs based on the Ethereum Blockchain that allows you to customize your NFTs all by yourself just after the minting process. So, if you are someone who is looking to design their own NFTs for quite a long time, The Indifferent Duck NFT project is opening the window for you.

During the launch on 24th December 2021, The Indifferent Duck NFT mint price was 0.02ETH + Gas Fees.

In the last 7 days (as of 27th December 2022), 668 The Indifferent Duck NFTs were sold with a total trading volume of 230K where the average price was USD 345.

The project got massive popularity after introducing the BRAVO MAKER or The UJ -222 NFT Machine.

What is it? – And what are the other features of this NFT project? Will the price get any higher or plummet?

That is what we will be discussing in the following segments of our The Indifferent Duck NFT review, so keep on reading.

The Indifferent Duck NFT: Some Quick Facts


  • Total Items: 9.9K
  • The Indifferent Duck NFT Floor Price: 0.0049 ETH
  • Number of owners: 4.6K
  • Volume Traded: 4.1K

The Indifferent Duck NFT: What Makes It More Unique And Cooler?


The Indifferent Duck NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know!

The Indifferent Duck NFT is a collection of 10K eggs waiting to be hatched and customized by their owners.

As per the storyline, the first Indifferent Duck (BRAVO) was chilling in front of the PC in 1999 but suddenly found himself in 2021 with 10K eggs. He only recalls flashes from traveling between different realities. To know what happened 20 years ago, he must check what is living inside of those 10K eggs.

As of 27th December 2022, The Indifferent Duck NFT has 8.7K followers on Twitter and 8.4K members on Discord.

From the 10K The Indifferent Duck NFTs, the team has decided to keep 5 NFTs for themselves, and the rest 45 will be used for promotional purposes, like airdrops.

BRAVO MAKER: The Ultimate Designing Tool


When you purchase The Indifferent Duck egg/NFT, you gain access to the BRAVO MAKER. It allows you to choose between 500+ traits for your Ducks. The possible combination exceeds 1 Million and there is no way for you to make two similar Ducks – support the project’s name – The Indifferent Ducks.

With the BRAVO MAKER, you may choose between the following traits to customize your Indifferent Duck:

50+ Heads
50+ Beaks
50+ Necks
50+ Outfits
100+ Skins
100+ Round BG
100+ Backgrounds

According to the website, the developers have advised the NFT owners that if they plan properly and use their creativity (50% Planning, 50% Creativity), it won’t be hard to design the coolest ducks in the Ethereum Blockchain.

An Important Note: Once you have modified The Indifferent Duck NFT, it cannot be customized again – so take your time to create your greatest artwork to date.

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The Indifferent Duck NFT: Airdrop & Roadmap


From the 10K The Indifferent Duck NFTs, 222 are Egg specials that have adopted special characteristics from the universe. The Egg specials were created by talented illustrators and have unique characteristics that cannot be found in the other The Indifferent Duck NFTs. These Egg specials cannot be customized and will only be given as airdrops.

The Indifferent Duck NFT roadmap is set and they have already achieved some milestones. The team has already organized Meme content and has given several Egg specials as giveaways. The Indifferent Duck NFT has already been listed in the, so you check the rarity score anytime before buying or selling. They have also funded 10 ETH to the community wallet and promised, to build more confidence in the NFT holders and community members.

This is not the end as in the future, the team will donate 3 ETH to an NGO chosen by the community. Apart from that, they will organize a “Draw a BRAVO” contest soon. The Indifferent Duck NFT team has promised that there will be more airdrops as they move further. But the best thing they are going to do is to make up for their carbon footprints by planting trees.

The Indifferent Duck NFT: Current Stats & Price Prediction


In the last 7 days (as of 27th December 2022), the least 10% of The Indifferent Duck NFTs were sold for USD 241 or less, while the top 10% were sold for USD 404 or more, as per The same source has stated that the 50% of The Indifferent Duck NFTs were sold for USD 323 or less.

If we are to assess The Indifferent Duck NFT price graph on the OpenSea platform, we can see that the average price was 0.069 ETH on 24th December 2021. The price was at its peak on the 9th of January 2022 where the average price was 0.5216 ETH. On that day, 3460 The Indifferent Duck NFTs were sold with a trading volume of 1804.81 ETH. As of 27th December 2022, the sale has gone up by 104.34%.

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How To Buy The Indifferent Duck NFTs?


How To Buy The Indifferent Duck NFTs

All the NFTs were sold out from their official website and are now available at The Indifferent Duck NFT OpenSea Marketplace. So, if you want to buy The Indifferent Duck NFT, you must connect your MetaMask wallet to the OpenSea marketplace and buy some ETH coins (if you don’t have any) to place your bid.

Launch Date

August 11,2022 – December 31,2022

Unit Price



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Should I Get An Indifferent Duck?

The major plus point of The Indifferent Duck NFT project is that you get to design your NFT (duck) from scratch. As of 08th Nov 2022, the Floor price is quite low, which is why this presents a great opportunity for NFT investors as well as newcomers to an ape-in.

Besides, the developers have plans to keep the community engaged by making airdrops and organizing contests. All in all, The Indifferent Duck NFT project could offer a lot if you want to start small in the NFT market.

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