The Heart Project NFT Floor Price And Mint Price

The Heart Project NFT Floor Price And Mint Price

If you cherish being part of the evolution of Digital Finance and looking for an NFT project that is concentrated on music and media creation, The Heart Project NFT will surely grab your attention.

The Heart Project NFT offers a collection of 10K generative, unique heart-shaped avatars, each made with 235 distinct combinations/attributes.

Also a community-driven creative studio, The Heart Project NFT has a great follower base when it comes to social media.

As of 27th December 2022, The Heart Project NFT Twitter follower base is 37.5 K and growing every day. The project has 19.8K followers on Instagram and 19.2K followers on Discord – and has got a variety of shout.

The journey of The Heart Project NFT has only started, but they have planned their future quite interestingly.

So, do you want to be a part of this community?

To know more, read this article to the end as we will uncover some of the most interesting facts and features about The Heart Project NFT, and later, we will also try to offer a calculated The Heart Project NFT price prediction.

The Heart Project NFT: What Makes Them Interesting?


Total Items 9.9K
Owners 5.6K
The Heart Project NFT Floor Price 0.045 ETH
Volume Traded 12.5K


Apart from its unique hand-drawn designs with rough edges and playful textures, The Heart Project NFT is looking to create a community for music and media creation.

The idea for The Heart Project NFT came from Luke Davis (Developer) and Stefen Meyer (Artist). Luke has written the script or code that generates the NFTs and Stefen drew 235 different attributes to create the rarity structure.

The Ethereum-based NFT project also allows its members/holders to gain access to the creative world as well as the shared ownership of the group artworks.

For example, the community can collaborate to create new music where one can send the drums or the beats, and the other can offer the keys, and so on. The idea also goes for media creation – in a way, The Heart Project NFT is trying to create an engaging community with better collaboration and communication. When the newly created music or Media art is finished, it will be up for sale- and each collaborator will have an equal share of it.

One of the best things about being a part of this community is that they are always up for great ideas.

For example, the Heart NFT holders can come up with creative ideas and the community will vote on them to pick the best idea – and will fund it.

A more simplified elaboration would be – if you are a Heart NFT holder and looking for funds to create your short film or a video game or maybe want to put up an art auction, you can share your ideas with the community. If your project gets the most votes, the team will sanction the funding for your project.

The Heart Project NFT Roadmap: How They Are Planning To Dive Into The Future?


The Heart Project NFT Know Everything About Floor And Mint Prices

The team has planned everything on what is to come next. While the team has given full freedom to the holders to come up with creative ideas, the developers are not lagging.

Soon The Heart Project NFT will be a part of Sandbox and will culminate new Metaverse projects, which include games. 

Apart from that, they are also planning to start a clothing line and have some of the world’s biggest retailers on their side – and The Heart Project NFT community will have ownership of it too.

They will also implement the NFT stacking system where they will reward the most loyal holders with tokens.

Apart from these, there will be Merch drops on all the heart NFT holders. And one of the most exciting things is that the team will soon collaborate with Benny Blanco and Lil Dicky to create their first music video – this will give the project wider visibility to the world of Defi.

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The Heart Project NFT: Current Market Price And Rarity


In the last 7 days (as of 27th December 2022), the traded volume of The Heart Project NFT was 9.9K ETH with an all-time volume of 13K ETH where the average The Heart Project NFT floor price was 0.05 ETH.

How To Buy The Heart Project NFT?


How To Buy The Heart Project NFT

Primarily, 5000 The Heart Project NFTs were released on the website and were sold out within a few minutes. The rest of the 5000 Heart NFTs will be released on the drop date. 

However, the team will preserve 250 The Heart Project NFTs and will provide them as gifts to the holders.

Now, all of The Heart Project NFTs are available at the OpenSea market place where you can own them by participating in the auction.

Before buying, you need to check The Heart Project NFT rarity from the Rarity. tools, so you may get the best value afterward. For example, as of today (01st November 2022), Heart #5072 is trending on top with a rarity score of 1193.56.

Launch Date

September 1,2022 – December 31,2022

Unit Price



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Conclusion: Should I Own The Heart Project NFT?


The Heart Project NFT has got a cool roadmap and they have collaborated with some of the biggest names in the fashion, music, and art industry. Apart from that, they got a shout-out from Variety at a very early stage. 

For now, everything is going in favor of The Heart Project NFT, but you must weigh all the pros and cons before buying one.

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