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Public Sale Price: 0.1

Collection Count: 2900 Item



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The Cult Dao is an NFT-focused DAO that aims to explore emerging investment opportunities for blockchain-based assets. NFTs are more than just images. They encompass digital art, collectibles, in-game assets, and other tangible assets.

 MINT DATE: October 6,2022


The Cult Dao NFT Launch Details Drop Details And Mint Price !

The mission of the Cult DAO is to build the largest collection of unique NFTs in the universe and the main goal of the DAO is to make profitable deals with unique NFTs and promote participation in the DAO among crypto art collectors.

There will be a total of 2900 NFT avatars only which will act as the entry into the Cult members and simply by holding a Girl in the Helmet NFT token, individuals will not only have the unique opportunity to own current and future limited NFT collections, but also obtain exclusive access to other member privileges, giveaway raffles, and future Cult DAO events!

The revenue generated from the final 1000 NFT mints and 100% of post-sale royalties will go toward the DAO treasury.

The Cult Dao NFT: What Is A DAO?

  • The DAO is a decentralized, autonomous organization. Simply put: the Cult DAO owns a collection of curated art that is controlled by the holders of NFT tokens from the CulD collection. These voters can control the actions of the treasury to achieve their common goals that promote the DAO. ERC20 token $CulD holders are co-owners of the Cult DAO vault.

How Can One Join DAO?

The Cult Dao NFT
  • You can participate in everything the DAO offers, and you can get a vote by buying an NFT token from the CulD collection. At launch or on the OS Marketplace.

What Does The DAO Collect And Why?

  • The DAO buys NFTs. NFTs purchased for ETH should outperform ETH itself.

How Will The Holders Eventually Benefit From Holding The Cult DAO NFTs?

  • The Cult Dao community has just bought a Punk for 100 ETH and is holding it. If in the future the value of Punks increase to 150 ETH, for example, the holding has increased its value then the community will be able to vote if they want to hold it or sell it as a DAO. If they sell it, the DAO wallet gets the ETH, and they can choose to reinvest it again.

What Is A multisig Wallet And How Does It Work :

  • Multisignature wallets (or multisig for short) are cryptocurrency wallets that require two or more private keys to sign and send a transaction. The storage method requires multiple cryptographic signatures (a private key’s unique fingerprint) to access the wallet.

The Cult Dao NFT Roadmap :

  1. NFT sale This NFT serves as a key for holders to participate in the DAO. The stage will last until the full sale (FS)
  2. Discord channel with token-gated access The Discord is open to everyone, but there will be a separate channel for owners of the Cult DAO NFT and $CulD tokens. FS + 3 day
  3. Store funds in a Gnosis Safe multi-sig The multisig wallet, is essential for making our DAO fully decentralized. The community signers will include the team members and community members. FS + 6 day
  4. Set up a Snapshot space for governance Voting platform on, allowing holders to vote and introduce their own proposals. FS + 20 day
  5. The Cult DAO NFT Staking NFT Vault has been fractionalized to create ERC20 tokens, which can be earned through staking or participating as an LP provider, should the voters decide that. FS + 35 day
  6. The Men’s Collection will be launched – Boy in the Helmet: an exclusive NFT token that bridges the divide between Athena and her offspring. The start of a fruitful relationship provides holders of both NFT tokens with additional benefits and restricted access to the Child Collection.

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The Cult Dao NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Details

The Pre-sale price of The Cult Dao NFT Drop will be 0.06 ETH, and the price for the public mint is also 0.1 ETH. The date for its pre-sale is 11th January 2022 and its public sale is 13th January 2022.

How To Mint The Cult Dao NFT :

  • Fund your wallet, like Metamask, with ETH through an exchange like Coinbase, Gemini, or Binance.
  • Go to the minting page on our website (at the launch!) and connect your wallet via Metamask
  • Click The Mint Button and Approve the cost + gas fees for the transaction

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