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Public Sale Price: 1.18

Collection Count: 19.5K Item



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If the digital ecosystem is your thing, then the Takashi Murakami NFTs might be your dream come true! Thanks to RTFKT’s exciting collab with the Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, the Takashi Murakami NFT RTFKT have become the beacon of hope for Metaverse enthusiasts. From hi-tech space pods and customizable-to-physical wearables to strut in, RTFKT studios will make you want more!

 MINT DATE: 29th November 2021


Takashi Murakami NFT Mint And Floor Price Details

So what are these special CLONE X NFT avatars, and what are their roles in redefining immaterial existence? Let us take a deep dive into the perfect blend of RTFKT’s interplanetary vision and Murakami’s digital simulation of the entire humanity. We will touch on the Takashi Murakami NFT roadmap, unique points, price prediction, and buying tips.

Takashi Murakami NFT RTFKT Quick Overview

Takashi Murakami NFT items19.5K
Takashi Murakami NFT Owners Count9,618
Takashi Murakami NFT Mint price0.05 ETH
Takashi Murakami NFT Floor Price1.18 ETH
Volume Traded4,12,843 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 6th Jan 2024)

What About Takashi Murakami NFT?

What About Takashi Murakami NFT

Takashi Murakami NFTs aim to attract humans from their organic forms and fuse with their next-gen digital Clone X avatars for an immaterial existence. RTFKT Studio’s collab with Takashi Murakami has helped curate high-quality CLONE X NFT avatars, ready to launch you into the Metaverse.

These iconic art styles are the brainchild of Murakami, complete with jaw-dropping accessories, unreal avatar forms, and vibrant hues that stand out.

As the official page lore reads, the Clone X Corp was by 3 extraterrestrial beings from the planet of Orbitar in the Draco constellation. They had one thing in mind, to transfer our consciousness into digital clone forms on the blockchain.

It all began with 20,000 digital Clone X avatar NFTs ready for a pre-sale and a public sale. After the public sale, the NFTs received randomly attributed traits. These NFTs are a gateway to living lavish and fashionably loud with RTFKT’s visions ideated by Takashi Murakami.

To stay up-to-date on Takashi Murakami NFT RTFKT, you can keep track of the Takashi Murakami NFT Twitter account, Discord, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Takashi Murakami NFT A Psychedelic Timeline To A Digital Era

The Takashi Murakami NFT dropped as more than just a whacky collectible art style, but a whole new world online. The pre-sale was on around 26th November 2021, with 11,133 CLONE X NFTs for RTFKT holders.

After this, the public sale opened up on 29th November 2021, with 8371 remaining NFTs for those beyond excited! The second round of public purchasing began on 30th November at 1 PM EDT. The public sale was Dutch auction-style, and each buyer could own 3 Takashi Murakami NFTs per their wallet. In Dutch auctions, the prices start high and drop to an acceptable bidder value. By doing so, sellers can attract more buyers at feasible rates.

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The Takashi Murakami NFT Roadmap To The Future

The Takashi Murakami NFT roadmap has never failed to amaze me. It has rather single-handedly brought in more NFT enthusiasts on this artistically futuristic platform.

The Takashi Murakami NFT RTFKT studio aims to conceptualize human consciousness transference into digital CLONE X NFT. By doing so, they can successfully help their holders live and interact within the Metaverse through their customizable avatars.

Their fully-formed Clone. meta has been built to help you access all your 3D files to use and customize your avatars. You can download them in glb, .MA, .blend, .obj, .fbx, Daz3D, and UnrealEngine formats. You can choose from unique DNAs, whacky accessories, facial features, colors, jewelry, and more!

2021-launched Space Pods in the Metaverse is where you want to be! You can customize the interiors, add upgraded accessories to fit your aesthetics, and invite your “frens” to hang out in their Takashi Murakami NFT avatars. It is exclusively available to Clone X owners.

2022 CLONE X Wearable Marketplace will bring in your very own dedicated inventory, where you can accessorize your NFT clones with a fresh collection of wearable drops from the creators themselves. You can even trade these collectible wearables with your clone “frens” on the RTFKT and Clone X ecosystem!

Not to forget, RTFKT studios’ forging event 1 in 2022 can help you create some fantastic physical collectibles from your NFT clones and have them on your jacket!

The best part is RTFKT Studios’ cross-cultural collaboration with Takashi Murakami. Working with their favorite idol has breathed life and lunacy into Takashi Murakami NFT avatars, making them a must-have for a hot, customizable look in the RTFKT ecosystem!

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Takashi Murakami NFT Prices, Sales, And Predictions

Takashi Murakami NFT Prices, Sales, And Predictions

Mint Price And Current Floor Price

On 6th January 2024, the Takashi Murakami NFT mint price is 0.05 ETH, while the Takashi Murakami NFT floor price stands at 1.18 ETH. These stats are straight from the Clone X.RTFKT official website and OpenSea.

Volume Of Sales

The sales volume on 6th January 2024, according to Takashi Murakami NFT OpenSea, is a whopping 4,12,843 ETH.

Price Prediction

So what about the Takashi Murakami NFT price prediction? OpenSea’s stats read that the average price is rising steadily since January 2024. With a roadmap so robust and exciting updates, you can only expect the best to be on the rise!

How To Buy Takashi Murakami NFT Avatar?

If you are wondering how to buy Takashi Murakami NFT, it is simple! All you need is your Metamask for the Takashi Murakami NFTs. You can buy these next-gen online avatars on OpenSea for your access to the RTFKT ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

If you are entering Metaverse, enter in style with Takashi Murakami NFT! These avatars can make your first step in virtual reality a showstopping event in the blockchain community. You can customize your avatars, wear your virtual fashion in real life, and trade them on Metaverse for fresher looks! Strut into the RTFKT ecosystem today.

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