Sugar Realm NFT

Sugar Realm NFT


Public Sale Price: 1.5

Collection Count: 5,555 Item



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Join the exciting Sugar Realm project, an RNG-based top-down game with NFT collections and a P2E system. The NFTs will be much more valuable when the full game is released, so users should hold on to them. Once sold, the team will deliver in-game airdrops and mystery boxes, staking, and special giveaways.

 MINT DATE: August 1,2022


Sugar Realm NFT Drop Details And Mint Price !

The Sugar Realm NFT will be a collection of 5,555 Sugar Glider NFTs featuring in a P2E Game. The team’s primary goal is to create an enjoyable game to play. The game’s initial alpha and beta releases will be single-player, but the full version will include PvP content. The initial release of Sugar Realm will be PvE-focused. PvE maps will consist of an explorable open world, dungeons, and raids. However, PvP arenas will be introduced to the game as game development progresses.

The Sugar Realm NFTs will also have utility functions within the game. The effectiveness of their utility will depend on their rarity. There will be five rarity tiers of NFTs. Apart from their rarity, NFTs can also be stacked to increase the effectiveness of their utility. NFT holders will get additional benefits, depending on the rarity of their NFTs.

Sugar Realm NFT Roadmap :

Sugar Realm NFT

Phase 1 :

  • The first playable pre-alpha demo version of Sugar Realm NFT is released along with the complete Roadmap.
  • The team will plan to deliver in-game airdrops and staking and special giveaways.
  • The team will notify the community about a new collection. The original NFT holders from the first collection can purchase one NFT from the new collection. Those who missed the train and were unable to purchase any NFTs, on the other hand, are given a second chance.

Phase 2 :

  • Unreal Engine will be used to make the Sugar Realm Game, and the team will add new talents to make the game development process even faster and better.
  • The team will release a playable demo version in.exe file format that can be played on PCs without the use of browsers. However, you must have at least one Sugar Realm NFT from the collection.

Phase 3 :

  • The game’s full beta version will be released, and it will be playable by everyone.
  • Before the game beta releases, there will be community events and sweepstakes.
  • The Sugar Realm NFT full game will be released.

Sugar Realm NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The Sugar Realm NFT price will be 1.5 SOL, and the public mint will start on 14th March. There’s no limit as to how many NFTs you can mint per wallet, and you will be able to mint the NFT directly from the official website. You will need to connect your Metamask wallet to the website on Mint Day and click on MINT to purchase your NFT. You can join the official Sugar Realm NFT Discord or Twitter channels to know more about the Project.

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