Stone Zillas NFT Drop Details And Mint Price !

The Stone Zillas NFT is a collection of 333-pixel dragon-themed characters looking for a home in the Metaverse. These dragons will have the ability to generate 5 $ZILLAS tokens every day. The $ZILLAS token’s utility will include, but will not be limited to, the following: Breeding Stone Zillas, Evolution, Ascension, and Launchpad Access. Collaborations with other projects will also be a primary priority in order to provide additional value to the Genesis collection.

Stone Zillas NFT Utilites


  • Each Stone Zillas NFT you possess will be able to reproduce and give birth to Baby Zillas, which will help the project scale. Holders of Baby Zillas will have the same rights as holders of Genesis Stone Zillas, with the exception that Baby Zillas will not create $ZILLAS tokens.
  • ZILLA tokens will be used in the future as a method for obtaining private sale allocations for play-to-earn games. For example, in a p2e game, you may stake X number of $ZILLAS tokens for a week in return for a private sale allocation. More information will be released later, but in general, this launchpad will want you to keep your $ZILLAS tokens longer, aside from the burning processes required for Breeding, Evolution, and Ascension.

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Stone Zillas NFT Roadmap


Stone Zillas NFT

  • The Stone Zillas NFT Artwork will be revealed along with the complete project roadmap.
  • Engaging with Market Makers to help with marketing and development of the project.
  • Building the community and populating the Discord servers.
  • Staking will be released on the mint date.
  • You will be able to trade Zillas through the AMM and Liquidity Pool.
  • The 2,222 Zilla Collection will be minted, and The LP will receive 50% of all sales.

Launch Date

May 8,2022 – December 31,2022

Unit Price



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Stone Zillas NFT Mint Price And Details


The Stone Zillas NFT Price will be 0.4 SOL for its public mint, and its mint date is 8th May 2022. The price for its whitelist will be 0.3 SOL. Secondary Royalties will be set at 8% for the Stone Zillas collection. You can only mint the NFTs on the official mint date using the official Website. Don’t forget to connect your Solana Wallet to the site to start minting, and make sure to have enough to cover the mint price plus the gas fee.

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