Space X Apes NFT


Public Sale Price: 1 SOL

Collection Count: 2,222 Item



Website: Link




The Space X Apes NFT Collection will have a total number of 2,222 NFTs, of which the club will keep 72 NFTs for its marketing purposes, while the rest 2,150 will be placed for public sale. The team will offer regular Giveaways on its Space X Apes Discord channel.


February 02, 2022


The Space X Apes NFT Roadmap :

Phase 1 :

  • The team will conduct pre-launch marketing activities across crucial NFT platforms via sponsored advertisements to increase awareness and exposure.
  • Those who purchase a Space X Apes NFT pass will be automatically entered into a raffle to win rewards in SOL. The Giveaway Map will show everyone how the reward system will operate.

Phase 2 :

  • After the mint phase is over, Space X Apes NFT will be available for sale on the secondary market, and Rarity will be accessible as well.
  • Holders will be urged to vote and remain actively involved in supporting the project’s direction and assisting in completing certain milestones.
  • Each month, 33 per cent of total royalties will be delivered to verified holders, with the other 33 per cent stored in the community wallet to assist the trip to orbit, where verified holders determine and vote on the use of resources.

Phase 3 :

  • Each confirmed holder with a Gen 1 SXA NFT will receive a 3D version of the Space X Apes NFT avatar. The remaining stock will be available for purchase by the general public. These avatars will be made to be used fully in the Metaverse.
  • The Space X Apes NFT holders will be able to own a portion of the land that the team will acquire on SOLICE METAVERSE to build MetaPlanet. Only holders of both SXA Gens will be eligible for the land share. Holders of this share will get a percentage of all transactions that occur on the MetaPlanet.
  • Solice will be the first cross-platform VR metaverse on the Solana blockchain, where users will enjoy themselves more entirely within the Virtual Metaverse.

Phase 4 :

  • NFT tokens from Space X Apes will be distributed as part of an airdrop. NFTs in Generation 1 will be 1.25X, NFTs in Generation 2 will be 1X, and NFTs in Generation 1 and 2 combined will be 1.5X.
  • The establishment of Space X Apes NFT gaming headquarters where holders will have free access to the Challenge Arena and verified holders will be able to engage in various challenges and receive prizes.

Space X Apes NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Space X Apes NFT Price will be 1 SOL, and its mint starting date is February, 2nd 2022. The total mint limit is 4 NFTs per wallet during the sale. To check out the Space X Apes NFT Rarities and their traits which will be published once the minting phase is over, the users can go to its official Website.

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How To Mint Space X Apes NFT :

  • The users will need a Phantom Wallet.
  • Have enough SOLANA in your wallet.
  • On Mint date, connect your wallet to the Website. Click on the “Mint” button and approve transactions.

For more information or to join the community, users can go to the official Space X Apes NFT Twitter or the Discord channels.