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SolRarity.App Website is one of the most popular Solana-based NFT ranking and rarity checking platforms. As the Hub for rarity tools, SolRarity Website had been transparent about its roadmap and ideas since its beginning.


March 26, 2022


SolRarity NFT Rarity Checking Tool » Everything On Rarikeys NFTs !

Hence in order to celebrate the completion of their first phase and their milestone of 140,000 happy users, and members on discord, the SolRarity website team announced something huge in March 2022. This was the launch of 2600 Rarikey NFTs as a part of their roadmap. These Rarikeys sparks with a lot of utility as the holders get access to exclusive SolRarity NFT products and tools in the future.

This article is your go-to place to know everything about the Rarikey NFT collection launched by the SolRarity team. We will be going over Rarikey statistics, their roadmap, and importantly, where and how you can buy this Rarikey NFT!

A Brief Overview Of The SolRarity Website & Rarikey NFT!

SolRarity Rarikey NFT items2,600
SolRarity Rarikeys reserved for their team100
SolRarity Rarikeys NFT mint price2.5 SOL

Utility For The SolRarity Rarikey NFTs: A Feedback Driven Approach

On March 26th, 2022, the Solrarity’s Rarikey NFT public sale begins, and just after the sale ends, the Rarikey NFTs make their way to Solanart and Magic Eden, to be bought, and/or trade. Following that, 2 days after the launch, holders of the Rarikey NFT get access to a real-time sniper tool, which will be available on the SolRarity.App website. This rarity checking tool shall track 8+ marketplaces, host 1800+ collections, and their rarity, and provide many more features. The utility for the Rarikeys is that the holders get access to all the future tools developed by SolRarity NFT, Solana’s premium platform.

The Roadmap For The SolRarity Project

The Roadmap For The SolRarity Website

To begin the initialization of the SolRarity Rarity checker website gained popularity after it housed the rankings for over 1800+ projects and crossed 140K+ members on their discord. This fame came due to the fair ranking system, which produced rarity for all projects using the same mechanism.

Their Phase 1 began in early 2022 with the up-gradation of the SolRarity website, and as of March 25th, this is the currently ongoing phase. The Rarikeys launch on March 26th, and on March 28th, the SolRarity real-time sniper for new (and pre-listed) projects becomes available to the holders. This leads us to phase 2.

Phase 2 and 3 focus on the constant improvement of all the previously launched tools, services, discord channels, and the Sol Rarity website. What makes this project unique is the revenue distribution model. The revenue generated from the paid services on the SolRarity website shall be shared amongst the holders, which means constant passive income. Along with that, holders also get to beta-test new products. Their long-term vision is to provide useful data and services to those in need.

With more and more secret tools that shall be available on their website, the Rarikey holders will get swift access to all.

The Rarikey NFT Mint Date/ Public Sale Date. 

Rarikey NFT Mint Date Public Sale Date

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The SolRarity Teams Rarikeys NFT drop date is 26th March 2022. Throughout March, after the announcement for the Rarikeys was made on Twitter and SolRarity website, the team has been propelling contests and minigames to its followers on Twitter and Discord. These determine the whitelisting of a candidate. After the mint, the SolRarity team has decided to make rankings available on their website for free for everyone.

Rarikeys Mint Price At The Time Of The Launch

The Rarikeys NFT mint price was set to be 2.5 SOL. And the mint price is the same for the pre-sale and public sales. There will also be a minimal gas fee since this is the Solana network.

The SolRarity NFT Rarity

The design for the SolRarity’s Rarikeys NFT is a texturized background with a key and Solana’s logo placed atop. The Rarity for these Rarikeys is determined by the presence of the logo, and the type of design. Frozen Rarikey, for example, is a Rarikey which is made of ice and has an icy granite base all over.

The Sales And Statistics For The SolRarity NFT

The Rarikeys NFT Floor Price: As of March 25th, 2022, the SolRarity NFT floor price is to be declared, since the launch takes place the next day, March 26th. However, keeping the hype for it and the solid roadmap in mind, the Rarikey NFT floor price is expected to settle at a promising number. This comes in line with the availability of the real-time sniper just after launch.

The Price Prediction For The SolRarity NFT

The SolRarity NFT mint price is 2.5 SOL. Which is a direct pass to all the future developments, testing, feedback, events, and more. The more Rarikeys held by a holder, the more revenue they get, and thus, the SolRarity NFT price prediction states that it is bound to take a rise. A total of 2500 NFTs are available to the public, which in turn increases its demand, thus driving the price up.

How To Buy SolRarity’s Rarikeys NFT?

Thinking about how to buy SolRarity Rarikeys NFTs and join their community? Follow these steps and you’re good to go!

If you’re new to NFTs and just beginning your investing journey, you’ll be surprised. You can use the Coinsmart exchange, and you get $20 in your wallet as soon as you register, as a reward! This can help you kick start your journey towards buying some ETH and setting sail in the NFT world.

The interface is super easy to understand and the steps to register for a wallet there can be seen in the image below.

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced investor, our recommendation for you is the Gemini Exchange, due to its easy-to-use interface and premium security features. Let’s go through the simple steps needed to make your portfolio NFT-full.

Step 1: Set Up Your Gemini Account

To register for a Gemini account, you need to go to the Gemini Exchange official website and “Get Started”
They will ask you for some basic info, like name, mobile number, address, and others.

Step 2: Account Verification
Now your account is created, you will have to verify your identity. Once done, you will be redirected to the Gemini Exchange dashboard where you can see different tokens that you can buy.

Step 3: Adding Funds To Your Gemini Account
To buy the ETH token, you will need to link your Gemini account to your bank account. Once done, you can buy ETH tokens directly from your dashboard.

Step 4: Transfer ETH Coins To Your Digital Wallet
Gemini exchange offers a streamlined feature where you can transfer ETH coins directly to your Digital Wallet, in one swift click. Just visit the Transfer Funds section and put your digital wallet address and the amount of ETHs you want to send.

Step 5: Go To The Solanart Launchpad And Buy Rarikeys
With enough ETHs, you are all set to become the owner of SolRarity’s Rariverse NFT. Just visit the Solanart Launchpad and sign in to your digital wallet by clicking on the “Profile” icon (top-right corner).
Now claim your Rarikey.
Note – Only whitelisted and active Solrarity community members can claim and mint these rarikeys in the presale. And the public sale is available for all.

SolRarity Discord Page: Invite Link For Rarity Discord 

SolRarity Discord Invite

The SolRarity Discord page was originally founded by @Nuagoz and @SimonPasDidee, 2 engineers who fell in love with blockchain and Solana. They both love learning new things every day and always have crazy ideas to make everything more accessible and interactive to people.

Join SolRarity Discord

Where To Buy SolRarity Rarikeys NFT? 

Contemplating investing into SolRarity NFT and its community? Let’s cover where to buy SolRarity NFT from here

The SolRarity App’s team has officially tied up with Solanart. One of Solana’s biggest NFT marketplace. The Solanart website offers a tool called Solanart Launchpad. Here SOL NFT projects are launched and NFTs are minted. The SolRarity NFT Rarikeys is to be launched here. After the minting ends, they will automatically be put up for trading on the Solanart platform.

Make it in time, get some SOL, and mint them away!

In Conclusion…

Ironically, the SolRarity NFT Rarity tracking and checking tool can be ranked as one of the most promising NFT projects in Solana history. Since the SolRarity platform has been in the good books for 100k+ people now, mutual trust and a sense of community are already present. With promised access to Sol Rarity’s future tools and passive income, the NFT project is a valuable asset for any holder. (c)