In this article, let us check out some of the most anticipated upcoming Solana NFT drops to look forward to in the year 2024.

1) Meta Ape Gang: Upcoming Drop With 5,555 2D NFTs

Meta Ape Gang Upcoming Drop With 5,555 2D NFTs

Meta Ape Gang is an upcoming Solana NFT drops releasing in March 2022. Flashy jewelry, expensive accessories, and bold fashion choices best define the Meta Ape Gang NFTs. These stylish apes represent the uber-rich of the Metaverse, striving to gain more riches and exclusivity in the virtual world. 

This Solana NFT drop has loaded promises in store. Every holder of first and second-generation NFTs can breed a free Gangster Bapey (Ape) NFT! That is not all, as every holder can look forward to P2E Metaverse gameplay and real-life, exciting opportunities!

These 5,555 2D unique NFTs drop on 26th March at 7 PM UTC. You can mint 10 NFTs per wallet, each collectible at 1.5 SOL.

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2) Solmemes: Upcoming Solana Drop With Meme Concept.

Solmemes Upcoming Project On Solana With High Quality Portraits Of Women

Solmemes NFTs represent the underdogs, memes, artists, poets, musicians, and talented individuals today and tomorrow. According to the NFT team, these collectibles uphold art, comics, jokes, music, and animations. Thanks to their fun and retro-dotted designs, they are vibrant, bold, and jump out of the screen!

As a Solmemes NFT holder, you can look forward to extraordinary experiences with the MEME TV chatrooms, where you can share a laugh with your favorite artists and creators. And if you like some video games on the side, Solmemes Thunderbird is a great game! More ambitious projects like the Solmemes’ Army Comic Covers, Gi Joe-style Army action figures, 90s tabletop pog game, and the Meme U community. 

You need a Phantom Wallet to buy these Solmeme NFTs at 1SOL each. So be a part of one of the best Solana NFT drops to watch out for.

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3) SOLANA LUDO: Upcoming Solana Based NFT March 2022

Solana Ludo Upcoming Solana Based NFT Project Offering SLUDO Tokens And SOL Prizes

Do you remember playing Ludo from childhood? That fun, colorful, and strategic board game has become part of the most-anticipated upcoming Solana NFT drop for 2024! By holding a Ludo NFT from the Solana blockchain, you can [articipate in their P2E Ludo games for some exciting rewards!

This project launched back on 15th March with 1,111 Solana Ludo Golden Pass distributed throughout the Solana ecosystem. These NFTs comprise 1,111 HD 3D Ludo playgrounds. The team has also announced the SLUDO Tokens drop soon for the P2E game. You can win these tokens through the game and also through staking. 

The best part, the Solana Ludo game is also set to launch on the Android App Store! Get ready to be a part of one of the most fun upcoming Solana NFT games!

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4) Dapper Ape High Society: Upcoming Solana NFT Drop With 5,000 Unique 3D Video Game Characters

Dapper Ape High Society SOL Upcoming NFT Project With 5555 Ape Themed NFTs

The next on the 2024 upcoming Solana NFT drop list is Dapper Ape High Society NFTs. These launched on 19th February and are now open for Whitelisting with its Stage #2 mint. The Stage #2 mint began with 5,000 unique 3D video game characters with over 25 ape species, 100+ outfits, and over 10,000 accessories!

By being a Dapper Ape Society owner, you can take part in the Build-An-Ape or BAA event to dress up and customize your ape NFT! Moreover, you have the chance to own a 1% ultra-rare NFT with crazy accessories! The best part is that each time you customize these apes, you get some exp, leveling the NFTs towards the digital ecosystem.

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5) Angrymals NFT: Upcoming SOL NFT Offering In-Game Banners And Assets

Angrymals Upcoming Solana NFT Collectibles Inspired By Angry Birds

When it comes to one of the most playful upcoming Solana NFT drops for 2024, Angrymals NFT takes the cake and eats it too! If your childhood was all about Angry Birds and Worms, then this project is for you!

As one of the most hyped upcoming Solana NFT drop, the Angrymals NFT delivers fully-developed and user-tested gameplay mechanics. Here you can control 3 Angrymals to fight your opponent. With their mint dates still in the works, get ready to break down fortresses and wreak havoc!

Not to forget, this NFT game with 10,000 mint offers comes with holder-owned skins, in-game banners, and assets. As a holder, you can also trade and sell all your Angrymals NFT assets in the secondary marketplace.

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6) Meta Valhalla NFT: Most Ambitious Upcoming Solana NFT Projects 2024

Meta Valhalla Upcoming Collection Of 5000 Unique Vikings Themed Solana NFTs

Get ready to be a Viking with the Meta Valhalla NFTs! As one of the most ambitious upcoming Solana NFT drops for 2024, Meta Valhalla NFT is a collection of 5,000 uniquely pixelated Vikings, randomly created through the project’s algorithm. 

These NFTs come with a gripping tale, divided into several upcoming episodes for PixelValhalla Movie 2023. The third quarter of the Meta Valhalla roadmap comes with the streaming service introduction. For this, every holder will receive a percentage of the membership sales.

The collection will also proceed to launch Meta Valhalla collection #2 for this extensive universe.

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7) Miners of Mars NFT: Upcoming Solana NFT Projects on SolSea

Miners Of Mars Upcoming Solana Based NFT Projects

Miners of Mars is one of the best upcoming NFT drops on SolSea, with 7,000 unique collectibles by comic book artist Aleksa Gajic. These NFTs come with 120+ breathtaking hand-drawn traits, painting intense images of miners archiving all evidence of human existence. 

These algorithmically-generated NFTs come with various operations, as well as physical variations. You can utilize your NFTs to mine and earn $gemstone and also benefit from The Bank of Mars. 

Additionally, get ready for the project to drop Women of Mars NFTs for exciting breeding opportunities!

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