Public Sale Price: 0.05

Collection Count: 10,000 Item



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SEX NFT is not just a collection of characters. It’s a combined collection and investing opportunities for owners, creating an educational platform for sexual education, and organizing a space to build a strong and open community based on mutual trust and respect. The collection consists of three types of characters, which increases the uniqueness of the purchased NFT by three times.

 MINT DATE: July 14,2022


Sex NFT Launch Details Everything About The Sex Drop !

In addition, the community has provided a free drop for the next category of characters, so by purchasing one from the main collection, you will become the owner of an even more unique type of SEX NFT character; All characters are generated using over 350 hand-drawn parts, each of those creates a special character and style of your hero.

This will give each owner the opportunity to assign a unique name to a character, and the community will transfer commercial rights to an owner, so by buying a character you will become the sole owner of the NFT and can use it for any purpose: from content creation to monetization.

Sex NFT Community Benefits And Misson :

Create A Strong Community Of Like-Minded People.

  • The Sex NFT community will bring together truly engaged people where there will be no room for insults or arguments, but at the same time will support constructive criticism.

Enable Buyers To Invest In The Future NFT Drops.

  • All owners of SEX NFT characters receive not only a unique item for their collection but also financial benefits. 50% of the project’s financial income from the launch of auxiliary products (merch, serial NFT comics, Play-to-Earn blockchain, products for the metaverse) and 2.5% royalties from secondary sales are distributed among all owners of SEX NFT characters.

Create A Game For Crossing And Generating New Characters.

  • With the sale of 75% of the collection, the group will start developing a game aimed at generating new characters by crossing existing ones. You will be able to find a match for your character and create a completely new and unique clan of SEX NFT with its own advantages.

Make The Real World A Little Better.

  • When more than 25% of embryos are sold, the Sex community will begin to transfer donations to charitable foundations. The choice of charitable foundations will be left to be chosen by the community with the help of voting. The total amount of transfers is 34 ETH.

Make It Possible To Win Characters.

  • With the sale of 10% of the Sex collection or more, there will be giveaway characters from the limited Androginous collection among the owners. They don’t look like anyone else and each one will be hand-drawn and also giveaway characters from our main collection on Twitter, so don’t forget to follow the official account And of course, the people will be informed about future giveaways in the discord servers.

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Sex NFT Roadmap :

Sex NFT Project

At 10%

  • Invitation of experts to closed sex clubs
  • Airdrop x2 limited edition Androgynous embryos

At 25%

  • A charitable donation of 7 ETH to the fund
  • Airdrop x3 limited edition Androgynous embryos

At 50%

  • Creating an interactive comic strip for SEX NFT owners
  • A charitable donation of 8 ETH to the fund
  • Airdrop x4 limited edition Androgynous embryos

At 75%

  • Launch of the SEX NFT clothing and accessories collection
  • Development and launch of a sex game
  • A charitable donation of 9 ETH to the fund
  • Airdrop х5 limited edition Androgynous embryos

At 100%

  • Buying land in the Decentraland
  • A charitable donation of 10 ETH to the fund
  • Airdrop x6 limited edition Androgynous embryos
  • Сollaborations with other NFT projects and media influencers from the sex industry
  • Creation of 3D Super Hero characters. Integration of 3D Super Hero into the Decentraland 

Sex NFT Drop/ Launch Date – Mint Details

The Pre-sale price of Sex NFT Drop is 0.05 ETH, the same as the price for the public mint 0.05 ETH. Dates for both pre-sale and public sales is 14th January 2022. The people will be able to mint up to x3 Sex NFT per wallet in presale. On the public sale, the users will be able to mint x1-10 Sex NFT per 1 transaction and the total number of transactions is unlimited. There will be a reserve of x500 Sex NFTs for the purpose of marketing, advisors, partners, and the team.

Every week the community owners will be buying up the floor and melting the Embry forever and will use the entire royalty amount for the buyback. This process makes the floor price increase and SEX NFT become deflationary.

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