Secret Llama Agency NFT


Public Sale Price: 1.5 SOL

Collection Count: 6,000 Item



Website: Link




The Secret Llama Agency NFT is a collection of 6,000 Llama NFTs on the Solana blockchain. It is the first PFP project to provide customisable characteristics and aliases, and each trait is its own NFT. You have the option of permanently combining your characteristic with your Llama Agent, holding it, or selling it on the secondary market.


June 09, 2022


The Llamas community will reflect your online identity and earn you $HAY on a daily basis. The token may be used to buy blue chip NFTs from the Agency Marketplace, as well as mint Traits, Promotion Badges, ID Cards, and other items.

The whole Llama Agents collection was hand sketched. There are nearly a million distinct characteristic pairings with varying degrees of rarity. Your Llama characteristics’ rarity may be found in the meta-data connected with your NFT in both your digital wallet and markets.

Secret Llama Agency NFT Drop Details and Mint Price

Secret Llama Agency NFT Utilities And Benefits

  • There are 25 hidden alpacas in the collection. The revelation will take place in Chapter 7 of the guidebook.
  • Exclusive Discord channel where the community may vote on the project’s future and select blue chip NFTs to sell for $HAY on our Agency Marketplace.
  • The community wallet receives a 7% royalty fee on secondary sales of Llamas and trait NFTs.
  • In The Disguise Room, you have exclusive access to trait NFT mints that can be purchased for $HAY.
  • Staked Llama Agents get $2/day. If your Llama Agent is promoted, you will get even more $HAY! The higher your rank, the more money you make.

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Secret Llama Agency NFT Roadmap

  • The team will launch theSecret Llama Agency NFT minting and staking.
  • Begin earning $HAY from staking & use it to mint your trait NFTs in The Disguise Room.
  • Exclusive Discord channel for Llama Agent holders unlocked for community votes.
  • Blue Chip NFTs are chosen to be added to the Agency Marketplace.
  • Legendary skins auction begins. Winners can earn +2 $HAY daily.
  • The team will also launch the Secret Llama Agency NFT Marketplace where blue chip NFTs can be purchased with $HAY.
  • Mint an ID Card NFT in exchange for $HAY in The Disguise Room and you can combine one with your Llama Agent to change its alias.
  • Holders begin having enough $HAY accumulated to enter The Ceremonial Hall and get promoted. The higher ranks will receive bonus $HAY.
  • New drop with Alpacas: The Alpacalypse and the new NFT drop will be purchasable with $HAY tokens.

Secret Llama Agency NFT Mint Price And Details

The Secret Llama Agency NFT Mint Price will be 1.5 SOL for its public Mint. The public Mint will begin on June 9th, and the pre-sale will begin 2 hours before on the same date. You will be able to mint straight from the Secret Llama Agency Website on the day of the Mint by linking your Solana wallet.